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3D Walkthrough and Visualization Services for an Irish Client

3D Walkthrough Visualization Services Case Study

Outsource2india successfully delivered cost-efficient 3D walkthrough and visualization services to an Irish client in just two weeks!

The Client

The client is the owner of one of the finest breweries in Northern Ireland. He approached Outsource2india (O2I) with a requirement that included:

  • 3D architectural walkthrough
  • Top view visualization of the property

Project Challenges

The team at Outsource2india needed to have a fair idea of the Irish landscape, since a part of their project required them to provide a top view visualization of the client's property. This was a major challenge, as the team had to visualize the landscape first and then create 3D walkthrough for the property. Accuracy was very essential for this project and the team had to ensure that all details are accurate.

Solutions Offered

The client provided site plans, elevations, topographical information, and other details to the team. The information provided by the client helped the O2I team get a better understanding of the project. The topographical details helped the team to have a clear idea about the landscape, which was a crucial aspect of the project. The client also shared his expectations and vision for the final output.

Before beginning to work on the actual project, the O2I team sent samples to the client so that they could gauge the team's performance. The client approved the samples and the team began their work immediately.

Two resources were exclusively assigned to work on this project. They created a 3D grey model of the client's property along with top view visualization using 3DS Max. The team ensured that rooftop landscaping, which was done on the client's property, was incorporated in the 3D grey model. The team shared the output with the client and implemented the feedback he provided. The Quality Assurance (QA) team at Outsource2india performed a strict quality check to ensure that the final output was accurate and error-free.


The project was delivered in just two weeks in a cost-efficient manner that suited the client's budget. The client received exceptional 3D walkthrough and visualization services with an accuracy level of more than 90%, which matched his quality benchmark. He was highly satisfied with Outsource2india's services and established a long-term business relationship with O2I.

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