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Our Services for the Customs Brokerage Industry

At Outsource2india, we believe that speedy clearance of international cargo and customs document processing are two main bottlenecks when it comes to effectively managing the work pipeline. Quick and hassle-free border clearance has almost become a myth, but with our aid, you can see a gradual turnaround in the way your customs brokerage business functions. We handle a variety of customs brokerage requirements for global clients and enable them to work towards improving their own supply chain, making it more cost-effective and productive.

Trade partnerships are growing across the globe, especially with the proliferation of technology, but so are the risks. Economic operators and customs brokers, therefore, face their biggest challenge in securing faster release of their consignments, especially in the face of tightening regulations. O2I's customs brokerage services such NAFTA verification, B3 Form generation services have helped thousands of clients up their customs brokerage game and return towards profitability. Our services include:



Customs brokerage services from O2I help clients easily deal with their day-to-day workload and handle several tasks within a quick turnaround time. Our services can help you perform complex tasks such as forms building, PARS entry, HS classification, etc. simultaneously for multiple clients. Our team of highly experienced customs brokers can help you with the following services:

Call Center Services


Our call center services for customs brokerage companies allow clients to easily deal with clients and regulatory experts. All our customer service agents are from a CHA background and are Rule G card qualified. This ensures they can handle the toughest requirements for import and export clearance related queries. Our services include:

Photo Editing Services


At times, clients, both new and old, may not understand the entire scope of your customs brokerage process. This is often caused because of the confusing nature of the work and the number of processes involved. Presenting information with carefully edited photos can help alleviate such problems. We also create virtual tours using which you can explain the entire scope of your operations easily to your clients:

Creative Design Services


Customs brokerage companies often must deal with branding and marketing issues. In a crowded business atmosphere, our creative design services can help you stand out and attract clients from across the globe. Our services include:

Data Entry Services


At O2I, we can take care of your entire customs brokerage data entry process including B3 forms building, data entry for the bill of lading, customs data generation, ACROSS and CADEX data generation services, etc. With all your data entry requirements being met in-house, you can save more than 60% in costs which benefit from our 98% accuracy guarantee! Our services include:

Software Development


Our software development services are geared towards the specific needs of our customs brokerage clients. We have developed custom software such as Toriff which takes care of various HS code regulations and the customs clearance process in order to simply existing procedures. We can create custom software solutions based on your requirements, and our services include:

Research & Analysis


Our research services are ideal for customs brokers who need accurate, on-time and reliable reports about various business parameters. Whether you want to open a new vertical to take care of new client demands or perform competitor research, our services are ideal and include:

Web Analytics Services


Our web analytics services are ideal for customs brokers who want easy access to visualized data and make use of the copious amounts of data available on hand. We create custom dashboards which oversee multiple parameters of your business, all visualized in an easy-to-understand manner and which can be accessed from anywhere. Our services include:

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Whether it is calculating documentation charges, clearing fees transportation, Import and export accounting charges, Customs Fees, Warehousing charges, Duty drawbacks etc., we can take care of it all. Our accounting services will enable you to refocus your initiatives and focus your efforts on customs processes which are making a profit. Our services consist of:

Translation Services


Customs brokerage companies routinely need to work with clients from different countries and translate thousands of legal and regulatory documentations for their purpose. Also, if you want to expand your operations in new territories, you need our translation services to put your best foot forward. From localization, to import and export document translation, multilingual support, etc., we cover it all. Our services include:

Transcription Services


A major cause of concern for customs brokers is clerical errors caused during the preparation of import or export documentation either due to mathematical mistakes or transcription mistakes. This, in turn, can lead to longer delays in releasing a consignment which can then prove to be extremely costly. Our transcription services will help you avoid such errors and always release documentation on time. Our services include:

REO Support

REO Support

Our exhaustive REO Support for customs brokers ensure that you reduce the amount of time and money being spent on processing and submitting of bills while tracking thousands of assets spread globally. In the face of constantly changing protocols, our REO Support are ideal since they help you save time and effort and gain from our industry advantage. Our services include:

Why Choose Outsource2india for Customs Brokerage Services?

For customs brokers, it is imperative to help their clients import and export goods and get them cleared through customs on a timely manner. Our team of highly experienced customs brokers operates on a global scale and provides you adequate support so that you can go ahead and streamline your processes for better client satisfaction. Some of the main reasons why you should choose us include:

  • Outsource2india is a CSCB-certified member and can help in NAFTA verification and CADEX transactions for Canadian customs
  • We offer complete data security and confidentiality to our clients and ensure strict privacy measures are set in place before a project begins
  • Dedicated customs brokerage specialists and trained ground staff with at least 5 years of experience in handling global customs brokerage processes
  • Advanced tariff calculator created in-house to quicken the documentation process by 5 times
  • Ability to track shipments at any time
  • O2I supports continuous release services for all Canadian gateways making it simpler to import and export products
  • Complete EDI and PARS capabilities which are maintained at the highest possible regulatory standards
  • An end-to-end in-house solution for customs brokers thereby leading to massively reduced costs

Ship on Time and Expedite Customs Processes with Outsource2india

Shipping across borders is gradually becoming more time consuming and complex thanks to ever-changing regulatory requirements. Customs brokers today must navigate through mounds of paperwork just to get their products across borders.

By partnering with O2I, you can minimize risk and maximize success to give your customs brokerage business a much-required boost! Not only do we help you streamline existing processes, but also impart future-ready services which will change the way you do business! Contact us right away and benefit from our bespoke services.

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