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Geothermal Engineering Services

Outsource Geothermal Engineering Services

Maximize the cooling/heating system's efficiency of your building using the most advanced geothermal analysis and design solutions crafted by experts starting at $12/hour

Installation of geothermal systems for cooling or heating as a sustainable alternative for power systems in existing or new buildings requires extensive industry knowledge, experience, and sound technical skills for accurate and optimum results. As a one-time system integration work, it becomes imperative to get it right in the first go and this needs a team with high expertise in the field of geothermal engineering.

The certified engineers and specialists at Outsource2india have been offering their expert services globally and have successfully completed more than 300 geothermal energy system design and installation projects. Apart from a team of experienced engineers, we have certified GeoExchange Designers (CGD) who have been certified and recognized by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, making O2I a leading outsourcing geothermal engineering services company for providing system analysis, design, and commissioning services for your varied geothermal engineering needs.

Our Geothermal Engineering Services

While we provide a complete range of geothermal engineering solutions, the needs largely vary from client to client. Our services include -

  1. Open-loop System Design Services

    Under an open-loop system, the water reservoir/well is used for the geothermal system where the water is pumped from the pressure tank to the installed unit, and either the heat is extracted from it for heating or added to it for cooling, ensuring that there is no contamination or change to the water supplied. An open-loop system is preferable for individual homes as the installation cost is lower as compared to other systems with optimum efficiency to meet the daily needs.

  2. Closed-loop System Design Services

    Under this system, the series of piping is buried underground or submerged in a pond to create a heat exchanger. The piping is then filled with a water/antifreeze solution to allow the geothermal system to work with the constant temperatures stored in the ground or water pond. Closed-loop systems can be horizontal, vertical, or pond. O2I offers design and geothermal engineering services for both types of system implementations and can recommend the most suitable one depending on the client's budget, water supply availability, space, and other related factors.

  3. Geothermal Analysis Services

    O2I's team has specialists for geothermal analysis of the site where they intricately study the soil and ground composition, thermal conductivity, heat flow balancing measurements, energy savings ratios, load profile calculations, and other important elements necessary for finalizing the engineering plan and design of the geothermal system using state-of-the-art software and tools.

  4. Geothermal Design Services

    A comprehensive and precise design is the most crucial element of a well-functioning geothermal system. Our team ensures that all the aspects of the design fully meet the specified requirements of the client and perfectly fit the physical site's composition and area. We create prototypes and blueprints based on our in-depth analysis. Apart from exhaustive geothermal system design, we also create efficient ductwork design as they form an integral part of the geothermal unit to perform at the optimal levels and must be rightly sized and installed.

  5. Geothermal System Installation Services

    For the installation of geothermal systems, we have a team of technicians and installation specialists that have years of experience and are competent in the efficient installation of the geothermal system. They are duly trained for professional installation and use O2I's specially curated trench boxes to safely install the loop piping.

  6. System Maintenance Services

    Geothermal systems require time-to-time upkeep and maintenance to work flawlessly and efficiently and our team extends complete support services for the same.

  7. Geothermal Analysis and Design Consultation Services

    As a leading geothermal engineering service providing company, we also offer our expertise in the form of advisory and consultation services where we help the clients in analyzing the geothermal system needs and assist them in developing the most suited design framework.

Our Geothermal Engineering Process

Over time, we have tested and tried multiple work approaches and have streamlined one that delivers excellent outcomes within the stipulated deadlines. It entails the following steps -


01. Need Assessment

We first discuss the needs of the clients for a geothermal system to assess what type of system will be appropriate


02. Site Testing and Analysis

Our team of engineers and designers visit the site and collect the necessary data for the development of the geothermal design


03. Load Capacity Calculations

Other calculations and measurements are also noted down and taken into consideration before starting the design work.


04. Designing

Our certified team of designers chalks out a precise layout and plan for the geothermal system as per the collected data insights and the client's unique needs


05. QC and Client Review

The design undergoes multiple quality checks internally before being sent to the client for final validation. Any suggested changes are accommodated and the design is finalized.


06. Installation

Allocating resources, managing raw materials, etc., are undertaken in this phase and the geothermal system is installed safely and precisely with all due specifications and precautions. The system is test run and checked for efficient and proper functioning


07. Support Services

After successful installation, we offer regular supervision and maintenance services to ensure uninterrupted and smooth working of the system

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Oustsource2india as Your Traffic Engineering Service Providing Company?

We have earned our reputation of being a reliable geothermal engineering services partner by delivering quality services, extraordinary team support, and various other benefits. Below we list down all the advantages that you can avail yourself when you choose us to be your geothermal engineering service provider -

  • Flexible pricing

    We are cost-effective and offer customizable pricing plans that fit all types of budgets and needs.

  • Assurance of Service Quality

    We are an ISO-certified company that offers standardized services to our global clientele. Our years of experience and trained teams have earned us the edge of providing only the best quality services and never anything less.

  • Skilled Engineers and Technicians

    Our team of engineers, designers, technicians, and other specialists hold the expertise and recognized certifications in their respective fields, making them the dream team to work with.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We have offices located in many parts of the world and all of them are equipped with the most advanced hardware and software systems and facilities to ensure that our workforce can work to their full potential.

  • SPOC

    We value your feedback and time and help in keeping you updated about the progress of the project by dedicating a project manager. A dedicated project head also eliminates the risk of miscommunication or ambiguity, ensuring faster and efficient output.

  • Quick Turnarounds

    We are committed to meet deadlines and offer the fastest turnaround times with scalable solutions on demand.

  • Complete Data Protection

    We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified outsourcing company and we make sure that all your data is stored with us safely by levying all necessary safety and data access control measures at all levels.

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Outsource Geothermal Engineering Services to Outsource2india

O2I is a leading provider of geothermal services in India and abroad. If you are looking for detailed analysis and design services for the installation of a geothermal system, O2I is your safest and most reliable bet when it comes to offering world-class geothermal engineering solutions for all types of properties and establishments. With a modular work process and a streamlined approach towards building a comprehensive and error-free geothermal design and system, we help in achieving all your specific needs with complete diligence and proficiency.

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