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Outsource Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Today's mobile workforce needs on-the-go access to mobile apps and services. Enterprise Mobility Services, when offered as a consistent and easy-to-use package, offer innovative business solutions and help free your business processes from their fixed locations.

At O2I, we are knowledgeable and experienced in Enterprise Mobility Management and know how to use mobile technology to improve productivity.

Our Enterprise Mobility Services

At Outsource2india, Enterprise Mobile Apps are designed and deployed based on the specific needs of an enterprise. The final enterprise solution largely depends on processes and systems in place at the enterprise. Our Mobile Enterprise Solutions include -

  • Mobile Apps Development

    • Develop and organize high-quality mobile apps
    • Integrate mobile apps with various enterprise systems
    • Vast experience across iOS, Android and Windows platforms
  • Enterprise Intranet Integration

    • Effectively enable CRM, SCM and ERP on mobile platforms
    • Provide an Intuitive, user-centered Experience
    • Integrate with MS SharePoint, Active Directory, One Login, SAP, etc.
  • Mobile Data Synchronization

    • Maintain transaction and data reliability in a dispersed environment
    • Optimize information exchange based on reliability and bandwidth of the connection
    • Enable data synchronization from different database systems such as mobile devices, personal desktops, and web services
  • Mobile Technology Migration

    • Perform migration from older legacy systems and proprietary solutions to modern mobile versions
    • Customized tools which target your specific architecture, system components and code standards so as to automatically restructure your application for the web
  • Mobile Device Management

    • Implement mobile device management solutions that can support various devices and different operating systems
    • Simple and easy to implement enrollment process for a consistent enrollment flow which is agent-based for all major platforms
    • Send on-demand commands to a multitude of devices so as to request information and perform actions such as remote lock, turn-off, etc.
  • Mobile Strategy Formulation

    • Efficiently define a mobile architecture as per your requirement
    • Formulate the best mobile strategy for your organization
  • Mobile Infrastructure Design

    • Design efficient wireless network solutions by using technologies such as Wi-Fi/802.11x, GPRS, CDMA 1xRTT and CDPD
    • Ensure performance, availability, and round-the-clock security
    • Assess a variety of different mobile products and suggest the best infrastructure designs for the same

We can implement a successful mobility solution that is an effective combination of device, network and application design. Whether your customers wish to easily use service applications from their mobile devices, or your sales professionals need to access significant customer information on the move, our Mobile Enterprise Solutions can help them do just that. Our Mobile Enterprise Solutions team can provide you with the best-in-class strategy, design, and implementation of Enterprise Mobility Management Systems.

Benefits of Outsourcing Enterprise Mobile App Development to O2I

Our comprehensive suite of enterprise mobility solutions is technologically superior to most of our competitors, thereby providing a viable, cost-effective solution for global enterprises and even small businesses. Our key value propositions include -

  • A dedicated mobility solutions team coupled with best-in-class technologies for mobile app delivery and assurance
  • Our services are IP-driven, ensuring bespoke process frameworks as per your requirement, and ready and reusable applications suited to your business needs
  • Most of our solutions are ready-to-deploy, ensuring swifter time-to-market for various business verticals
  • Our teams are up-to-date with the latest in emerging technologies such as video streaming, NFC, image and voice recognition, etc., thereby ensuring our solutions always benefit from them
  • Highly-scalable architecture ensures flexibility of deployment, as per your requirements
  • Centralized communication structures which can be made accessible to everyone, or on a per-department basis
  • Round-the-clock technical assistance, if requested

Choose Outsource2india for Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

For the past 25 years, we at O2I have made a name for ourselves as a leading enterprise mobility solutions provider, and our specialty lies in delivering integrated results targeted towards improving your ROI. Our enterprise solutions have a profound focus on the UI and the overall user experience, ensuring they can be easily used by all your employees while providing superior data and information security.

Contact us now for high-quality and cost-effective enterprise mobility solutions.

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