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Parametric 3D Modeling Services

Outsource Parametric 3D Modeling Services

One-stop solution for top-notch 3D modeling services from a team of experienced experts using world-class equipment at prices starting at $7/hour

Outsource2India (O2I) is a leading parametric 3D modeling service provider and the perfect platform to outsource parametric 3D modeling requirements. We offer a one-stop solution for architectural parametric 3D modeling solutions for profound growth in the real estate industry. Our parametric modeling solutions use state-of-the-art software and handpicked experts in the respective fields to give the best outcomes.

Contractors and architects require top-class 3D modeling platforms to avail of the best construction designs. These designs enable the professionals to chalk out and execute a proper plan. The conceptualization and shaping of architectural models will become more sustainable with our exclusive parametric modeling solutions.

Our Parametric 3D Modeling Services

Our services include -

  1. Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG)

    The primitive 3D geometric models are manipulated for generating shapes when an extrusion process is conducted.

  2. Boundary Representation (BR)

    In this service, we create spatial boundaries of different models by joining different points and edges. We use Finite Element Methods (FEM) to create solid surfaces of any model.

  3. Primitive modeling

    The creation of primitive shapes using basic 3D modeling is done in this segment. We prepare a base where complex solids are designed first and then proceeding to an advanced stage step by step.

  4. Polygonal modeling

    This service offers shaping complex objects in the form of polygonal meshes. We use the latest versions of 3D graphics software platforms to offer such services.

  5. Rational B-Spline Modeling

    Non-uniform Rational B-Spline Modeling is the mathematical representation of complex 3D objects using simpler 2D lines, circles, curves, arcs, etc.

  6. CAD designs

    We offer computer-aided design service for architectural and engineering companies. The complex hand-drawn designs can be converted into customizable CAD drawings.

  7. Solid modeling

    In this service, we convert prototypes, machines, equipment, and machines into a solid design using the latest software platforms to give a geometrically-correct design.

  8. Wireframe modeling

    Wireframe modeling services will cover the different hidden aspects of a solid object. It means the lines and surfaces hidden from plane sight will be visible in our 3D designs for a better understanding.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits Of Hiring Outsource2India for Parametric Modeling Services

The prime benefits of outsourcing parametric modeling services to us are -

  • Flexible Operations and Services

    Our top-notch parametric 3D modeling services offer a flexible platform where the designs can be processed and altered according to specific requirements.

  • Versatile Solutions

    As mentioned earlier, we offer a plethora of parametric modeling services covering all the required industrial requirements in different sectors.

  • Improved Visualization of 3D Designs

    The gradual and steady development of the 3D parametric models will allow proper visualization of the project from the primary development stage to accomplishment.

  • Compatible with CAM methods

    Our designs will be made compatible with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) methods. We intend to reduce the fabrication time required to make designs ready for machines.

  • Remodeling Existing Designs

    We also offer a comprehensive platform where an existing design is refreshed and remodeled parametrically.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided World-class and Accurate CAD Drawings to a Manufacturer of Insulated Panels

O2I Provided World-class and Accurate CAD Drawings to a Manufacturer of Insulated Panels

We created detailed and comprehensive CAD drawings for an American panel manufacturer, thereby saving the company over $140,000.

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O2I Created Highly Accurate and Sophisticated 3D Revit Models for a Leading Greece-based Design Agency

O2I Created Highly Accurate and Sophisticated 3D Revit Models for a Leading Greece-based Design Agency

A leading Greek design firm operating from Athens and New York required highly precise 3D Revit models for a multi-story residential building. We delivered the required 3D Revit modeling designs to the client at cost-effective prices.

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Outsource Parametric Modeling to O2I

Forget the hassles of recruiting salaried professionals when you can access parametric 3D modeling services in India at an affordable rate. We focus on international requirements and provide the ideal solutions using international-grade software platforms for computational and parametric modeling. The structural features of the concepts will be preserved with proper alignment of the design with the mode of operation of our clients.

Contact us with your requisites and let us give you international-grade parametric modeling services. Let us be a part of your success story by becoming your model designing partner.

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