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3D Design Services for a US Based Car Exterior Designer

Case Study on 3D Design Services for US Based Car Exterior Designer

The Customer

The Customer, based in the United States is a leading enterprise which majorly designs, styles and modifies the exterior body of cars. Our client specializes in adding professional car exterior styling and improving the overall aesthetic appeal for branded automobile models.

The Requirement

In today's competitive business environment, developing an aesthetically appealing car exterior while adhering to the ever changing crash safety and automotive legislations has become more demanding than ever. This is why our customer wanted assistance from a team of expert 3D artists to design, modify and customize the exterior body for some of the world-famous car models. The team at Outsource2india was asked to engineer general themes for the customer's ongoing design portfolios in accordance to their predefined specifications, so as to ensure that the exterior designs were not only attractive, but also primarily safe.

The Challenge

During the course of the project, our team encountered the following challenges -

  • We had to recruit experienced 3D artists who were proficient in the field of automotive redesigning
  • Next, our team had to implement innovative design details and modifications to ensure that the exterior design was attractive and sporty
  • Finally, we had to ensure that our exterior car body design adhered to the standards set by the crash safety legislation act

The Solution

Based on the customer's requirement, our team devised the following winning solution -

  • We recruited the best in-house 3D designers who had expertise in conceptualizing the designs and developing customized solutions that met the exact specifications of the customer
  • Our team created wireframe models of the parts with precise dimensions by using the software Solid Edge 2012
  • Finally, our 3D artists created high-quality graphics by using Autodesk 3DS Max

The Results

As a result of our solution, the customer availed the following benefits -

  • The customer was able to tune the car as per his preference, by selecting the visually appealing parts which could be virtually tuned online, before any actual physical modification was made
  • By implementing our solution, the customer was able to strengthen their brand image, impress customers and receive both recognition and accolades for the best car designs
  • The customer was able to grow their business by 20%, while minimizing their promotional expense by a whopping 40%
  • When the final crash test analysis and passenger safety reports were released, the modified cars were given better ratings as compared to the actual company model

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