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Outsource Structural and Stress Analysis Services

Structural and Stress Analysis Services

Outsource2india provides top of the line structural analysis or stress analysis services that help our clients in ensuring structural and operational integrity as well as help in understanding the optimal design of the system. Our expert FEA and Stress analysts provide cost-effective alternative to experimental testing, which has a direct impact on cost, material, strength, weight, etc. It also helps in taking beneficial steps to enhance or optimize product designs to include safety factors and to explore safe design space.

With over two decades of experience in structural stress analysis with a growing list of clients which includes some top manufacturing giants from across the globe, Outsource2india's structural stress analysis services have proven influence over the product performance and are a major opted for solution for any existing or new product design.

O2I's CAE Structural Analysis / Stress Analysis Services - Helping You Build Sustainable and Safe Products

As a part of our exhaustive list of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) services, we have focused and thoroughly designed stress analysis services with a proven track record in structural stability analysis/stress analysis, testing, and simulation. Be it stress, strain, or any other performance related issues, our structural analysis engineers investigate those in detail and help in taking preventive design changes to avoid major design challenges.

Our computer aided structural analysis services help you determine cause and predict failure of a structure. Data collected on the complete structure as well as during the component testing, which includes simplified strength tests to ensure the design can withstand both internal and external stress related forces. Our list of stress analysis includes -

  • Design Simulation - We use FEA techniques to dramatically cut down development time by accelerating the entire design process. Using MCAD software like SolidWorks, Solid Edge, CREO, etc., for modeling and ANSYS for FEA Analysis, our skilled team of structural analysts verify each minute contributing factor against empirical test data on simplified models as well as employ classical calculations for accuracy. We also verify the results using simulated settings to guarantee product compliance.
    • Static Analysis - We use linear/nonlinear analysis, component life prediction, and failure analysis to ensure better design development.
    • Dynamic Analysis - We employ modal analysis, random vibration, forced response, shock as well as rotor dynamics for further design accuracy.
  • Vibration Analysis for Predictive Maintenance - At outsource2india, our structural analysts help you determine the various stress points existing in your equipment as well as structures to conduct a thorough analysis to predict failures while also making recommendations for preventive measures.

Advantages of Outsourcing Structural and Stress Analysis Services to O2I

Our Design engineers and analysts come from top institutes across the globe and have extensive knowledge on various structural analysis tools to execute stress analysis. Our team is proficient in all the latest FEA related software tools and we calculate exact linear and nonlinear tensions and simulate the digital models in an actual load situation to receive factual findings.

Outsource2india has a long history of providing top notch engineering support services. Here are some reasons to outsource structural analysis services and stress analysis services to O2I.

  • Product life cycle knowledge
  • In-depth competencies in Thermo-Structural Analysis, Probabilistic Analysis and Stress Analysis
  • Experience in New Product Introduction
  • Product development and design expertise
  • Global time zones
  • ISO level data security and privacy
  • Assured results at cost-effective pricing models

Outsource Structural and Stress Analysis Services to India

We carry out Finite Element Analyses on products or concepts to validate them before manufacturing, determining safety and performance levels with respect to strength, cost, manufacturability, life etc., evaluating multiple "what if" scenarios. This process can effectively be used to optimize the design, lower risks during manufacturing as well as the probability of failure during the usable life cycle of the product.

At Outsource2india, we ensure that through the pre-processing, Stress Analysis and post-processing stages, the model reflects reality, and that results are captured and analyzed from a design and functionality context. Design sensitivity analyses are carried out to analyze interdependencies and probabilistic analyses are performed to ensure that the probability of failure is low.

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