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An online marketing cycle usually consists of 4 distinctive stages which include:

  1. Reach: Reach can be defined as the probability of gaining the attention of your prospective visitors
  2. Acquisition: Acquisition refers to how successful you are at getting these visitors
  3. Conversion: The term conversion can be defined as persuading the visitor to take the desired action
  4. Retention: This refers to your customer buying from you again

Campaign analysis consists of tracking, measuring and optimizing website visitor traffic and reach and acquisition initiatives. Campaign analytics is an integral part of the overall web analytics process because a major part of the online budget is invested in getting visitor traffic to the website.

At Outsource2india, we can help you optimize your digital marketing campaigns by tracking and measuring the effectiveness of the campaigns at the broad level to the key phrase or creative level. Web visitor traffic acquisition types can be categorized into offline and online channels. The following is a list of offline and online channels:

  • Online channels: PPC, Banners, PR/social media initiatives, Emails and affiliate programs
  • Offline channels: Television, Radio, Print, POS advertisements, Direct mails, OOH media etc

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The goal of any company who is running an online business is to achieve a higher ROI by getting rid of non performing campaign costs and increasing conversion. Visits to a website are not equal. Visitor behavior also varies with the source type, such as creative types, media channels, landing pages, keywords, source websites and geography.

It very important to completely understand how each of these factors is performing in accordance with your aim of reducing traffic acquisition cost and increasing the number of quality visitors to your site.

Outsource2india's campaign analytics can provide you with an insight into the behavior of your visitors once they click on a banner ad or a search keyword and come to your site through a campaign landing page (as shown in the figure below).

Campaign Analytics

The above figure illustrates the various stages from the time a visitor sees an ad until the final conversion. At every stage, you can see a certain percentage of visitors dropping off. You can effectively measure this drop off through website campaign analytics.

The bounce rate of the landing page from the banner ad or the PPC ad can be as high as 80%. So although 100 visitors are coming to your website everyday only about 20 visitors are continuing to interact with your site. We can help you reduce the number of drop offs so that you can experience a significant increase in conversion and reduction in acquisition costs.

  1. High drop off at the first level (low CTR): A high drop off at the first level may indicate that your media or creative sources are underperforming. We can drill down at the individual placement, ad size, creative type and keyword level to identify the ads which are performing the best. We will then help you eliminate the poorly performing ads to reduce the drop offs.
  2. High drop off at the second level (low entries to click ratio): This drop off may indicate that your landing page is not loading properly.
  3. High drop off at the third level (high bounce rate): This drop off indicates that there is a mismatch between your landing page and the ad creative. It can also indicate that your landing page is confusing or poorly designed.
  4. High drop off at the fourth level (low registration page visits): A drop off at the fourth level may indicate poor visitor quality from the traffic source. It may also indicate a suboptimal navigation structure of your website.
  5. High drop off at the fifth level (low registrations to registration page visits): A drop off at the fifth level may indicate that your forms pages are too long or confusing.

Our website campaign analytics services can provide answers to such questions:

  • What is the comparison of various marketing channels in terms of sending cost effective visitors to your site?
  • How do online media channels compare with offline media channels?
  • What is the geographical breakup of visits from media channels? And how does it help in optimizing the online and offline media spend?
  • Which marketing channel is able to send the most engaging audience?
  • Which marketing channel is able to send high quality visitors to your site? Who are the visitors who interact in the desired action of your site?
  • How are the different landing pages of your site performing?
  • Which combination of landing pages, media and creative are underperforming and which are performing the best?
  • Which combination of keywords, ad groups and search engine are able to send the most engaging audience with lowest cost per conversion and with the least bounce rates?
  • Which referral sources are sending your site quality traffic which is resulting in conversion?
  • Which of your press releases are bringing more traffic to your site? Which significant blogger/ forum are sending your site quality traffic?
  • What percentage of visitors from social sites/ PR campaigns completed a conversion?

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