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Outsource Sheet Metal Design Services

Sheet Metal Design Services

Sheet metal designing facilitates efficient production cycles and improved interoperability with contractors and suppliers. Professional sheet metal designs compliant with the industry standards further help businesses optimize and accelerate their manufacturing process, and are therefore extremely important. Engineers in the manufacturing industry find metal and sheet metal designing quite challenging since they need to comply with existing rules and quality standards while delivering tasks within quick deadlines.

Our team has extensive experience with sheet metal components for aesthetics as well as functional designs, and can shorten lead times with reduced scrap & material costs. Vast experience and knowledge of sheet metal cutting design, helps us provide high-quality sheet metal design services as per the international standards to global customers.

Sheet Metal Design Services We Offer

At Outsource2india, we specialize in providing end-to-end services for sheet metal design - product design, development, and optimization. Our team of sheet metal experts uses state-of-art CAD tools, CAE tools and a systematic approach to design sheet metal parts. This enables us to provide effective services that meet customer requirements on time and within the budget.

Our sheet metal design experts are certified engineers with numerous accreditations under their belts, allowing us to deliver high-quality services to metal fabricators and manufacturers globally. Following are some of the structural metal product design services we offer -

  • Identifying crucial design parameters and specifications
  • Designing 2D and 3D solid sheet metal components followed by assembly-drafting & modeling using software such as DriveWorks
  • Importing and converting 3D CAD models into Solidworks sheet metal models while keeping in mind the exact K-factor, thickness, and bend radius
  • Generating base, miter, bends, sketched bends, edges, swept flanges, lofted bends, etc. using Solidworks
  • Developing accurate fabrication drawings, 3D sheet metal models, manufacturing drawings, 2D flat drawings, assembly drawings according to manual blueprints, etc.
  • Creating precise sheet metal forming designs which maintain the exact form height to thickness ratio, specified critical dimensions, bend radius, bend relief, embosses and offsets for easier manufacturing processes
  • Estimation and Costing for your sheet metal design projects
  • Include sheet metal welding details for specific sheet metal parts on drawings and models
  • Efficient metal furniture products design and sheet metal part design for equipment with acute bends
  • Accurate sheet metal cutting design and fire protection equipment design
  • Fabricated metal & alloy product design

Industry Sectors We Cater to

With extensive experience in providing fabrication, 2D manufacturing designs, and sheet metal cutting design for residential or commercial needs, construction and outdoor products, or frames for doors, windows, kiosks etc., we have been serving numerous global clients across different industry sectors. We have also worked extensively on steel panels for machine tools, automotive parts, industrial process equipment, custom metal fabrication, aluminum railings, trays, etc. Following are some of the major industry sectors we cater to -

  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Power
  • Transport
  • Telecom
  • Building Components
  • Oil and Natural Gas
  • Medical
  • Furniture Manufacturing

Our Sheet Metal Design Process

The systematic sheet metal design approach at Outsource2india incorporates the following steps in order to ensure all your requirements are met on time -

Identify crucial design parameters and specifications
Evaluate design services to meet customer needs
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)
Optimization of product design and manufacturing processes
Cost estimates based on material, number of operations etc.
Calculation of the adequate size of corner reliefs, bend angles and radii
Creation of 3D sheet metal model and complete 2D flat drawings

Sheet Metal Design Software We Leverage

Once you outsource sheet metal design services to us, we provide top-quality architectural metal product designs and sheet metal designs by leveraging the latest and advanced design software. With us you can explore the power of good sheet metal cutting designs that reduce costs and help businesses in bringing products to market faster.

In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction and reduced turnaround times, we use the following sheet metal design software -


Our Sheet Metal Design Expertise

With more than 18488 satisfied clients, we are able to harness our industry experience and our access to the latest technology and infrastructure to create cutting-edge metal designs. We leverage advanced 3D CAM/CAD software to create detailed laser-cut designs and other isometrics. This is turn ensures we are able to complete projects faster, while allowing for better revision control and reduced development lead times right from initial conceptualization to manufacturing.

We also ensure that every design project is first virtually created in a 3D environment using 3D modeling software on our high-end CAD workstations so we can envisage the overall design while removing inaccuracies and fixing errors. Thereafter we use CAM software for the transfer of 3D data from the CAD systems without losing any intelligent attributes. This step is extremely necessary since it helps to eliminate errors that might occur during regular transfer, and is often overlooked by many sheet metal designers in their hurry to complete the project faster.

Why Choose Us for Sheet Metal Design?

Right from preparing accurate cost estimates to providing accurate design information on complex sheet metal designs, our professionals will help you with everything. Following are some of the major benefits of outsourcing sheet metal cutting designs to us -

  • Highly Affordable Pricing

    We have different types of engagement models, which help clients to pay as per their design requirements. Whether you are looking for per hour, per project, or full-time equivalent (FTE), we can provide you with the most suitable option

  • Use of the Latest Tools & Technologies

    We leverage the latest tools and technologies to provide top-quality design services that precisely cater to your needs

  • Global Delivery Centers

    We have multiple delivery centers strategically set up across the globe to provide reliable mechanical engineering and design services to our global clients

  • Quality Management and Workflow

    We follow a streamlines process which includes defining, analyzing, designing, and verifying to provide top-quality designs that help you to reduce lead times

  • State-of-the-art Engineering Infrastructure

    Our state-of-the-art engineering infrastructure at each of our global delivery centers empowers us to provide unmatched sheet metal designs that precisely cater to needs

  • Team of Certified Design Experts

    Our team of certified design experts leverages our advanced engineering facilities and deliver designs that help you develop superior products

  • Complete Data Security

    With us you can be assured of complete data security as we have stringent security measures in place to ensure that the data shared with us is not compromised at any point in the project

  • Swift Turnaround Time

    We ensure that all the design projects we undertake get completed well within the stipulated time. This ensures that the designs will reach you on time, preventing any delay in bringing the product to the market

Choose Outsource2india for Professional Sheet Metal Design Services

Outsource2india is a leading outsourcing company offering top-quality mechanical engineering services and sheet metal design services in India to global clients at affordable prices. By outsourcing sheet metal design services to us, you can be assured of reliable and affordable design and drafting services that help you through your projects. We offer a gamut of mechanical engineering services, which include casting design and manufacturing, mechanical CAD drafting, product design and development, etc.

So, if you want quick, efficient, accurate, affordable services, then reach us now to outsource sheet metal design services.

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Sheet Metal Design Services FAQs

  • What is sheet metal design?

    It's a design created using CAD software to help fabricators to design components out of sheet metal through fabrication.

  • What is the strongest sheet metal?

    In chronological order, the strongest sheet metals are tungsten, tool steel, titanium, stainless steel, Inconel, chromium, and carbon steel.