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Outsource2india Converted Scans to BIM Models for a European Client

Case Study on Scans to BIM Model Conversion

The Client

The client is based out of Europe and frequently handled big budget projects. The client had the technology to scan buildings for modeling. However, they lacked the bandwidth to complete the modeling process in a tight deadline.

Client Requirement

Having learned about Outsource2india's accomplishment in 3D BIM modeling and 25 years of performance history, the client took no time in reaching us and inquired the plans, cost, and estimated delivery timeline. The client was convinced with our capabilities and contracted 50 projects with a net turnaround time of 2 months. The client furnished scan data of buildings, Google Map images, and sketches (as substitute data if the scanned images were less informative).

Project Challenges

In the outsourced project we faced the following challenges -

  • Each assignment (1500-3000 Sq. feet carpeted area) needed 10-12 hours of meticulous designing to accomplish desired results
  • The client insisted delivery of models in a day or two
  • Our project team faced difficulty in analyzing the scanned images, as well as architecturally visualizing buildings

Our Solution

From requirement discovery to delivery, we took an organized approach to ensure its completion and delivery as per the SLA. The steps taken by O2I's team are as follows -

  1. Requirement Discovery and Image Download

    The scanned data uploaded by the client via the FTP was downloaded from our end. The PDF files of the same content were retained for reference.

  2. Image Review

    The scanned images were duly reviewed and additional photographs of the dimension and sections were requested as a backup measure if the scanned images were unclear

  3. 3D Modeling with Revit

    Our team drafted 3D model using Revit and the accuracy was verified

  4. 2D drawings with AutoCAD

    AutoCAD was used to create 2D drawings of sections and elevations as per the client's specification

  5. Model Review and Submission

    The designs finished by our professionals will be tested under the quality control process to ensure it is reliable for renovation or recreation in the future.

Technology We Used

AutoCAD Revit

The Results

The outcome of the project was a success with significant cost and time advantage for the client. The 3D BIM models and 2D architectural designs from Outsource2india helped the client to complete renovation under a strict deadline. The client was glad for contracting the challenging project to specialists like us. With the successful completion of the project, the client assured to consider our support for future projects.

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Outsource2india has earned its stripes as a top ISO 9001:2013 accredited architectural services company. With 25 years behind us, we have seen challenges that plague modelers and renovation experts from the construction sector. Our efficiency in designing precision Point cloud to BIM conversion comes from years of exposure to dynamic BIM technologies. With the right skill set valuable to our clients, we have catered our services to businesses from all corners of the world and brought them 100% satisfaction. We sell great experience along with our services by letting you be in control of how you prefer our services.

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