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Contour Mapping Services

Outsource Contour Mapping Services

Get access to the best and latest aerial surveying equipment and data capturing methods by choosing our services at prices starting at just $11 an hour

Contour mapping is the representation of the topography and landscapes of an area. Any given area has diverse altitudinal differences in its landscape (hills, valleys, or plains). Contour captures all these differences and depicts them on a map. Contour mapping comes in both 2D and 3D models. It is widely used by energy companies as well as engineering firms, architects, and real estate contractors.

O2I has over 2 decades of experience as a contour mapping service provider. We bank on experience, specialists, the best aerial surveying equipment, and the latest data capturing methodologies to provide you with the most accurate mapping service.

Contour Mapping Services We Offer

As a renowned contour mapping company, we specialize in 3 primary types of mapping. These include -

  1. Contour Elevation Mapping

    Contour Elevation Mapping

    With this service, we show the elevation of the Earth's surface. Our topographic maps contain are marked with details such as projection parameters, contours with 'Z' values, relief & planimetric, etc. We have executed several large-scale topographic mapping projects to make sure critical requirements such as boundary lines, contour lines, water areas, vegetation, commutation, forest areas, habitations, etc. are properly and distinctly captured in vector format.

  2. Mine Mapping

    Mine Mapping

    Mining mapping involves compiling field notes on seams above and below the ground. We carry out this service with great precision to give vital information on several elements of mining operations. Our clients have banked on our service to plan and accomplish exploration, reclamation, development, equipment moves, and other requirements. Our expertise also extends to analyzing mining contour maps to provide insights on the volume of material, physical elements, and evaluation of surface area for mining conditions.

  3. Structure Contour Mapping

    Structure Contour Mapping

    With structural mapping, we show the elevation or depth of a formation. Examples of such surfaces include the top or bottom of a stratigraphic unit; ununiform structures, marker beds and horizons; mineral deposits, fractures, aquifers, and so on. Our experience in structural mapping extends to assisting defense agencies and geological survey agencies create maps.

Our Contour Mapping Process

Our Process consists of the following steps -


01. Requirement Analysis

Our experts sit with you and other stakeholders to understand your needs. This helps us draw a blueprint for a clean and smooth mapping survey process


02. Risk Assessment

We provide you with a report on the risks involved. We produce a method to detail how the task will be carried out and the controls we will introduce to carry the task out safely and legally


03. Tool Determination

In this stage, we determine all the tools and technologies that your project will need. We also dedicate a team with a project manager to execute the project for you


04. Pre-Flight Planning

In this stage, our expert operators complete pre-flight planning. This is done before executing the drone flights for the actual study. This covers details of preliminary findings as well as the flying area survey


05. Authorization

After the completion of the above stage, we seek due permission from local authorities and every other stakeholder. This stage also includes the completion of all legal formalities


06. Project Execution

In this stage, we survey with the help of drones as per best practices. We follow detailed project guidelines to ferret out the right data and complete the project on time and within budget


07. Data Processing

Once the data is collected our data processors analyze the imagery to create reports. We generate outputs in high-resolution formats which is compatible with all GIS programs


08. Delivery

Once the data is generated from our end, we do a quality check. All inconsistencies are corrected by a team of experienced mappers and the report is submitted to the client

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Contour Mapping Services

As a specialized Contour Mapping Service Providing Company, we offer benefits like -

  • End-to-End Services

    We provide you mapping services by banking both on software, drone technology, and even traditional surveying methods such as RUAS. We choose the method and technology based on the scope of the project.

  • Access to the Best Devices

    By outsourcing you get access to the best tools, software, and drones. We bank on the high end, drones such as fixed-wing or multi-rotor drones and up-to-date CAD software such as MicroStation, AutoCAD, etc.

  • Expert Staff

    Outsourcing gives you easy and fast access to mapping experts. Our experts prepare and maintain sketches, reports, maps, and legal descriptions of surveys. They also specialize in establishing data accuracy such as measurements and calculations, reference points at the site, etc.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource2india has been a tremendous resource for our engineering department. They are very precise and attentive to all our needs and have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

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Outsource Contour Mapping Services to Outsource2India

Outsource2india has over 2 decades of experience in providing top-class mapping services. Over the years we have handled such diverse requirements that we have acquired the expertise to meet all types of mapping requirements precisely.

If you are looking for the best Contour Mapping Services in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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