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Engineering Support & Stress Analysis Services for a US Client

Engineering Support Services & Stress Analysis

The Client's Requirement for Engineering Support Services

Our client in question is renowned in the field of Renewable Energy Product Development and is headquartered out of the United States. Their business encompasses providing a wide array of services required by several enterprises for the successful development and long-term operation of solar and wind energy plants.

The customer's major requirements revolved around obtaining engineering support services such as Detailing, Drafting, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and 3D modeling.

Upon thorough research, the client chose Outsource2india based on our prior track record in providing exemplary civil engineering services. We were tasked with designing fabrication drawings and conducting stress analysis on a prototype hub crane (Industrial lifting tool), so as to determine the crane's working load limit rating (the maximum load the crane could withstand).

Challenging Client's Specifications

Given the fact that the successful completion of the project was extremely important for the client, we had to ensure full compliance to their challenging requirements, which included -

  • The maximum stress on the lifting tool had to be less than 83.3 N/mm2 at any given point of time
  • We were to be provided only with rough concept sketches with dimension details. Based on these drawings, we were to deliver 2D manufacturing drawings, 3D models and an exhaustive stress analysis report
  • We had to recruit a team of expert engineers with expertise in using ANSYS and SolidWorks 2012 to create manufacturing drawings and 3D models, and conduct Stress analysis
  • We had to follow stringent quality processes to meet the high standards of quality set by the customer

O2I's Winning Approach towards Completing the Project

Our team had a practical approach towards the project, and began developing 2D fabrication drawings and 3D models using SolidWorks 2012. Upon the client's review and approval, we proceeded with the stress analysis, for which we had hired skilled engineers who were experts in using ANSYS.

The first time around, we faced a small setback. The stress analysis reported deviations from the required benchmark, as a result of which we had to redesign the tool model. Based on the loading conditions specified by the customer, we ensured that the maximum stress was 33% lesser than the yield stress.

Before performing the second stress analysis on the redesigned lifting tool, our team welded reinforcement plates around the welded joint areas, and then went ahead with the process. This time, the reports came out to be positive and were completely in-line with the customer's stress requirement of 83.3 N/mm2.

Our unique approach and our dedication to achieving each and every client requirement ensured 50% cost savings for the client. All in all, the project was a guaranteed success because of the competency of our engineers, who possessed the required skills, knowledge and experience to meet the challenges of the project.

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