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Outsource iPhone App Development Services

iPhone App Development

The iPhone has always been a popular smartphone, and with its recent foray into China, this is the right time to start developing for the iPhone, if you haven't done so already.

One of the reasons why more than 89% of the developers prefer developing for the iPhone is because of its stable ecosystem, and a user base which does not mind paying for apps, unlike in Android.

At Outsource2india, we have been empowering first-time developers and businesses to create innovative and functional iPhone apps for over a decade. Our iPhone app development services help you to not only launch a successful app, but create an unparalleled experience for your users.

Our iPhone Application Development Services

As the number of iOS apps being published keeps on increasing daily, businesses are on the lookout for app developers who can help them differentiate their brand in front of the consumer. At the same time, with BYOD being rapidly adopted by enterprises world over; iOS also pushes its case as a great platform to invest into.

Custom iPhone application development team at O2I follows a simple mantra - develop apps based on the client's requirements, and ensure strict quality adherence, cost-effectiveness, and faster time-to-market. Over the years, we have worked with large and small enterprises, startups, and premier vendors. Our iPhone app development services include -

  • Native iPhone App Development
  • Hybrid iPhone App Development
  • iPhone Productivity Apps
  • iPhone Enterprise Apps
  • iPhone Game Apps
  • IPhone App UI/UX Design
  • Cloud Backend Server Integration for iPhone Apps
  • Onsite Consulting for iPhone Development
  • iPhone Entertainment, Music, and Video Apps

Our iPhone App Development Expertise

Unlike most developers out there, we understand exactly how iPhone app development is different from iPad app development. As a result, subtle differences which others might glance over, or decide to overwrite in order to save time, never make it through our rigorous testing procedures. From designing the GUI based on the screen size to launching the app in its specific app store, we take care of all the requirements which help set your app apart from the rest. Some of the key factors we keep in mind during iPhone application development include -

Mobile Applications

Multi-finger Support: We develop high-quality apps which make the most of the multi-finger support that Apple offers within its SDK. From two finger swipes to bring up a contextual menu, to double finger taps, we can implement gestures as per your app requirements

Mobile Applications

3D Touch Support: With iPhone 6s onwards, the phone screen can now respond to variable pressure applied. This means better ways to interact with your app. Our iPhone app developers can easily integrate the same within your app, enabling Peek and Pop, to just name two of the more interesting touch features

Mobile Applications

Support for Unique Keyboards: Have you ever used a calculator app which brought up the default alphanumeric keyboard for use? One can't use an alphanumeric keyboard to type in numbers, without wasting time to change keyboard layouts. At O2I, we implement keyboards based on their requirement, ensuring a numerical only keyboard shows up when required, and not the other way around

Mobile Applications

Live Photo Support: If you want to build a gallery app, we implement the latest iOS features such as Live photos in order to ensure users can view the photos within the gallery view itself, without having to open a separate app

Mobile Applications

Touch ID Support: Apple's Touch ID technology is a fancy fingerprint reader which works well instead of unlocking phones via routine password inputs. If you want to build a highly secure app, be it for enterprise or consumers, we can help you integrate the same so as to enhance customer satisfaction

Other Services you can benefit from

Client Success Stories

iPhone App Development

Developed an Arabic iPhone App for a Technology Company

iPhone developers at outsource2india developed an Arabic iPhone app that was not only user-friendly, but also had a real-time flow of data.

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Developed an iPhone App for Tracking Freight

We developed an iPhone app which allowed clients to access accounts, track shipments and get up-to-date real time status information.

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iPhone App Development

Advantages of O2I's iPhone Development Services

The true measure of our success lies in the results we have been able to achieve for our clients. With an innovative, time-saving development process, we can help deliver tangible results which ensure higher ROI for our clients. By choosing us you stand to gain from the following -

  • Ability to reach out to new markets and increase your customer base
  • Fully Agile development methodologies for high-quality iPhone application development
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Highly-secure mobile apps for enhanced peace of mind
  • Faster time-to-market at highly cost-effective rates
  • High-quality app designs which conform to the latest iOS design guidelines
  • Distinguished mobile app development services which ensures your app can be featured on a variety of other platforms as well
  • Flexible pricing options

Choose Outsource2india for your Custom iPhone App Development Requirements

We have been in the iPhone app development game for a long time now. We believe that at the end of the day, iPhone app development is not about us or our proficiency, nor is it about your company. It's not about the iOS platform as a whole, nor about the features that your app supports. App development is all about your users - your target audience who ultimately will either make, or break your app. That is why we make it our mission to package functional apps within a polished, bug-free, and aesthetically pleasing design.

Contact us right now and learn for yourself how our iOS development services can help your business.

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iPhone App Development Services FAQs

  • Is it hard to make an app for iPhone?

    This depends on how simple or complex the app needs to be. The most difficult task is mastering the very large set of APIs which are needed to create an app.

  • What language is used to make iOS apps?

    Swift is the primary programming language of the iOS operating system. Other languages that can be used to develop apps include Objective-C, C#, and Python.