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Digital Process Automation Services

Outsource Digital Process Automation Services

Increase your operational efficiency, streamline processes, and cut costs with reliable DPA services at prices starting at $20/hour

As the digital world becomes increasingly competitive, speed becomes the key to staying relevant and growing. Optimizing business processes, automating repetitive and mundane tasks, and upskilling the workforce to take more strategic jobs are crucial for digital growth.

Outsource2india is a leading digital process automation service providing company. We aim to offer enterprise-wide digital transformation solutions via effective DPA. Bringing together Artificial Intelligence (AI), Ml-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Business Process Management, we are focused on elevating the complete business value chain, making processes faster and smarter. Our high-performance DPA solutions have resulted in phenomenal outcomes - reducing operational costs by approximately 50% and achieving 3x business efficiency.

Our Digital Process Automation Services

Our service offerings include -

  1. Business Process Automation

    Business Process Automation

    Under automation of the business processes, we -

    • Centralize data collection and storage
    • Enable predictive analytics and insights for data-driven decisions
    • Optimize the process workflows
    • Monitor KPIs for compliance
  2. Cognitive Automation

    Cognitive Automation

    Under this we enable -

    • Creation of ML-focused bots and chatbots to automate customer support
    • AI-driven models for back-end tasks like inventory management, pricing, predictions, etc
    • Build intelligent AI/ML software to flag and detect any errors, discrepancies and anomalies in the processes
  3. Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation

    We undertake -

    • Implementation of a robust digital workforce to carry out end-to-end processes
    • Integrating automated analytics systems to tap sales and consumer behavior for better decision-making
    • Automating the back-end processes and minimizing manual intervention
  4. Desktop Automation

    Desktop Automation

    We cover -

    • Word documents
    • Presentations and spreadsheets
    • PDFs
    • Emails
    • Data and analytical tools
  5. Workflow Management and Administration

    Workflow Management and Administration

    We offer -

    • Dedicating the relevant human resources to workflows and/or tasks
    • Establishing multi-level workflow and workflow tasks approvals
    • Enabling real-time tracking of workflows and tasks
    • Centralizing storage for workflow tasks and related data
    • Automating detection and validation of errors in workflows like broken pathways, logic loops, etc.
    • Scheduling of workflows
  6. Security Automation

    Security Automation

    We provide -

    • DevSecops services for managed security assurance
    • IDAM services for IoT infrastructure and private cloud
    • Deployment of Cyberisk Analytics
  7. Cloud Automation

    Cloud Automation

    We provide -

    • Internet and network capabilities
    • Third-party capabilities
    • Data Storage

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Why Hire Us As Your Digital Process Automation Service Provider?

Following are the key differentiators that make us stand out against our competitors in the industry, making us a reliable partner for outsourcing digital process automation services -

  • Outstanding Domain Expertise

    O2I has been a leader in the market for digital automation and possesses product as well as domain expertise.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We extend easy and flexible pricing options allowing you to pay only for the services you sign up for.

  • Assured Data Security

    We have a zero-tolerance policy towards data breaches and so we undertake all due measures to safeguard your company's data and information at all times.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Data Security Breach Solutions for an Industrial Automation Company

O2I Provided Intuitive and Cost-effective Data Security Solutions to a Leading Industrial Automation Firm

We employed state-of-the-art forensics technology to eliminate any possibilities of data theft for an international automation provider. We enhanced the data security of the client's entire IT infrastructure.

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O2I Provided Secure IT Helpdesk Services to a UK-based Insurance Firm

O2I Provided Secure IT Helpdesk Services to a UK-based Insurance Firm

A UK-based insurance service provider required custom and reliable IT helpdesk services. We reduced the client's downtime, enhanced the client's efficiency, and significantly reduced costs.

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