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MEP Design and Drafting Services

Outsource MEP Design and Drafting Services

Reduce project overheads, boost operational efficiency, and minimize errors. Leverage our MEP Design and Drafting Services for accurate and detailed deliverables.

Accurate MEP designs and drafts are critical for any building project. Those in the construction industry leverage effective MEP design and drafting to ensure they meet their project deadlines while remaining on track with their budget. Since unreliable designs can lead to delays and additional expenses, collaborating with an MEP design and drafting service provider for error-free drafts can give you access to expertise and specialized resources.

With over two decades of experience providing support to global companies for their MEP design and drafting services requirements, we cater to a wide range of sectors, including education, healthcare, residential, commercial, retail projects, and more. We have worked as an extended arm to engineering teams worldwide to help them produce superior-quality MEP designs and drafts. We assist mechanical and electrical design engineers, consultants, and contractors with their design and drafting needs. Our experts help convert designs and marked-up images into digitized CAD drawings to allow standardization and consistency. By leveraging our MEP drafting services, our clients have managed to streamline the management of their construction supply chain and reduce project overheads, boost operational efficiency, and minimize errors.

Our MEP Design and Drafting Solutions

Our services are aligned with the right design processes. We track our progress from the concept stage to the design and installation phases to ensure client requirements are met in the best possible manner. Engaging in the best practices for the construction industry, our very strong domain knowledge and expertise in leading software lets us offer a range of comprehensive MEP design and drafting services -

  • Revit MEP Drafting Services

    Revit MEP Drafting Services

    For accurate layouts, equipment placement, duct routing, pipe routing, and electrical and lighting plans, our specialists can create detailed 2D or 3D models of MEP systems using Revit software.

  • MEP BIM Drafting Services

    MEP BIM Drafting Services

    Our experts can create 3D MEP models using BIM software. The models can be used for energy efficiency calculations, cost estimations, and for multiple other purposes.

  • MEP Engineering Services

    MEP Engineering Services

    We focus on the design and optimization of MEP systems for buildings. Our services can ensure that the building systems are efficient, safe, and meet local codes and regulations.

  • Mechanical Drafting Services

    Mechanical Drafting Services

    We create detailed 2D or 3D models of mechanical systems to help you visualize your concept designs. Our services cover equipment layouts pipe routing, and mechanical component drawings.

  • MEP Electrical Design and Draftings

    MEP Electrical Design and Draftings

    Our services include the design and drafting of electrical systems for buildings, including the creation of electrical schematics, circuit diagrams, and panel schedules.

  • Plumbing Design and Drafting Services

    Plumbing Design and Drafting Services

    Since plumbing and drainage design is critical for any construction, we create drafts and designs that detail plumbing layouts, piping diagrams, and fixture schedules.

  • MEP Conversion Services

    MEP Conversion Services

    Our skilled drafters can convert legacy electrical drawings, 2D CAD drawings, and concept sketches into digital MEP models using BIM software

Process For MEP CAD Drafting Services

Rendering a customized medical billing service is one thing and seeing the workflow unfold is another. If you want to witness the sequence of steps we follow to expedite billing process, here is how we maintain transparency in the physician billing –


01. Address Query

Reply to the query, gather the requirements, and our talk of our capabilities


02. Evaluate Work

Evaluate work according to client needs, and arrive at a costs and timelines.


03. Initiate Design

Approve design and drafting services costs and initiate design based on brief


04. Design Approval

Design goes through thorough quality check and is sent to client


05. Undertake Changes

Undertake design changes based on feedback


06. Project Handover

Files are uploaded to client’s platform of choice

Key Areas Covered

Our services are comprehensive and can be further segmented as –

Heating &Cooling Equipment Selection, Heat Loss and/or Gain Calculations, Heating &Cooling System Schematic Design, Underfloor Heating system Tunnel Ventilation, Basement ventilation and CFD analysis, Plant Room Layout Design, Chilled beams system, Duct Layout Drawings, Panel room and STP room ventilation, Lift well and stairwell pressurization system
Lighting Systems, Power Systems, Power Distribution Systems, Fire Protection Systems, HT Line and LT line, Electrical, Power and Lighting System plans, Electrical Panel Schedules, Electrical One Line Diagrams, Electrical Power and Lighting System Plans, Electrical Diagrams/ Layouts in Industries, Extra Low Voltage Systems (ELV) such as Access Control/ CCTV/ Telecommunication/ System Integration/ PA Systems, Layouts for lighting showing lighting fixtures, emergency lighting, etc.
Public Health Engineering
Plumbing Cost Estimation, STP (Sewage Treatment Plant) design, Plumbing Material Estimation, Plumbing Modeling, Plumbing Shop Drawings, Plumbing Section Drawings, Plumbing Isometric Diagrams, Piping Modeling and Drafting, Piping 2D Drafting, Pipe Fabrication Drawings, Fire Fighting Systems Design Services, Water Balancing, Piping Cost Estimation and Measurement, Pipe Restoration Drawings, Residential Plumbing Systems Drawings, Commercial Plumbing System Drawings, Industrial Plumbing System Drawings, Water Line Installation System Drawings, Waste Water Collection System Drawings, Runner Riser Diagrams

Why Choose Us as Your MEP Design and Drafting Company

We offer customized MEP engineering services to clients and fulfill all the requirements and specifications they ask for. We deliver accuracy and efficiency in our designs. Our clients collaborate with us because of the following reasons -

  • Serving Diverse Industry Verticals
    We cater to the needs of a large client base. We provide customized and cost-efficient services to architects, building contractors, mechanical consultants, construction companies, and CADD service providers worldwide.
  • Advanced Technical Expertise
    Our experts are always updated about new technological trends and use the latest software available for MEP Design and Drafting. Our engineers and draftsmen are adept at using AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, Navisworks, EPLAN, Elit, Carrier-HAP, and Train-Trace 600.
  • Qualified Engineers &Draftsmen
    We have engineers who understand the ISO/FDA regulations. They have extensive experience in various forms of engineering services such as reverse engineering, prototype creation, system-level simulations, and the creation of 2D and 3D CAD designs.
  • Extensive Experience
    We hold more than two decades of experience and ensure superior quality, accuracy, efficiency, cost-reduction, and on-time delivery. We have been engaged with leading residential, commercial, government, industrial and institutional buildings, healthcare units, hotels and hospitality units, laboratories, R&D centers, and data centers.
  • Compliance to Building Codes &Standards
    We comply with all required civil engineering standards, including ASHRAE (HVAC), AS (Mech.), IBC (Civil), ACCA (HVAC), UBC (Civil) and AIA-drawing standards. We make sure that all our drawings and designs are compliant with the BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association) and IFMA (International Facility Manager Association) standards.
  • We have multiple delivery centers spread across the globe and different time zones. This lets us deliver to-notch services while keeping our turnaround times on the shorter side.
  • Data Security
    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization, we take the data security of your MEP designs seriously. We ensure that important information and details are kept safe and not divulged to any other party.
  • Round-the-clock Support
    We offer 24/7 support to our clients, where they can get their queries answered and grievances resolved without delay. We also offer multiple channels for communications, including phone and email.
  • Easily Scalable Services
    We offer highly scalable services, that can be ramped up when your project calls for it. We have the capacity to employ more resources when the clients require it.
  • Flexible Pricing Structure
    Our pricing models are flexible and cost-effective. We offer multiple cost structures that can be customized to fit the client’s business requirements and budget.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Mechanical Engineering Services

Our skilled and experienced mechanical engineers can handle all your engineering needs with ease. Our full-service offerings can cater to a diverse range of engineering requirements.

Architectural Engineering Services

We offer 2D drawing, 3D rendering, walkthroughs, and estate planning as a part of our architectural rendering services. We ensure that our architectural designs are of the highest quality.

Civil Engineering Services

We offer comprehensive civil engineering solutions that include planning, designing, and building residential infrastructure, commercial infrastructure, and transportation infrastructure.

Structural Engineering Services

With deep knowledge of structural engineering and strict adherence to technical standards, we offer preliminary and detailed design projects and also work in structural design and analysis.

Electrical Engineering Services

By using the latest premium software, including CAD, MicroStation, AutoCAD, ProDesign, and SmartDraw, we ensure optimal power system integration.

BIM services

Our BIM services help professionals including architects, engineers, and contractors to improve collaboration and communication. We also help reduce errors and downtimes.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Revit MEP Services to UK-based Engineering Consultants

Revit MEP Services Provided to UK-based Engineering Consultants

A leading engineering consulting firm based in the UK required cost-effective Revit MEP services. Our team provided cost-effective services within quick turnaround time.

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O2I Provided MEP Design and Drafting Services to an Australian Electric Service Company

MEP Design and Drafting Solutions Provided to an Australian Electric Service Company

We helped an Australian electric service firm with high-quality and customized MEP design and drafting solutions.

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Outsource MEP Design and Drafting Services Requirements to Us

We have the infrastructure, expertise, and over two decades of domain experience in offering customized MEP design and drafting solutions for diverse business needs. Our clients have benefitted from our world-class services, cutting edge tools, and specialized knowledge when it comes to offering MEP design services. Partner with us to also benefit from -

  • Streamlined processes
  • Solution-oriented approach
  • Adherence to tight deadlines

If you are looking for comprehensive MEP outsourcing services - get in touch with us today. Our team will be glad to assist you.

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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input.

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