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Outsource GIS Surveying Services

Surveyors around the world depend upon a variety of software and Geographic information system (GIS) technologies to collect new information, update existing information, analyze data, manage projects efficiently, etc.

O2I offers GIS based surveying services that support highly specialized infrastructure or development projects with a commitment to deliver the best results. We have established ourselves as a leader in the field of Spatial Technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with an enviable track-record of hundreds of successfully completed projects.

GIS Surveying Services by O2I

At Outsource2india, our GIS surveying expertise extends to graphical projection, satellite imaging, network mapping from base camp, geo-coding, and 2D-3D CAD systems, amongst others. Our services include -

  • Property and Utility Mapping

    Infrastructure mapping, with clear demarcation of various key areas, is essential to understand and develop land projects. Property and utility mapping is important for anthropology surveys and topographical mapping that could lead to better infrastructure designs. As part of our extensive survey and GIS services, we conduct utility asset mapping, coding and consumer indexing, and utility cable routing

  • Surveying the Electrical Infrastructure

    Overhead or underground power lines and grid systems can be efficiently studied and errors can be avoided with the help of our electrical infrastructure surveying. Our GIS surveying services can clearly distinguish between industrial power lines and domestic lines. We can deliver accurate surveys of a location's electrical infrastructure through detailed maps indicating geospatial disposition of existing and proposed electrical infrastructure. Using customer details and electrical system network, we survey unique customer locations for electric utility

  • Fiber Optic Cable Layouts Surveying

    O2I has been involved with full-fledged projects in conceptualizing, designing, and implementing the layout structure of fiber optic cables. We can boost the efficiency of Fiber Optic Cable Layouts by accessing vast amounts of publicly available geospatial data and historic data easily

  • Consumer Concentration Indexing

    We conduct utility asset mapping to identify areas and color coding them as per concentration of consumers. This can help organizations to clearly identify their priorities and find the areas to target. We can also conduct a thorough determination of property lines and boundary lines, as per request

  • Ground Survey

    When it comes to constructing roads, digging tunnels, building dams, laying gas pipelines, and establishing cities, etc., ground surveying is critical. O2I offers civil as well as geographical ground surveying before the project goes underway

  • Cellular Antenna Radiation Mapping

    O2I offers advanced GIS Surveying services in helping you with the cellular antennae mapping. Radiation from the cellular antennae can have an impact on the population and landscape. Our GIS Surveying services help you to determine areas with the approved population density as required by the specific country's norms

  • Base Map Creation

    We utilize satellite imagery and geo-referencing to create accurate base maps. We also overlay the network map onto the base map to provide you with a complete picture. We also have expertise in entity data collection and geo-coding

Our Key Differentiators

For over 25 years, we at O2I have provided impeccable GIS Services using GIS and CAD technology to our global clients. Some of the key features which set us apart from most of our competitors include -

  • Reliability: Our extensive experience in working with organizations belonging to various sectors such as Mining, Transportation, Energy, etc. ensures we can quickly grasp your exact requirement and set up a team of highly skilled CAD and GIS professionals to work on your project
  • Confidentiality: We understand that GIS and mapping data are meant to be highly confidential. Our infrastructure and security capabilities are second to none, ensuring all project related information remains safe and secure
  • Latest Software: Our professionals and GIS specialists are adept at handling the best available software in order to ensure faster and more accurate mapping and GIS surveys. We use Autodesk products and ESRI GIS software on all our workstations

Choose Outsource2india for High-quality GIS Services

At O2I, we utilize GIS analytical tools meant to accurately perform special calculations for projects related to outsourcing GIS analysis to India. Our team is experienced in 2-Dimensional as well 3-Dimensional Computer-Aided Systems delivering high-class surveys in standardized file formats used in contemporary global projects.

Whenever you are faced with challenging GIS and geospatial service requirements, consider Outsource2india as your one-stop-shop to outsource GIS surveying to India.

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