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Case Study on Mechanical Instrument Drafting and Detailing for Fast-Growing Engineering Consultant

Outsource2india Provided Mechanical Instrument Drafting and Detailing for Fast-Growing Engineering Consultant

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client is an engineering consulting firm based in Trinidad. They focus on evacuation management and mechanical designs. Established in 2011, they have grown into a successful, high-profile business that offers a wide range of project management and engineering design services.

Over the years, they have developed a solid network of engineers they partner with to further enhance their services and allow for more flexibility in each customer's unique needs.

Specific services they provide include the execution and planning of shutdowns, developing engineering standards, and building maintenance programs. They love taking on new and unique challenges and they specialize in adding new or modified equipment into the mix without halting operation or disrupting the process. They have a robust, professional team with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Because they promise their customers new processes, strategies, and technologies without disrupting the current operation, they needed some new piping and instrumentation designs that could be seamlessly integrated into older, existing designs.

When it came to the actual drawings, they required some assistance and began the search for an outsourcing partner. This led them to find O2I and they felt confident we were up to the task. They gave us the following requirements:

  1. A total of 100 old designs to be redrafted with new requirements.
  2. The quality must be guaranteed, with every redraft staying faithful to the original.
  3. It needed to be done within one week.

Project Challenges

Initially, we realized that the initial requirements were a little bit difficult to understand. The older designs had several limitations and our team had to suggest a few changes before they were able to draft the drawings with the new requirements.

Solving the problem and coming to a better understanding of the requirements required several discussions with the client, during which we were able to come to a resolution.

The Solution

Our Solution

After much communication with the client to ensure we understood everything thoroughly, we began planning. This project was unlike any we'd seen before, so we had to come up with some new and innovative ideas to meet the challenge.

The plan we developed went as follows:

  1. After our communications with the client, we created the plan, which we did send to the client or approval.
  2. The client then shared the necessary files with the team for review. After the initial review, we had one last round of discussion before officially proceeding. We put three of our most experienced engineers on the project.
  3. When working with the old designs, the team used AutoCAD software to create new ones that would integrate seamlessly.
  4. Once we were about 25% done, we sent our progress to the client for feedback before continuing, just to ensure we were going about it in the way they wanted.
  5. Once the client approved, we completed the remainder of the drawings, taking into consideration their feedback.
  6. Upon completion, we did a final quality check to ensure the files matched their feedback and requirements. We then sent the finalized files to the client.
The Result


The client saved about 40% in overhead costs by hiring us to do this project for them. They were quite happy with the quality of the results and our experts' ability to proactively suggest design changes were beneficial to both them and the result. By having us complete this part of the project, they could also keep their internal team focused on other, growth-oriented tasks.

Choose O2I For Piping and Instrumentation Design & Drafting

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in offering custom mechanical engineering services including piping and instrumentation design & drafting for global clients and can successfully deliver custom projects within the promised timeframe and budget.

Our experts took on this design project with confidence and were able to accommodate the unique nature of the requirements and implement new ideas onto old designs. Our team is plenty experienced and highly proficient in this type of work, should you need the type of work completed, please contact us today.

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