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O2I Provided Structural Drafting Services to an Award-winning Design Firm

Case Study on Structural Drafting Services to Design Firm

The Client

Based out of Houston, Texas, the client is an award-winning design firm working on practical and attractive facilities for corporate, hospitality, retail, mixed-use, residential, municipal projects, and medical facilities. Being a two-decade-old licensed architectural firm, the client specializes in providing effective space programming, creating unique art designs, and making cost-efficient use of quality materials and resources. With their current focus on cloud-based BIM, the client works on 3D models that are updated continually to help their customers access the latest models and drawings easily over cell phones, tablets, or computer.

Requirement & Challenges

The client was working on a care home project, which required architectural drawing sets to aid their construction work. The requirement involved 35 detailed interior elevations. The client provided scanned drawings/blueprints with hand written markups and instructions. The initial challenge was that the handwritten instructions were illegible, making it difficult for our drafters to begin working on the project. The team had to coordinate with the client to get clarity on those markups to avoid revisions and complete the task on time. Communication issues impacted the initial delivery, so the team was required to put in extra effort to complete the project on time.

Our Solution

Outsource2india employed two skilled drafters, a quality analyst, and an account manager to work on this project. Our drafters took about 3 to 4 hours on a specific drawing to carry out the changes as mentioned in the markups. The project needed to create the architectural elevations with utmost care because the safety of the inmates of that building was a major concern for the client. Our team had to put in extra efforts to understand the markups and the quality analyst had to be vigilant to ensure that the drawing carried all the markups precisely.

The client provided us with PDFs of scanned drawings, which were extracted to AutoCAD and our drafters worked on those files to implement the instructions. Once the instructions were carried out, our drafters converted those into PDF files and used SharePoint to share the same with the clients.

Outsource2india's Advantage

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in helping architects and construction companies with efficient AutoCAD drafting services. We have provided civil and structural engineering services to global clients with a high satisfaction rate owing to our ISO certified quality check processes that minimize revisions. We follow global engineering drafting norms and standards to ensure reliable, efficient, and economical structural engineering service provisioning to our clients.

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Outsource2india is an outsourcing company offering a gamut of structural engineering design services to global clients. Our services include industrial structures design & analysis, high rise structures design & analysis, custom homes design & analysis, etc. Being in the industry for close to two decades, we carry rich multi-domain experience which enables us to provide quick and efficient services at extremely affordable rates.

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