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Our Services for the e-Commerce Industry

As in most industries, the faster the growth, the greater the number of challenges that crop up. The e-Commerce industry is an ecosystem of its own and has constantly changing technologies and upgrades which get implemented fast, so competitors can one-up each other in the quest for more customer traffic and a larger size of the pie. While there are many established players in the e-Commerce industry, it's the new upcoming startups and small e-Commerce companies which face maximum challenges. Outsource2india's exhaustive list of services for e-Commerce companies is what makes it an ideal partner if you are looking to make your mark in the industry.

As one of the world's foremost e-Commerce solutions provider, O2I has worked with clients across the globe to create feature-rich e-Commerce applications for both web and mobile. We rely on key business metrics and analytical data to lead the charge and help our clients gain higher revenue and visibility for their platform. Having worked with both B2B and B2C clients, our e-Commerce deployment team comes with expansive resumes and a great deal of experience in order to work with your unique requirements and deliver strongly. From proof-of-concept to project implementation, our range of services has something for all your needs, and include -

Call Center Services


e-Commerce players in today's market need to think big and play ambitious, while constantly focusing on customer service. As an e-Commerce company, your call center presents the face of your company and helps to keep public goodwill going while creating an omni-channel shopping experience for your customers. Our 24x7x365 call centers are equipped with state-of-art infrastructure including email management software, call loggers and auto-dialers, IVR facilities, reporting engines, etc. Our professional call center agents further ensure that all your customer queries are answered in the best possible manner. Our services include:

Software Development


O2I offers fully-integrated, e-Commerce software development services which suit a wide range of development models and implementation approaches. Our developers are experienced in industry-wide best practices and follow an Agile development methodology for quick, high-quality final products created as per your specifications. From solution planning, e-Commerce software consulting, site implementation, we take care of it all. Our services consist of:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Our e-Commerce accounting services help to maintain the day to day accounting operations for your business along with maintain perfect records. Our accountants ensure your books are kept to order, and all income, expenses, liabilities, assets, and equity transactions are recorded and double-checked for continuity. Our accounting schedule works around the time set by you, and is completely governed by your needs. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


When it comes to running an effective e-Commerce platform, categorized and accurate product information management is of the utmost necessity. Our data entry services ensure that each product across every category on your platform showcase the correct specifications, descriptions, images, user reviews, and other relevant information. Bulk product data upload requires constant and dedicated effort which our experienced data entry operators possess and can help reduce turnaround times by as much as 60%!. With our help, your e-Commerce storefront will always be able to showcase the most unique and up-to-date content thereby creating a positive impression on the minds of your users. Our services include:

Software Development


At O2I, we are working on cutting-edge data science technologies which leverage machine learning techniques so that you can make important business decisions based on real data. For e-Commerce companies, our data science services can help you predict product lifetime value (LTV), wallet share estimation, customer churn, customer segmentation, etc. Our advanced techniques also help you build a recommendation system and gather better analytics and spending pattern data for your customers. Our services include:

Translation Services


Creating localized content that resonates with your users is no easy task, especially when it comes to e-Commerce. A first rate digital shopping experience means you need to embrace local customs and languages tailored to particular user preferences. Our translation services help you personalize your platform's content thereby leading to better customer relationships and improved conversion ratios. We ensure our translated content permeates across every possible customer touchpoint, thereby allowing your business to capitalize and race ahead of your competitors. Our translation services include:

Research & Analysis


The e-Commerce market is getting more sophisticated and diversified as the competition in this particular sphere increases. Today, it is very easy for someone to set up shop and start a B2B, B2C, or a financial e-Commerce platform. O2I offers in-depth research services reports to assist your business in making the right financial decisions. Whether you want to research the various payment solutions, online auctions, supply chain solutions, etc. we can help you glean meaningful insights from your chosen target areas while generating accurate reports. Our services include:

Creative Design Services


Making beautiful, but functional creatives for e-Commerce is not an easy task. We specialize in creating engaging visual designs that wow your customers and drive traffic and click-throughs organically. Our consistent and effective designs will ensure your customers will intuitively understand the value proposition of the brands that you want to showcase. Our services are composed of:

Transcription Services


Our fast, accurate, and extremely reliable e-Commerce transcription services help to cover all your requirements while ensuring complete data confidentiality. Our professional transcription services cover everything from audio, video, plain text and subtitles across more than 50 languages. We leverage the latest built-in-tools. O2I's transcription services consist of:

Photo Editing Services


Most online e-Commerce companies know that attractive product shots and images go a long way in convincing users to click on the buy button and make the purchase. High-quality, well-optimized product photos are there extremely important and need to be changed regularly as well as the product line-up changes over time. Our photo editing services ensure all your products ranging from electronics, to jewellery, apparel, furniture, etc. are presented in the best possible manner by removing unwanted distractions and confusing backgrounds. Our services include:

Web Analytics Services


The online e-Commerce space is getting increasingly crowded as new technologies, services, and marketing mantras become the new standard. Web analytics can help you make sense of the chaos around you, helping you understand customer behavior and the products they are searching for. Our web analytics services can help you learn more about product discovery patterns, use keywords to target buyers searching through search engines, and improve the visibility of your e-Commerce website in search rankings. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Retail Services?

At O2I, we have worked tirelessly with e-Commerce start-ups to ride the internet revolution to reach out to countless new users. We are committed to revolutionizing your product by leveraging the latest technology which in turn allows you to service your customers better. Some of the reasons why partnering with O2I can help you succeed include -

  • More than 25 years of experience in working with multinational e-Commerce clients from different backgrounds and with multiple requirements
  • Cost-effective services which are packaged as per your requirements
  • Express turnaround times which leverage our multiple delivery centers located around the globe
  • A professional and experienced workforce dedicated to your project based upon part experience and similar work-exp
  • A unique multi-domain experience in the e-Commerce industry
  • Flexible and easily scalable services ensure you have access to just the right amount of workforce as and when required
  • 100% compliance to globally-recognized quality guidelines
  • Real-time reporting and dedicated project managers ensure your project never stalls or suffers from unexpected delays due to lack of communication
  • India's unique time-zone advantage ensures work always moves faster
  • We ensure complete data confidentiality by using industry-recognized security measures and multiple failsafe's which protect against any breach
  • Our processes are streamlined as per your requirements with all customizations requested by you added in place

Achieve Profitability and Services Users Better with O2I

At O2I, our unique business model and our innovative approach towards servicing our customers is the prime reason behind why so many e-Commerce companies' partner with us to improve their offerings. With a fresh approach and a multi-talented workforce, we leverage the latest in technology, tools, and infrastructure to accelerate your business and transform your existing processes.

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