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Our Healthcare Services

Outsource2india partners with global healthcare companies to prepare for upcoming challenges and standardize existing processes for better business efficiency. We understand that for healthcare companies, most of the time and money is spent on medical research, infrastructure upkeep, equipment modernization, and operational processes. Our years of experience in the healthcare field helps you optimize and make these processes future-ready, incorporating technologically-advanced systems which help you propel ahead of your competitors.

O2I has years of experience in developing and implementing custom, robust, and secure healthcare solutions for its clients. We have worked with healthcare providers, hospitals, physician clinics, provider networks, etc. and our solutions always focus on interoperability, affordability, and regulatory norms. Our future-first solutions embrace digitization, cloud computing, big data, predictive analysis, and data security in order to ensure that all your requirements are met with top-notch solutions. Our services include -

Healthcare Services


At O2I, we have successfully managed to adopt a transformational approach towards healthcare process reform allowing us to deliver cost-effective processes which in turn enable you to provide better care. By working across the healthcare value-chain; from Health and Human Services to Patient Care Delivery and Pharmacy Management, we ensure that all our experience comes into effect when generating the correct solution for you. Our services include:

Call Center Services


Most experts consider healthcare customer service as an essential but often overlooked component in providing efficient healthcare services. Patients today are receiving much better customer support from other industries, and therefore expect the same from their healthcare provider. Our 24/7 healthcare services exceed customer service benchmarks while adhering to strict information security standards. Our well-trained officials and customer service representatives leverage the latest in call centre technology and IVR facilities such as automatic call distribution, voice loggers, live chat, email management, SMS service etc. in order to deliver a great customer experience. Our services include:

Software Development


Our healthcare software are built from the ground-up while keeping your requirements in mind. We specialize in custom solutions for healthcare providers which are developed while keeping all regulatory requirements in mind as well as the latest client and information security protocols. With our help you can achieve better operational efficiency, remain compliant with changing norms, make incisive decisions, while achieving a better, more patient-centric software system. Our services consist of:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


One of the strangest aspects of the modern healthcare system is that doctors have to either spend a lot of time on managing their books, or hire expensive resources for the same. By outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping needs to us, you can reduce operational costs while saving time and focusing on the core aspects of our healthcare operation. From managing cashflow to processing payroll, tax preparation, etc. we cover it all while ensuring complete reliability. With our help, you always have access to the latest data about your cash reserves and amount owed through different insurance channels, thereby finding it easier to make important business decisions. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


Operational and administrative issues are one of the major reasons behind why healthcare providers are not able to focus on better patient management and customer satisfaction. While non-critical, data entry is still an important part of many important day-to-day functions such as patient intake and enrollment, patient history recording, etc. By leaving our professionals to work on the data entry, you and your team get more free time on your hand so as to focus more the patients themselves. Our services include:

Data Science Services


The healthcare industry has traditionally been one of the most innovative ones research-wise. Today, with more than 1.2 billion clinical records and documents being produced in the USA alone, data scientists have a large amount of data accessible at their fingertips for better, more informed healthcare practices. We help healthcare companies and providers make sense of the large volumes of data available at their disposal, improving diagnostic efficiency, advancing pharmaceutical research, optimizing clinical performance, etc. Our services include:

Translation Services


Nowadays, patients demand expert care and immediate access to their healthcare records and other information. Therefore, for limited English speakers, it is extremely necessary that their healthcare documentation is translated properly for better customer service. At O2I, we understand the technical nature of healthcare translation and the requirement for pinpoint accuracy. Our translation services include:

Research & Analysis


For healthcare companies, competition is steadily increasing across markets, while customers are showing fickle brand loyalty. As a result, it is harder for companies to gauge what their customers actually want. That is where our data analytics and research services can help you find successful strategies and solutions which in turn help you make the correct business decisions based on insight and raw data. Our services include:

Creative Design Services


The importance of graphic design in the healthcare industry cannot be understated, as the particular nature of this industry requires acute attention to detail and a unique creative approach. We understand that medical professionals neither have the time or the inclination to work on graphic design collaterals that can help them increase patient engagement. Our services help to reduce the complexity and put forward great minimalistic creative designs for customers to see and understand.Our services are composed of:

Transcription Services


Medical transcription is an extremely important field. Doctors and physicians need to ensure that their dictations are captured and transcribed accurately into error-free, written documents. Our high-quality transcription services are ideal for healthcare service providers, insurance companies and patients equally, as they receive access to accurate transcripts of patient medical records, etc. on time. We leverage proprietary software with built-in voice capture technology and ensure there is always a human check to ensure complete error-free documents. O2I's transcription services consist of:

Photo Editing Services


Contrary to popular belief, medical photo editing is an extremely important field since many healthcare providers require accurate, legible photos of various doctors, physicians, medical equipment, patient conditions, disease life cycle etc. on a timely basis. Since the healthcare industry is heavily dependent on timely research, our photo editing services can help you capture the subject matter in detail, ensuring it stands out and can be easily referred to for further processing. From editing disease life-cycles, to medical documentations, we can do it all. Our services include:

Web Analytics Services


Today, most people find a healthcare provider online. They make their decisions based upon the reviews they read of the physicians, and even interact in various patient engagement platforms which helps improve the management of the healthcare services being provided while leading to enhanced communication between patients and medical staff. Our web analytics services help you build the next great engagement platform while ensuring all patient data remains confidential. With our proprietary tools you can glean more information into the behavior of your patients and what they really want, while attracting new customers and clients by retaining top search results. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Healthcare Services?

For the past 25 years, O2I has been powering healthcare transformation for global clients by focusing on the basics and letting our expertise do the talking. The healthcare industry of today is evolving at breakneck speed, and our goal is to ensure our clients keep up with the latest technological transformations for better customer service and business profitability. Partnering with us can help you benefit from the following:

  • Our industry expertise and insights are second to none as we have worked with healthcare clients ranging from large multinational corporations as well as rural healthcare providers
  • Integrated teams consisting of experienced professionals in various healthcare domains ensuring your project always has dedicated resources who understand the nature of the process
  • By partnering with us you stand to save thousands of dollars in annual salaries and benefits, while leveraging the latest automation technology to reduce errors and drive profits
  • Gain control over your operations by receiving handy daily reports which allow you to understand the overall functioning of your department
  • Focus on the core areas of your practice while letting us take care of all the peripheral support services
  • Assured-quality for all services ensuring you never have to worry about record accuracy and document management
  • Extremely scalable services which suit your dynamic business needs ensuring you always have access to top notch services as and when you want

Outsource Healthcare Services to O2I

For more than 15 years, O2I has offered a comprehensive suite of healthcare services for global clients which focus on improving process efficiency, reducing costs, and forming strategic business partnerships. With a highly trained workforce consisting of healthcare professionals from various subdomains working out of multiple secure global delivery centres, we ensure timely project delivery and enhanced support for all our services. Our innovation and determination have helped us create a specific niche for ourselves in the healthcare outsourcing world.

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