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Electrical Drafting Services

Outsource Electrical Drafting Services

Designing a robust electric system for safety and smart automation is one of many things we have excelled at and can help you have access to our drafting services at rates starting at $9 per hour

Are you looking for ways to electrical system plans into computer drafts? If so, you need professional electrical engineers with process knowledge of electrical drafting services to create an electrical system design that is safe and durable. This is where Outsource2india comes in. When you outsource electrical drafting services to us we take care of electrical systems drafting using CAD/CAE tools. Additionally, we also provide consultation for electrical wiring diagrams, electrical systems drafting, and electrical schematics design and drafting. All skill can help you successfully implement building automation and green building and energy management conservation besides electrical systems design and drafting services.

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in a gamut of electrical drafting services and outsourcing electrical systems design is the best way for you to save time and money. In return, you get 100% satisfaction for the timeliness, quality of service, and scalable solutions.

Electrical Drafting Services We Offer

Only at Outsource2india can you find professionals with proficiency and adeptness in electrical system design and drafting but also consultation. Here are the services we offer under electrical system design and drafting services -

  • Electrical Schematics

    Electrical Schematics

    We create electrical layouts indicating where fittings on ceiling and walls are mapped. We create detailed wiring trails that enable planning receptacles, permanent electrical services, and lighting.

  • Communication Systems Schematics

    Communication Systems Schematics

    We provide a detailed schematics for communications systems that cover -

    • Public address systems
    • Intercom wiring layout
    • In-plant Communication Systems
  • Electrical Drafting for Architectural Plans

    Electrical Drafting for Architectural Plans

    We create electrical schematics for new architectural plans that are complete with riser diagrams, electrical site plans, panel schedules, and distribution panels. Our electrical drafting services will ensure that the wiring layouts are serviceable, robust, and tucked out of sight.

  • Electrical Drafting for Exterior Lighting

    Electrical Drafting for Exterior Lighting

    Planning where the lighting must be installed on the exterior is a meticulous task and one that need's expert knowledge of architecture and schematics. Both are the qualities you'll find in our team. They make sure your exterior is well-planned.

  • Electrical Drafting for Power and Lighting Systems

    Electrical Drafting for Power and Lighting Systems

    A well-planned electrical and power systems make sure that your appliances can be operated without moving it from its location. We create complex system plans that are professionally done with the CAD tool.

  • Terminations Diagram Drafts

    Terminations Diagram Drafts

    Using simple shapes and connection symbols, we'll illustrate a simplified electrical circuit for electricians to install pipework and the terminals.

  • Electrical Drafts for Control Circuits

    Electrical Drafts for Control Circuits

    To create control circuits, it's essential to know where the access points are and it is designed for convenience in the utility areas. We use mapping tools to design the circuits for enhanced functionality and safety.

  • 3D Electrical Drafting

    3D Electrical Drafting

    3D CAD is used to create electrical drafts based on the estimation of loads, testing WRT codes, sizing, and much more. We create sound drafts that enhance safety and improves electrical performance. At Outsource2india, our Electrical Engineers prepare power cable layouts as per your requirements. We are proficient in Motor Control Center detailing and various other components like -

    • Electrical wiring layout schematics for transmission and distribution lines.
    • Control cable design, cable sizing, cable tray and supporting structure drafting.
    • Electrical Substation Motor control centers (MCC) drawings.
    • Design and Layout drafting of Transformers, breakers, starters etc.
    • HV/LV switchgear.
    • Switchboard schedule.
  • Electrical Drafting for 2D Panel

    Electrical Drafting for 2D Panel

    We offer high-quality 2D panel drafting that includes single line diagrams, and wiring diagrams for panels with detailed illustrations of wiring points and other panel locations.

  • Electrical Drafting for Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems

    Electrical Drafting for Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems

    We focus on making your circuit points secure by performing design optimizations on -

    • Earthing system layout
    • Earthing strips layout
    • Earthing pits interconnection diagrams
    • Lightning protection system
  • Industrial Process Control Lighting and Illumination System

    Industrial Process Control Lighting and Illumination System

    Our electrical engineers are conversant with illumination requirements and will design the system and draft the schematics as per your requirements -

    • Illumination Determinations - Photometric Calculations
    • Lighting Design-Based on the plan and floor layout
    • Cable layout and cable schedule
    • Material take-off detailing
    • Electrical Wiring diagrams
    • Access Control
  • Fire Protection System Layouts

    Fire Protection System Layouts

    Architectural and fire protection services are available as add on services to provide an integrated bouquet of services that comprehensively solve your electrical schematics requirements.

    • Fire protection details, schematics and diagram following NFPA / equivalent codes & standards
    • Design and Incorporation of alarm/smoke detection system
    • Fire protection and sprinkler plans

Electrical Drafting Process We Follow

Our Process-oriented approach ensures consistency in the quality of the solutions developed and in the electrical systems design services offered -


Input validation checks to identify inputs early


In-process quality checks


Project leader supervision


An independent reviewer


Project manager (multiple projects and delivery)


6 sigma and quality systems trained personnel


Defect tracking for all projects


Customer satisfaction surveys

Why Outsource Electrical Drafting Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing electrical drafting services give you the bandwidth to deal with other important tasks. It improves modelling efficiency. Here are the reasons why choosing an electrical drafting service provider like us can be great for your business -

  • Affordable Services

    Our electrical drafting services are customizable where you can select your order and customize as per your budget preference.

  • Quality Control

    Stringent quality control measures, ensuring the accuracy of drawings, implementing correct architectural/engineering standards and BOMA/IFMA (Building Owners and Managers Association/International Facility Manager Association) standards.

  • Superb Infrastructure

    We have the infrastructure big enough to support parallel projects without affecting the TAT.

  • ISO and other Compliances

    We successfully meet a long list of compliances in addition to ISO 900:2015 and they include -

    • AS (Mech)
    • IBC (Civil)
    • ACCA (HVAC)
    • UBC (Civil)
  • 100% Security

    We are highly compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulation-making us a safe partner for managing your business data.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    We are always proud of presenting or solution in a speed package. If you have priorities to keep up we understand. So we communicate the latest TAT before commencing the project.

  • Scalable Services

    We have bandwidth big enough to support multiple clients at once. Our facility houses some of the best technologies that accelerate the project outcome.

  • Professional FTE

    Our expertise spans a wide variety of CAD/CAM/CAE software such Autodesk products (AutoCAD, ADT, Revit), Bentley Products (Microstation, Microstation J), SolidWorks, ESRI products (Arc/Info, Arc/View), MapInfo and ProE. By outsourcing electrical systems design services to O2I, you can benefit from our technical skills and expertise.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    You can expect round-the-clock support from our team and we are simply good at what we do. You can get support in the language of your choice.

Areas of Electrical Drafting Services We Specialize in

 Plant room/utility building equipment layouts
 Equipment foundation drafting
 Sports Field Lighting
 Data Centers
 Detention Security Systems
 Backup Generators
 Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
 Miscellaneous Auxillary Systems
 Structural and schematic drafting and detailing for plant building lighting, power and Earthing grid
 Multi-storied buildings (residential, commercial, institutional)

Software We Use

  • HVAC/ Electrical Design and Drafting Tools

    • Elite
    • Wrightsoft
  • Enabling Technologies for Structural Design

    • VBA programming in AutoCAD / SolidWorks
    • Visual Lisp programming
    • Automation: Excel / macros / programming

Client Success Stories

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O2I Provided Accurate and Timely Construction Drawings to a Leading Manufacturing Firm

We utilized the PTC Creo 4.0 software to create high-quality 3D models of new manufacturing components, ensuring that our client had zero manufacturing errors.

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O2I Provided MEP Services to an Award-winning Design Firm

O2I Provided Accurate and Cost-effective MEP Services to a Leading Design Firm

We provided quick and cost-effective MEP services to a leading award-winning US-based design firm. We also changed our client's electrical SLD layouts to AutoCAD layouts.

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The commitment and focus of Outsource2india's managers and engineers were excellent and surpassed our expectations.

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Outsource Electrical Drafting Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is the brand that is always volunteering to help those who are amidst challenges in electrical drafting. We follow a world-class process and ensure 100% satisfaction to clients who need electrical engineering services. We have the bandwidth, technology, and the right people behind some of the most successful engineering services. Our electrical drafting services is just another way to make your construction future-ready and safe.

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