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Outsource Architectural Services to India

When it comes to outsourcing, India offers many unique benefits such as a competitive edge, lower costs, superior quality, skilled labor and assurance of data security. Architects, interior designers, real estate agents and companies, building contractors, and engineering and structural consultants have the option of outsourcing a wide range of architectural services to India, where they can avail of superior quality services at cost-effective prices.

Listed below are the various types of Architectural Services that can be outsourced to India.

Design and Drafting

Outsourcing your architectural and drafting services to India helps you gain a set of full-scale design, development and construction services that can be commenced at any phase of the design process. Clients have the option of outsourcing the entire design and drafting process, or they can choose to complete the designs themselves and outsource the time consuming drafting, modeling and detailing work.

Indian firms offer superior quality CAD architectural services at prices that are often half the cost of what you would normally pay in the West. Client standards are meticulously applied, resulting in reliable, high quality construction documents.

Structural Engineering

Indian firms offering architectural services are proficient in providing structural engineering services to global clients including those in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia. By using sophisticated software like STAAD-III and Stardyne, 3D structural modeling, drafting and analysis can be done for all kinds of structures including RCC structures, steel structures, composite structures and prefabricated building systems.

Other structural engineering services that can be outsourced also include Structural Steel Detailing, X-Steel Detailing, Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D Finite Element Models, Construction Documents, Shop Drawings, and Fabrication Drawings. Outsourcing companies also use software like DesconWin or X- Steel to provide structural calculations based on ASD or LRFD standards.

Material Take-offs and Tendering

Outsourcing Material Take-offs and Tendering can help clients save time and turn their focus on their core activities and business goals. Architects and engineers at Indian outsourcing firms have many years of experience in providing Cost Estimation and Tender bidding. Our service offerings include Material take-offs, Building Cost Estimation, Bills of Material Usage, Cost Estimation for Residential Buildings, Electrical / Plumbing / Piping etc.

MathCAD software is used to provide accurate estimates of structural steel sections, quantities and sizes. The client receives full documentation complete with a Microsoft Excel report, graphics and files.

Electrical and Plumbing Plans

We offer a wide range of electrical and plumbing plans and 3D models as part of our Architectural Services. Using software like Architectural Desktop, we can develop 3D CAD models for lighting systems, power systems, power distribution systems, fire protection systems, lighting system plans, domestic water systems, waste water systems, storm water systems, etc. are expertly completed according to the client's specifications.


Layering, an important constituent of architectural drawings, is offered as an outsourced service by various Indian firms. Layering documents enable clients to view different details either independently, or in combination as part of the same document. Expert architects and engineers can prepare layering documents that include electrical plans, plumbing structures, air conditioning ducts, ventilation systems and all other essential parts of a building.

Conversion Services

Outsourcing companies offer clients a wide range of architectural services and design conversion services. We offer various conversion services at a cost-competitive price range including conversions from paper to digital formats, from the FPS system to the metric system, and front elevations to side and back. Digitized conversions that involve conversion of blueprints and terrain maps to the CAD format are also offered as part of the conversion services.

Architectural Services from O2I

O2I offers architectural services to residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our expert team of architects and engineers will ensure that you get the ultimate outsourcing solution you have been looking for.

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