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Our Offerings for the Energy and Utilities Sector

The electric grid as we know it is getting smarter, and this is the time for companies to innovate and streamline their offerings while benefiting from increased digitization. At Outsource2india, our services for electric and utilities industry can help you deploy technologically advanced solutions while allowing you to catch up with rising consumer demands. With years of experience under our belts, we believe that innovation is extremely important for an energy and utility-based company to reinvigorate product development, embrace renewables, and offer more choice to their customers. These innovations, in turn, can help effectively upgrade your operations and infrastructure while securing them from the challenges of the future.

Companies in the power and utilities sector need to close the demand gap, especially in developing countries, while providing value with their offerings. Customer loyalty in this industry is extremely fickle, and companies can easily be overtaken by their rivals if they fail to capitalize on market demands. Our proven methodologies are built upon years of work with prominent energy and utility companies, and we are directly responsible for the reversal in fortunes of companies which were struggling to meet the modern consumer's demands. Our services include:

Call Center Services


Utility companies who do not take adequate measures to hold on to their customers run the risk of losing millions of dollars and reduced customer satisfaction. In fact, whether you own a small or large utility company, are a wholesaler, or even an aggregator, customer service should be of top priority. O2I's advanced CIS-enabled call centers which allow our call center executives to easily access relevant customer information, and treat them better. Our significant experience in managing call centers of different types ensure that your customers always receive the best care at our hands. Our services include:

Software Development


O2I's domain experts have a hands-on experience in handling the many requirements of large energy and utility companies. Whether you are facing issues in the production process, have aging IT infrastructure, or are facing inefficiency in the supply chain, our software solutions can help bring it all on track. Our solutions range across distribution management systems, invoice and billing systems, CMS, Utility service order fulfillment software, etc. Our services include:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Utility companies need to adhere to strict regulations, especially in the US. All financial statements by such companies need to adhere to GAAP regulations. O2I is a leading financial accounting and bookkeeping service provider and understands how important it is to keep the books in order for such companies. Our finance and accounting covers many areas such as procurement and supply chain, general accounting, collections and receivables, financial planning, record-to-report, etc. Our services consist of:

Data Entry Services


Power and utility companies regularly face millions of documents in the form of submission forms, filed reports, etc. which need to be digitized yearly. Our team of data entry experts provide much higher levels of accuracy (>99%) as compared to automated solutions, and we ensure that all your data is uploaded securely to a place of your own choosing. Our services include:

Translation Services


Translation plays an important role for companies who are trying to expand to new territories or have expansive globalization plans already set in place. Without a structurally correct translation and communication process in place, utility companies face long term risks in the form of reduced cash flow and ineffective customer experience. O2I's range of translation services comprises of performing environmental compliance audits, operation manuals, social impact assessments, oil and gas document translations, etc. Our services include:

Research & Analysis


For the past 15 years, O2I has been driving performance through powerful insights for global energy and utilities companies. As the volume of readily available data increases, so does the complexity in analyzing it. O2I helps organizations leverage this data to make insightful, and often landmark decisions, and provides an easy-to-approach and scalable method of doing so. Our services include:

Creative Design Services


Our creative design services are ideal of power and utility companies looking to make a mark and leave a lasting impression on their customers and clients. Whether you require efficient advertising for your clean energy endeavors, or need a press statement to explain your future plans, the following creative design services can help you immensely:

Transcription Services


O2I's transcription services are delivered with 99% accuracy and with an extremely high word-matching rate. Whether it is audio or visual transcription, we ensure that all your transcripts remain confidential and are delivered to you on time. For utility companies, our transcription services can help you break into new markets by effectively learning about local practices. Our services consist of:

Engineering Services


Over the past few years, O2I has secured a leadership role when it comes to providing timely and efficient engineering solutions to the power and utilities industry. We have provided custom and responsive design solutions for various maintenance and construction projects including electric, gas, water, wastewater, telephone, power, fiber and broadband companies. Our technical capabilities are further boosted by experience in niche fields such as energy management enhancement, energy productivity, smart utilities, etc.

Our services include:

Photo Editing Services


Photo editing is a time consuming process but of extreme importance, especially for targeted marketing and advertising. Our photo editing process involves photo filtering, erasing, masking, changing exposure levels, etc. each of which plays an important role in making sure the image is presentable to your targeted audience. Our services are comprised of:

Web Analytics Services


Today's utilities are sitting on a wealth of information in the form customer behavior data and website performance which can be used to leverage better practices for the company. By leveraging this web analytics data, our team of marketers gain useful insights into the amount of traffic coming into your website and how it got there, and then figuring out what users are actually doing on your site. We collect all this useful data and help you target the right customers, while growing your business and providing services which are more in sync with your requirements. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Energy and Utility Services?

At O2I, we are striving to help electricity, gas, power, and renewable companies transform the way they do business in a digital-first world. We bring in our deep industrial knowledge, world-class infrastructure, and digital innovation practices which benefit your entire supply chain by standardizing processes and streamlining them for better efficiency. Some of the many reasons why our services are ideal for your industry include:


Modernize Legacy Products:
Our streamlined solutions can help you modernize legacy products while allowing many new digital products to take their place in the long run


Faster Processes:
We bring in automation wherever it is necessary, and ensure that the streamlined nature of your process never hampers overall employee productivity. Our automation solutions ensure your processes take less time and deliver consistently


Maximize Market Value:
With our help, you stand to reduce operating costs and manage your overall capital investments in such a way that your market potential is realized much more swiftly and efficiently


Better Monitoring and Performance:
We set up regular QC and monitoring checks at every step of a supply chain in order to ensure better overall performance. We also use ABC analysis and other methods in order to successfully monitor your business units


Reduced Costs:
Our services are extremely cost-efficient, and allow you to tune your processes in such a way that your operational costs are directly reduced by losing all your existing inefficiencies


Improved Asset Utilization:
Utility companies usually end up with more assets than they bargained for, and lose money in the maintenance of such assets. We ensure all your assets are correctly utilized and brought into your efficient supply chain, thereby leading to better productivity

Outsource2india - Re-imagine the Future of Energy and Utility Industry

By its very nature, a digital transformation strategy brings about a massive cultural shift within any company. Simple enabling a disruptive technology is only half the job done, as, without proper oversight and control, it can do more harm than good. That is where O2I and its experience in working with various utility companies come in. We have proven ourselves by delivering services that bank on technology, analytics, and transformation while leveraging innovative commercial models across a utility company's value chain.

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