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Outsource2india Developed a Multifunctional Mobile App for Physicians that Saved Time & Money

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The Client

The client is based out of Florida had an interest in physician welfare and wanted to enhance their work efficiency.

The Client's Requirement & Challenges

In the initial study, it was noted that the markets were full of unwieldy physician apps that partially fulfilled their practice needs. So, the challenge that lay ahead of us was to deliver a bespoke mobile and web app for physicians that included superior features over the existing ones. A major prerequisite was to design an app that required minimal data entry and supported a simplified user interface.

Our Solution

We set upon a strategy to design a seamless interface that gave out succinct information at-a-glance. The number of data entry points were shrunk and included organized tabs. We designed a search feature for the app that quickly fetched related results, compensated misspellings, and auto-suggested once the user entered the third character. With smart features, we designed the app to be most user-friendly and intuitive.

We went one step further and implemented additional features for the app that would optimize a doctor's calendar. Asides developing appointment scheduler, claims submission and claims status tab, we also integrated a built-in master database that included item codes, medical aid schemes, and ICD codes. Additionally, our cost-effective solutions facilitated real-time data connectivity by MediKredit and Allegra so that doctors can get the freshest claims process insights. Our execution approach led to an app that was ahead of the curve.

The App Features Included the Following

By staying in spec with the client requirements we have designed the following features to make the app user-friendly for practitioners -

  • Appointment Scheduling

    We enabled doctors to keep their calendar organized with appointment scheduler so that they could have complete control of managing appointments

  • Claims Management Tab

    Physicians could look up the ICD-10 codes, tariff amount, authorization number, consultation date and much more with just a few taps

  • Track Claims History

    Doctors could instantly check claims status and if claims were made in the past by searching patient's membership ID, name, etc.

  • Master Database

    We designed a data repository to hold quick references on medical schemes, ICD-10 codes, practice details and much more

  • Medical Records

    Doctors were successful in onboarding patients faster by filling the patient details along with contact details, Medicaid ID, consultation date etc.

The Results

The efficiency of the app was proven from the moment it was integrated into service. The client was elated that doctors could save close to 60 minutes a day by using the multifunctional mobile app developed by O2I. The high-quality multifunctional app had lowered the frustration and increased the productivity of physicians.

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