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Our Services for the Mortgage Industry

As a mortgage lender, how do you service your customers better while controlling costs and reducing expenditures? How do achieve better service levels while streamlining your processes? The answer lies with us. Guided by our digital-first technology and our superior operations which leverage the latest in analytics, process excellence, and new-age technology solutions, you can reclaim lost field while servicing your customers at peak performance.

Outsource2india's mortgage services leverage our years of experience and worldwide delivery capability to provide our clients with a one-stop solution for all their requirements. We have worked with countless lenders and large multinational chains and helped deploy smarter processes for various touchpoints such as mortgage underwriting, mortgage origination, and complete package servicing. We drive innovation by focusing on the basics, giving you a birds-eye view of where your operational processes might be going wrong, and then suggesting digital solutions which are tailor-made to rectify the situation for you. Explore the range of services that O2I offers to its global clients -

We customize solutions to automate tasks, improve audit and reporting capabilities, streamline processes, and enhance integration across diverse mortgage banking & business channels. No matter what our clients need - enhancement, integration or maintenance services, our technology specialists can implement tailor-made solutions across all mortgage banking platforms to help your organization meet objectives, improve efficiency, and reduce cost. We are your trusted source for mortgage banking technology expertise with proven solutions designed to fit your unique IT and business needs.



O2I's custom mortgage solutions are designed from the ground-up based on your requirements, and helps streamline processes, automate exhaustive tasks, and improve your overall integration with various ancillary channels. Our mortgage specialists can implement solutions across the length and breadth of your existing platform while improving overall efficiency and reducing costs. Our services include:

Call Center Services


Interest rates are on the rise and loan volumes are steadily declining, and mortgage lenders worldwide need to look at new options to generate fresh leads. There are thousands of mortgage brands out there, so how do you ensure your message stands out from the rest, especially when most customers do not even meet you directly until later on? Our call center services for mortgage businesses allow you to focus on the main areas of your operations - closing loans and servicing them, while taking over your cold calling or follow-up efforts swiftly. Whether you want to provide your customers with refinancing schemes, or take their complaints, or generate leads, you can bank on us. Our services include:

Software Development


Our mortgage software development efforts help you to leverage the latest cloud-connected technology while effortlessly complying with all CFPB regulations and fair lending standards such as TILA-RESPA disclosures as well as the HMDA act. Compliance is one of the biggest problems for mortgage lenders, and we ensure all that is taken care of when developing software for you. Our services consist of:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


The key to success as a mortgage lender or advisor is to know where exactly your bottom line stands, how much liquidity you have, and basically, being good with the numbers. A good financial team handling your books can help you stay focused while also keeping your grounded. Unseasoned bookkeepers can inadvertently cause landslide losses for your business, and this is where our accredited accounting agents come into action. We bring a high level of sophistication to your existing processes, ensuring all the inflow and outflow is meticulously recorded and presented in the form of easy dashboards. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


In today's high-pressure mortgage atmosphere, it has become increasingly necessary for mortgage lenders to have access to high-quality data firsthand. An average mortgage broker is overloaded with documentation such as contracts, sale reports, land surveys, leases, etc., taking up their time while reducing their productivity. Our data entry services help to alleviate these troubles by providing custom solutions tailored to your needs. With our help, you can maintain up-to-date data sets both online and offline, referring to them as and when required. Our services include:

Data Science Services


Today, big data and modern modeling techniques are changing the face of the mortgage industry. Today, with the amount of data available at your disposal, you can easily predict risk with better ratios, and accurately identify which of your portfolios might make it big down the line. At O2I, we create agile data science based models and applications which allow you to plan ahead based on actual data. With our help, you can qualify your customers faster, process their documentation, cross-sell products easily, etc. Our services include:

Translation Services


As international mortgage lenders, you would understand the importance of breaking into new markets and attracting a larger user base. Our translation services are ideal if you want to improve customer satisfaction and deliver culturally-appropriate messages to your user base. Our team of qualified interpreters can ensure non-English speakers still reach out to you, and our professional translation solutions can help you easily target new users. Our translation services include:

Research & Analysis


Mortgage lenders are increasingly wary of constant acquisitions and mergers, and a new crop of modern lenders are diversifying their mortgage portfolio to offer better customer service while taking over niche market spheres. So how do established mortgage lenders deal with this new competition? O2I's research services are ideal for tracking market trends and identifying the next big thing before it attracts attention. We can also help you identify the products and packages your customers truly want, and base the same on real, scientific data. Our services include:

Creative Design Services


Marketing collateral is a great way to advertise your mortgage business and helps you stand out from your competitors. No matter who or what your audience consists of, the actual anchor of mortgage marketing is trust. Our creative design services help you to catch the attention of prospective customers, capture more leads, increase conversions, and build a brand identity for your business. Our services are composed of:

Transcription Services


In order to charge a customer for the mortgage loan or any other relevant lending, the entire process needs ironbound contracts and signed agreements between you - the creditor, and the debtO2I's transcription services consist of:or. Transcription is exceptionally useful in such scenarios and can help easily process large amounts of gathered data such as interest rates, principal due, etc. O2I's transcription services consist of:

Photo Editing Services


Today, most customers make decisions based on what they see online. As a result, your mortgage business always needs high-quality real estate imagery to attract new customers and sell it to them. Our photo editing services can help you tastefully enhance the images you have at your disposal, ensuring a steady stream of new customers and enhanced online visibility. Our services include:

Web Analytics Services


The mortgage industry is very competitive and therefore has very less scope of doing something out of the ordinary. At the same time, because of strict regulations, it is not important to work on the data available to you. That is where our web analytics services truly shine, as they not only follow the latest privacy rules and regulations, but also ensure your website is visible at the top of search engines, has the correct marketing tags, and is SEO-ready to take on the challenges of the internet. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Mortgage Services?

At O2I, we have worked with countless mortgage clients and helped them move towards profitability by focusing on the elementary, and often overlooked areas of their business. We are 100% committed towards innovation and helping leverage modern-day technologies to increase your bottom line. Some of the reasons why you should partner with us include -

  • More than 15 years of experience in working with Mortgage clients around the world
  • Exceptional turnaround times to suit even the most pressing requirements
  • Cost-effective services which are customized as per your budget
  • An experienced and driven workforce which works out of multiple delivery locations
  • One of the few companies to have multi-domain experience across the mortgage landscape
  • Scalable services which ensure you can always ramp-up or ramp-down projects as and when required
  • Unique location advantage being based out of India to complete projects while clients sleep
  • 100% data confidentiality and security using the latest security protocols and file-sharing programs
  • Real-time reporting and dashboarding

Revive Your Business and Achieve Better Efficiency with Outsource2india

Our innovative approach towards solving mortgage-related issues while ensuring your process efficiency steadily increases makes us one of the few companies out there who can do what they say. We are confident in our technology, and our team of mortgage advisers is one of the best in the business.

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