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Interior Rendering Services

Outsource Interior Rendering Services

Integrate design visualizations, texture, and aesthetics, and a touch of life into your architectural plans at prices starting at $12/hour

In recent years, interior rendering has become an indispensable tool in the architecture and interior designing industries and offers a detailed inside perspective of any property or space.

Outsource2india (O2I) is an interior rendering service provider that has been walking hand in hand with some of the leading architectural and interior design firms. We render images that are descriptive of every minute detail you want to highlight through your designs, eliminate the scope of inaccuracies in execution, and complement your desired vibe and aesthetics.

O2I, as an interior rendering services providing company, has received global acclaim for developing image renders for a variety of architectural spaces including residential houses, office cabins and workspaces, malls and shops, showrooms, hotels and resorts, and much more. If you want cutting-edge technologies and some of the hand-picked industrial experts with enormous experience in interior rendering, outsource interior rendering services to O2I.

Our Interior Rendering Services

Interior rendering collectively involves a whole host of solutions that can enhance your project's visual outcome in several ways. Our team is studded with experts from every field, right from space planning and modeling, photography, image editing, and rendering, and of course, interior designing.

O2I predominantly specializes in the following branches of interior rendering -

  • 3D Interior Visualization Services

    3D Interior Visualization Services

    3D visualizations involve converting a mathematical and technical representation of a space and its dimensions into life-like, visual formats. Our team at O2I is proficient with a plethora of tools and software that make this conversion into a three-dimensional plane, smooth and meticulous.

  • 3D Interior Rendering Services

    3D Interior Rendering Services

    Interior rendering can be considered as the next step of interior visualization wherein the final product or image is generated. O2I is a specialized 3D interior rendering service provider and is best known for converting 2D images into realistic 3D images, with shadows, textures, angles, and colors coming to life.

  • Post Production Services

    Post Production Services

    We also offer post-rendering services including converting, importing, and exporting the images in different file formats, photoshop, technical corrections, resizing, and more.

  • Room Modeling

    Room Modeling

    Room modeling refers to virtually designing a room or space in different ways to see how your space would look, once ready. At O2I, we assess several factors including how your space can be best utilized, what color combinations can be blended, what kind of lighting set up and furniture will be needed, and more.

  • Furniture Modeling

    Furniture Modeling

    The most important factor of any space's utilization is furniture. Our team at O2I has mastered the art of smart furniture modeling. Whether it's the texture, color, material, shape, design, placement, or functionalities, we make sure our models cater to all your needs.

  • Texture Scheduling

    Texture Scheduling

    Textures act as one of the most decisive factors of how the atmosphere of your property will turn out. Our team at O2I specializes in creating texture schedules for an assortment of room elements including flooring and walls, rugs and curtains, furniture and decor, and much more.

  • Functionality Showcasing

    Functionality Showcasing

    Explaining the functionality of certain spaces like studio layouts can be a challenging task. Our adept team of interior rendering experts carefully plans coherent designs with adequate partitioning, cozy colors, and minimalistic decor to make sure your space is highly functional while keeping it spacious and breezy.

  • Innovative Solutions Highlighting

    Innovative Solutions Highlighting

    Emphasize the intelligence of your architecture as we highlight innovative solutions for utilizing tricky spaces through our smartly developed interior rendering images. We take special care of zoning, lighting, storage spaces, and even materials to make sure spaces like kitchens and bathrooms look well-equipped yet roomy.

Our Interior Rendering Process

The pivot of our work methodology is conducting multiple meetings with clients, understanding their needs, devising a strategy, and employing it in a mutually cohesive manner. With every project, we adapt and improvise our methodologies to produce specialized image rendering solutions.

The following is a framework of our end-to-end interior rendering methodology -


01. Document Collection

To start with, we collect architectural plans with detailed dimensions, material lists or catalogs, similar designs, and thematic and conceptual directions from our clients


02. Modeling and Artistic Brief

Herein we make most of our executive decisions and finalize the artistic brief; right from how the lighting should look like, to what material and color the furniture should be


03. First Draft Visualization and Rendering

This includes the practical execution of the above-determined brief and involves using various camera angles to cover, highlight, and augment important features of architecture and interiors


04. Feedback and Revisions

Hereon begins the journey of reaching perfection as we take multiple client feedbacks and integrate them with our designs to render seamlessly realistic and efficacious interior images


05. Final Delivery

Once you approve the final draft of your image, we 3D render your image, remove any watermarks, and send it to you in your preferred file format

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Is O2I the Ideal Interior Rendering Service Provider for Your Project?

We understand that interior rendering is one of the crucial fundamental pillars of the designing, strategizing, and marketing of a construction project. With O2I, you ensure that each of the three is strengthened and you unlock your access to world-class interior rendering services backed by the following advantages -

  • Expense-curtailing Pricing Packages

    One of the important benefits of interior rendering is saving the additional cost one may incur if a design were to be changed mid-construction. With our competitive and carefully designed pricing packages, we make sure to align with that objective.

  • Highly Professional Interior Design Rendering

    O2I is among the top interior rendering services in India. In terms of quality, we produce results second to none. Our experts develop interior rendering close to the level of photorealism to make your plans look every bit realistic and aesthetic.

  • Experienced Team That Delivers More

    At O2I, interior design rendering is not limited to developing life-like images that help you position and scale interiors within your proposed space. Our perceptive team of professionals can help you convey your message through a still image by offering a wide range of advanced solutions.

  • Free Revisions

    At O2I, we strive for perfection in our designs and offer revisions till the time all the details are accurate and as per your plan. With a 100% success rate in our projects, we ensure that we deliver exactly what you desire, well within the designated timeline.

  • International Portfolio

    Our experience in rendering hundreds of images for a range of global clients reflects in our results. This experience makes our interior designs smart, innovative, and customizable enough to fit all our clients' diverse tastes and needs.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided As Built Drawings to US Architectural Firm

CAD Models for an Architectural Firm

A reputed US-based architectural firm in search of a service provider with expertise in CAD modeling contacted us. Our team provided them with cost-effective CAD modeling solutions.

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O2I Provided Architectural Rendering to a Wisconsin-based Civil Engineering Client

Architectural Rendering for a Wisconsin-based Client

A top architectural firm based in Wisconsin needed an architectural rendering service provider. Our team at O2I served the client with the rendering support as per the SLA and within a quick time.

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Outsource Interior Rendering Services to Outsource2india

Interior rendering is all about experience, precision, creativity, intuition, and space science. Outsource2india takes pride in excelling in each of these aspects and more. We make sure that outsourcing interior rendering services to O2I gives you a qualitative and competitive edge in the industry and adds to your brand value and reputation.

Contact us today and build a strong foundation for your architectural project with O2I's world-class interior rendering services.

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