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Evaluate Mechanical Engineering Failures with 3D Product Animation

Today, professional design engineers extensively use 3D CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) animation to design, build, test and market new mechanical products. Developing complicated mechanical processes or products is much easier with CGI as these virtual demonstrations explain behind-the-scene modus operandi of mechanical components and their features easily.

Mechanical 3D product animation is also referred as technical animation sometimes, as it involves extensive use of scientific and mathematical principles to represent product components. It is also used to recreate industrial accidents, airplane crashes, disasters, news programming, and television shows, among others purely for investigation purposes.

Limitations of Conventional Methods While Evaluating a Project

With the conventional means, it is not possible to conduct in-depth analysis of an engineering failure as the task may require investigating team to start their quest right from the scratch, i.e. from the design conceptualization. They would require testing each and every specification, and step-by-step modus operandi of the entire product to figure out the issue. It is not just a tedious and time-consuming process, but also prone to errors.

Advantages of Evaluating Mechanical Engineering Failures with 3D Product Animation

3D product animation can help in many ways while designing and developing complex mechanical products or analyzing engineering failures. It empowers investigators to carry out in-depth study of the possible genesis of any technical failure, or impart precise data to jurors. In case of an engineering failure, realistic CGI animations can lead designers to the root cause of technical issues so that it can be rectified at the earliest. Also, by mitigating the scope for errors right in the initial design process with the help of 3D product designing, the cost of potentially expensive prototype stage can be reduced significantly.

These CGI animations can even explain the phenomenon at microscopic levels, which is otherwise impossible to accomplish with conventional methods. Since, 3D animations are nearly as realistic as the product they represent; the evaluation process can be conducted in a virtual environment, thus saving time and prototyping cost. Animation of products in 3D allows easy monitoring of precise wire frame geometry, kinetics and verification of designs. All these aspects can be evaluated separately in order to find the root cause of any failure.

It is worth mentioning here that deviation from the design standards or guidelines is usually the primary cause for most engineering failures. With 3D animation, investigating team can quickly assess the design specifications against the specified standards and guidelines, and put forward an all-out representation of the assemblies and sub-assemblies. Hence, there is no need to take physical sample of the product and check for flaws in individual assemblies. Instead it could be done in the real time in a virtual environment without any errors by resorting to any standard CGI software; as this software is far less prone to errors compared to the conventional methods.

3D product animation is the safest and most accurate way to carry complicated mechanical engineering project evaluation. Due to its accuracy and reliability, these animations are used extensively today for television and video production; especially where mechanical failures lead to accidents and disasters.

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