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Remote Sensing Services

Outsource Remote Sensing Services

The remote sensing solutions we offer, provide exclusive services to derive actionable insights from weather data. Outsource your requirement to us at just $11/hour

Do you want your data to be identified and utilized but are struggling with bumpy and inaccessible terrains? Are you finding it tedious to analyze the data on the environment, weather, pollution, and geology? Do you have the motive to cover the weather forecasts to avoid natural disasters and climatic changes?

Outsource2india offers exclusive remote sensing solutions for actionable insights on data related to weather. Our services promise to cover large areas for everyday applications, including weather forecasts, natural disasters, or climatic change reports. We create accurate spatial data and give you an edge with change detection, DEM creation, image processing, classification, and enhancement.

Our Remote Sensing Services

Outsource2india is the best remote sensing services company that offers accurate and cost-effective data collection to global clients in 160+ countries. Our services include -

  1. GIS and Remote Sensing Services

    GIS and Remote Sensing Services

    Our GIS System and geospatial remote sensing services work collaboratively to analyze, collect, store, and visualize geospatial data from any location on earth.

  2. GIS Surveying Services

    GIS Surveying Services

    We survey the land, aerial, LiDAR, and 3D mapping data with accurate and precise data merging, cleansing, and standardizing, ultimately resulting in optimal decision-making.

  3. Planimetric Mapping Services

    Planimetric Mapping Services

    The usability of planimetric maps relies on the source data quality and technique to extract the details. So, the mapping is done in the expert hands of our professionals to ensure high-quality map output.

  4. Photogrammetric Services

    Photogrammetric Services

    Our range of photogrammetry services is useful across transportation, land administration, and digital orthophotography industries. These services cater to the utility and geological mapping companies with the necessary software and knowledge.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Remote Sensing Services to Outsource2india?

O2I is a leading remote sensing service provider that operates from 10+ global delivery centers. Here are the benefits you get by partnering with us -

  • Data Analysis

    With us, you get an end-to-end GIS data analysis for the surveys that are highly accurate and realistic. Our in-house experts advise the survey teams on the objects and areas, methodologies, budgets, and deadlines for surveys.

  • Process

    We analyze the product delivery workflows and systems to leverage information for creating modern business solutions and products. Our processes help in setting up robust business decision support systems.

  • Tools and Technologies

    We strive to deliver accurate, economic, and unparalleled services with our expert professionals mixed with the best infrastructure for hassle-free services and innovative client solutions.

  • Expert Team

    We have a dedicated team of experts from different backgrounds such as analysis, business management, geology, and technology. The team has extensive experience in critical geospatial applications and offers innovative solutions.

  • Quality Services

    We specialize in different processes such as geospatial information, 2D and 3D CAD modeling, and management system. We identify innovations and strategic actions and offer our clients the best ROI through our geospatial services.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided CAD Models for an Architectural Firm

CAD Models for an Architectural Firm

A leading US-based architectural firm was looking for a service provider who could help them with CAD modeling. Our team provided them with cost-effective services.

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O2I Provided Architectural Rendering for a Wisconsin-based Client

Architectural Rendering for a Wisconsin-based Client

A leading client based in Wisconsin was looking for an architectural rendering service provider. Our team at O2I provided the client with the services within a quick time.

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are exact and attentive to all our needs. They have learned our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

General Partner, a Manufacturing company in the US. More Testimonials »

Outsourcing Remote Sensing Services to Outsource2india

At O2I, we offer a range of civil engineering services to global clients. For the last two decades, we have been offering our clients the best GIS services with utmost quality and a data-driven approach worldwide. We use leading-edge technology to ensure customer benefit at the best rates. In 22+ years, we have helped 18,000+ clients to meet their engineering needs, and we can’t wait to serve you next!

Are you looking to outsource GIS remote sensing services with the best solutions provider? Reach out to our experts today!

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