O2I Developed an Intuitive Learning Platform for a NZ-based Innovative Educator

Case Study on Intuitive Learning Platform for a NZ-based Innovative Educator

The Client

The client is a leading provider of innovative solutions for the education sector and is based in New Zealand.

Client's Requirement

The client wanted to create a robust and intuitive online platform that would help teachers and students streamline their workflows and enhance the learning process.

Client's Challenges

The main challenge in this project was understanding the client's requirement in detail and then coming up with an innovative solution that eased the burden on teachers and enhanced the student's learning experience.

O2I's Solution

We had a detailed discussion with the client to understand the requirements in depth. After understanding the requirements, our software engineers created a robust online platform with the following features -

  1. We created the app so that students could take a conceptual approach to learning and better understand new and complex concepts.
  2. The app provided more effective and efficient ways to tack, report, and mark the progress of students, significantly reducing the workload of teachers.
  3. The app had features to help teachers better plan their daily responsibilities and better manage their students.
  4. The app had a provision to switch from teacher-led learning to student-driven learning modules for the entire class or even a subset of it.
  5. Our team incorporated several instructional videos in the app with thousands of achievement goals that could be changed even on the fly.


The client is delighted with the results. The new platform has helped innumerable students to become more productive, resilient, and adaptable. Students can now take charge of their learning and can work independently and in groups. Teachers have been freed from having to spend valuable time on mundane tasks and can better focus their energies on higher-value activities.

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