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BIM Coordination Services

Outsource BIM Coordination Services

Avail specialist BIM Coordination checks to ensure all design elements work together correctly. Our prices start at $12 an hour

If you have a construction design that involves multiple design elements, such as architectural, structural, MEP, there will always be conflicts and a lack of coordination between them. This can cause problems such as construction delays, potential accidents, and high rectification costs.

BIM coordination checks can eliminate the risk of design conflicts and help all aspects of the project to complement each other.

At Outsource2india (O2I), we have assembled a team of expert BIM engineers who are skilled at collating design data, creating BIM models, running coordination checks, and resolving problems. With many years' experience working on small to large international construction projects, the BIM engineering team is well equipped to check the coordination of designs such as large commercial or residential buildings, transport hubs, hospitals, sports stadia, etc.

Our BIM Coordination Services

To accurately analyze and assess the coordination of various design elements within a BIM model, O2I, the leading BIM Coordination 1uses the latest BIM software and tools, including Autodesk Revit and Navisworks. Using clearly defined procedures and following standards and best practices, our team works hard to deliver results that are thorough and error-free.

  • Constructability Analysis

    Constructability Analysis

    The BIM engineering team uses either your existing BIM model or create a 3D BIM model from your designs. Using the 3D model, they run an analysis of construction processes, which includes things such as plant accessibility, operational clearances, and availability of relevant support systems. A report is generated to highlight any problems or inconsistencies.

  • BIM Model Coordination Service

    BIM Model Coordination Service

    All design elements are checked over for human error, conflicts, and potential non-compliance to standards. If coordination conflicts are found, the BIM engineer suggests resolution methods and compiles them in a coordination report.

  • 4D Coordination Checks

    4D Coordination Checks

    Using Autodesk Navisworks, the BIM engineering team generates a 4D BIM model which includes construction and on-site process sequencing. Coordination checks are then carried out to identify any workflow conflicts. This reduces the potential for construction delays and saves money on labor costs.

Our BIM Coordination Service Process Flow

Outsource2india is a popular BIM Coordination Service Provider in India and we have worked hard to make our BIM coordination process as streamlined as possible to ensure you get the quality results you need within the agreed timeframe.


01. Client Liaison

An O2I engineer will discuss the project scope, requirements, data collation, and project timeframes.


02. Design or BIM Model Submission

The client submits their designs or BIM model and data to the O2I BIM engineering team.


03. Creation of 4D BIM

If required, the engineering team will generate a fully sequenced 4D BIM model, including workflow information.


04. Constructability Analysis

If requested, a full initial constructability analysis is carried out, and the report sent to the client.


05. Coordination Checks

The BIM model is then checked thoroughly for coordination conflicts or problems.


06. Coordination Report Produced

The BIM engineer generates a coordination report, with suggested resolution or mitigation advice.


07. Final Submission

The final report is checked over by a senior engineer for accuracy, then submitted to the client.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Coordination Services to O2I

As a leading global provider of engineering services, Outsource2india is well-positioned to provide a fast and precise BIM coordination service. Here are some of the advantages our clients get by partnering with us-

  • Flexible pricing plans

    Our services are judiciously priced and delivered within fast turnaround time, helping our clients market faster.

  • • All O2I BIM engineers are highly trained and skilled

    Our BIM engineering team all have experience with a variety of projects and understand the nuances of construction design. They know how to check architectural, structural, and MEP designs thoroughly for coordination problems.

  • • Applying all the most up-to-date BIM software and tools

    Outsource2india is licensed to use Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, BIM 360, Navisworks, SketchUp, ArchiCAD, etc. This allows us to offer a complete service which includes collating data from various designs, created in different packages, into one consolidated BIM model.

  • • Specialist constructability and workflow coordination services

    As well as the standard design coordination checks, O2I also offer more specialized services. We can do this because our team is knowledgeable engineers with experience in both design and construction processes. They can help you to avoid costly problems on site by highlighting conflicts at the earliest opportunity.

Client Success Stories

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They have met all our deadlines and exceeded our expectations in quality. We consider them a valuable part of our team.

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Outsource Your BIM Coordination Checks to O2I Today!

To avoid delays, unnecessary costs, and waste in your construction project, it’s recommended you get a complete coordination check carried out. This includes design conflict checks, constructability analysis, and 4D BIM workflow verification.

If you are looking for BIM Coordination Services in India look no further. To get the peace of mind that BIM coordination services offer. Get in touch with our engineer today.

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