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CAD Services for the UK

CAD Services for the UK

Experience precision, speed, and efficiency in every design.

Streamline the design process and improve outcomes with our professional CAD services.

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Rapid advancements and interoperability issues are critical challenges impacting design efficiency and collaboration. Significant hardware investments and high costs of professional CAD software licenses further impose budget constraints. This is where our CAD services come in. With over 22 years of experience in the field, we help you mitigate design setbacks, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Our team of design experts, architects, and quantity surveyors edit and optimize engineering schematics using the latest CAD software.

As a custom CAD service provider, we ensure smooth and secure project transitions. We strictly adhere to local, state, and international design guidelines. This means you can rest easy knowing that design compliance and data security are taken care of.

Our CAD processes are consistent and cater to a broad range of engineering needs, from mechanical, architectural, and structural to automotive sectors. Clients across the US and Europe rely on us for their CAD requirements. Driven by successful international collaborations and thriving pilot projects, we have extended our robust offshore CAD assistance to clients across the UK.

Experience superior design efficiency and tackle fluctuations in design volumes with our CAD outsourcing services.

Professional CAD Services for Our UK Clients

Precision, intricate detailing, and efficiency define our CAD services. Whether you need assistance with drafting, design, rendering, or conversion, our comprehensive computer-aided design services cater to every aspect of your project. Our track record of successful projects and satisfied clients is a testament to our exceptional service. Stop waiting? Explore a world of impeccable design solutions with our CAD services today. Dare to design differently? Explore our CAD services now!

  • CAD Drafting Services

    CAD Drafting Services

    Transform your initial designs and sketches into precise, detailed, and clear electronic drafts with our CAD drafting services. This service streamlines your design process by bringing efficiency, reducing errors, and facilitating easier modifications, ultimately saving you time and resources in the long run.

  • CAD Design Services

    CAD Design Services

    Take your basic concepts and transform them into professional and accurate blueprints with our team of experienced CAD professionals. Our CAD design services speed up the approval process by improving design efficiency and enhancing visualization, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

  • CAD Drawing Services

    CAD Drawing Services

    Our CAD drawing services are designed to assist you in creating detailed, accurate technical drawings that are easy to use and interpret by engineers, manufacturers, and builders. These drawings ensure the successful execution of your design ideas, contributing to the overall success of your project.

  • 3D CAD Drawing Services

    3D CAD Drawing Services

    Go beyond basic designing with our 3D CAD drawing services. Here, we enable you to visualize your designs in a three-dimensional space. This service provides a realistic representation of your final product, improving communication, reducing design errors, and accelerating time-to-market.

  • CAD Rendering Services

    CAD Rendering Services

    Get high-quality, photo-realistic rendering services that truly bring your CAD designs to life. Enhance the aesthetics of your designs without compromising the functionality. Our rendering services help you present your design ideas effectively to clients or stakeholders, making a lasting impression.

  • CAD Modeling Services

    CAD Modeling Services

    Our CAD modeling services aim to create detailed, precise 3D models of your design concepts. These services facilitate better design analysis, improve team collaboration, and speed up prototyping, bringing your designs closer to reality.

  • CAD Conversion Services

    CAD Conversion Services

    We offer CAD conversion services where we convert your paper drawings and blueprints into accurate, editable CAD files. This improves data management, facilitates easier modifications, and preserves your designs digitally for future reference.

  • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services

    2D to 3D CAD Conversion Services

    Our team of experts can transform your 2D drawings into fully functional, detailed 3D models. This service can significantly improve design visualization, streamline modifications, and enhance design communication, providing a clearer understanding of the final product.

  • 3D CAD Services

    3D CAD Services

    We provide a comprehensive suite of 3D CAD services, including 3D modeling, rendering, and printing. These services enhance design analysis, improve prototyping, and facilitate better communication, making your design process more efficient and effective.

  • 2D CAD Services

    2D CAD Services

    Our MEP BIM services ensure practical designs that help engineers visualize the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing stages. Leverage our solutions to avoid rework, save costs, and reduce waste reduction.

  • Interior CAD Design

    Interior CAD Design

    We can assist you in creating detailed, accurate CAD designs for your interior spaces. This service can significantly improve space planning, facilitate better visualization, and speed up the approval process, ensuring your interiors meet your exact specifications.

  • MEP CAD Services

    MEP CAD Services

    Our MEP CAD services are designed to create accurate, detailed models and drawings for your mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. This service can improve system coordination, reduce design errors, and speed up construction, ensuring your building systems function optimally.

Tools We Use

SolidWorks Autodesk Inventor AutoCAD LT PTC Creo (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) AutoCAD MicroStation Revit Siemens NX (formerly Unigraphics NX) CATIA

File Formats We Support and Process

 Inventor - IPT, IAM, IDW
 Siemens NX - PRT, ASM, JT
 Solid Edge - PAR, ASM, DFT

Sectors We Cater To

Contract Manufacturing and OEMContract Manufacturing and OEM
Electronics and ElectricalElectronics and Electrical
Oil and GasOil and Gas
Heavy EngineeringHeavy Engineering
Interior Design and FurnitureInterior Design and Furniture
Energy and UtilitiesEnergy and Utilities
Automotive and AerospaceAutomotive and Aerospace
Design StudiosDesign Studios
Architecture and ConstructionArchitecture and Construction

How Can Our CAD Services Company Propel Your Success?

Our mission is to stand out by consistently delivering exceptional quality in all our services. From meticulous attention to detail and strict quality control to robust data security measures, we settle for nothing less than the best. Smooth collaboration and efficient project management further make it easy to overcome geographical limitations.

Discover the advantage of working with a CAD service partner who goes the extra mile to surpass your expectations.

  • Commitment to Design Excellence

    Our unwavering dedication to excellence, rigorous attention to detail, and stringent quality control processes ensure that every CAD project we undertake meets the pinnacle standards of precision and accuracy.

  • Upholding Client Privacy Norms

    Your data privacy comes above everything. So, we strictly comply with globally recognized data privacy norms, such as GDPR, to provide the highest level of confidentiality and protection for your sensitive data.

  • Robust Data Security

    We take the responsibility of protecting your data very seriously. Our cutting-edge infrastructure and advanced security measures safeguard data against potential threats or vulnerabilities.

  • CAD Proficiency

    Our CAD specialists bring industry experience and technical skills, enabling them to address complex design challenges and deliver innovative solutions. Their profound understanding of CAD technology guarantees that your designs are carried out with utmost precision and efficiency.

  • Global Delivery Network

    Our broad global delivery network allows us to serve clients around the world seamlessly. This worldwide collaboration enhances our solutions, enabling us to provide CAD services that overcome geographical boundaries and cater to the distinct needs of our global clients.

  • Customized Pricing Solutions

    We recognize that every business has unique needs, and our customized pricing solutions reflect this understanding. We offer adaptable pricing models that align with your specific project requirements, ensuring cost-effectiveness and value for your investment.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Architectural CAD Services

Transform your architectural designs into accurate and detailed CAD drawings and 3D models with our architectural CAD services.

Mechanical CAD Services

Get precise and comprehensive mechanical designs, assemblies, and fabrications with our mechanical CAD services to streamline your production process.

Electrical CAD services

Create detailed circuit/wiring diagrams and layout designs and improve the efficiency of your electrical design process with our electrical CAD services.

Civil CAD Services

Optimize designs and plans for your civil engineering projects using advanced CAD software with our civil CAD services.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study on 3D BIM Modeling Services to a Design Studio in UK

O2I Provided Multi-lingual CAD Conversion Services to Dutch Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

A leading Netherlands-based heavy equipment manufacturer wanted our team to handle their multi-lingual CAD conversion requirement. Our team of mechanical engineers provided the Cad conversion services within a quick turnaround time.

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Case Study on CAD Drawings for a Construction Company

Created Shadow Board Designs Using CAD for a German Manufacturer

Outsource2india created 3D models of shadow boards for a leading German manufacturer using AutoCAD while maintaining a swift turnaround time of just 24 hours. This resulted in a 2.5X increase in the total work in 4 months for the client.

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Outsource CAD Services for Enhanced Quality and Precision


Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

- General Partner
Manufacturing company in the US
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As the premier choice for CAD outsourcing, we offer a range of compelling reasons to entrust your CAD needs to us. You can avail comprehensive BIM support for MEP services to create fully coordinated 3D models and detailed drawings for prefabricated modules. Convert designs into electronic blueprints and produce record drawings that accurately reflect installed conditions. We also provide 3D modeling and visualization, offering realistic images and videos. Such custom support helps you create construction-ready designs for seamless installation. Our cloud-based hosted project delivery gives you round-the-clock access to project files.

What truly sets us apart is the profound knowledge our CAD operatives possess in building services. We don't merely generate drawings; we provide practical, feasible, flexible, and scalable solutions.

Choose us as your trusted partner for precise and efficient CAD services tailored to the UK market.

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Important Information: We are an offshore firm. All design calculations/permit drawings and submissions are required to comply with your country/region submission norms. Ensure that you have a Professional Engineer to advise and guide on these norms.

Important Note: For all CNC Services: You are required to provide accurate details of the shop floor, tool setup, machine availability and control systems. We base our calculations and drawings based on this input.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does outsourcing CAD services help?

Outsourcing CAD services can significantly enhance your design process by providing access to expert resources and the latest CAD technology. It lets you focus on core business activities while ensuring high-quality, precise, and efficient design outputs. Additionally, it offers flexibility in managing workload fluctuations and can reduce operational costs.

How to choose the right CAD services company for UK-based clients?

Choosing the right CAD services company involves considering factors such as the company's experience, expertise, portfolio, and understanding of UK design standards and regulations. It is also essential to assess their technology infrastructure, data security measures, and customer service.

How much do CAD drafting services cost?

The cost of CAD drafting services can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the level of expertise required, and the turnaround time. It is best to discuss your specific project requirements with the service provider to get a detailed cost estimate.

How do I get started with outsourcing CAD services to your company?

Getting started is simple. You can reach out to us via email or phone to discuss your project requirements. We will assess your design needs and provide a tailored solution. After agreeing on the terms, we will start with a trial run before fully integrating our services into your operations.