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Case Study on Technical Drawing Labeling for a Engineering Marketplace

Outsource2india Provided Technical Drawing Labeling to a Zurich-based Firm and Reduced TAT by Over 50%

The Client

The Client Requirement

The client is a leading digital marketplace for the CNC industry based in Zurich, Switzerland. They connect the manufacturers and buyers over their web-based platform. Through their platform's service layers, they enable safe and convenient transactions for their customers.

Client's Requirement

The client approached us in search of a partner who could help them with technical drawing classification and labeling services. They wanted a service provider who could help them to classify and label the different materials for the various requests they would receive on their website. They wanted us to classify which manufacturing technique the final product would fall into and what are critical parameters should be met.

The Challenges

The client had to face a series of challenges to manage their classification and labeling requirements. Some of the key challenges they faced were -

  • The client would receive inquiries in multiple languages but did not have the right set of resources to handle these multilingual requests.
  • The client wanted to onboard 5 mechanical engineers within two weeks and kickstart the project immediately.
  • They are a newly established company and are looking to scale up quickly. But the shortage of skilled resources was hindering their plans.

The Solution

Our Solution

Keeping the client's requirements and business challenges in mind, our team devised a streamlined plan for the client. We onboarded 5 skilled mechanical engineers within 10 working days and kickstarted the project in no time. Our team started the implementation of the project within a quick time and catered to all the client's needs within a quick turnaround time.

Our team comprises experienced mechanical engineers who understand the manufacturing process and have worked on similar projects in the past. We were able to regroup the people in-house and train them for the project within a quick time. The client would send us component drawings and our team of engineers would review the drawings, determine the manufacturing technique, and also the important parameters that would have to be taken care of. Each of their requests would be delivered within a time frame of a maximum of 1-2 days.

The Result

The Results

The client was highly impressed by the quality of the results delivered by our team of experienced mechanical engineers. We have access to a series of tools and software which enabled the client to leverage its power and showcase its expertise to their clients without investing in expensive software. Partnering with us helped them to leverage our capabilities to provide additional services to their clients.

The time zone difference enabled the client to work round the clock and get their drawings labeled within a quick time. Our services were able to reduce their turnaround times by over 50%. This helped to enhance their response times and provide their clients with superior customer service.

Onboarded Team Within 10 Days
Project Delivery Within 1-2 Days
Reduced TAT by Over 50%

Outsource Technical Drawing Labeling Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is one of the leading pioneers in providing the best quality technical drawing labeling services and a series of other mechanical engineering services to global clients. We have some of the most experienced and certified mechanical engineers on board who can take care of all your business needs. We leverage the power of the latest and the best software and technologies while delivering top-notch services to clients.

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