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Outsource Value Engineering Services

Value Engineering Services

Cut material cost by 10% through topological optimization. Save manufacturing cost by switching to a fabricated structure from a cast structure. Increase power to weight ratio by using a less dense material (structurally validated with finite element analysis). Decrease labor cost through redesign of assembly fixtures and increase throughput. Increase safety in the assembly process through better ergonomics of the assembly process. Reduce waste and recycling of raw material through better design and optimal placement of runners and risers in a mold. These are only a few examples of what some of our customers have experienced while using our value engineering services.

The constant need for innovation with a reduced product price force manufacturing companies to look for design optimization. Outsource2india offers incessant innovation aided by value analysis and value engineering (VAVE) services that ensure cost-effectiveness in product development for manufacturers. Helping you identify high-cost areas to curtail product manufacturing cost, our accomplished mechanical engineering team works with you to come up with creative techniques to save cost. With extensive experience in providing value engineering services, we have worked in manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, aviation industries, etc. across the globe.

Outsource2india's Value Engineering Services - Futuristic Approach to Product Design

Promoting manufacturing bottom line with our value engineering services, Outsource2india employs an ingrained approach to foster cost savings through design changes and optimizations. As shown in our value engineering projects for our global clientele that include some of the notable Fortune 1000 companies, we have seen amazing possibilities for cost saving in various aspects of product design.

Introducing a 360-degree approach to product design, Outsource2india makes use of value methodologies (used by SAVE International), value analysis, value engineering, and value management to provide reliable and accurate designs to our clients. We carry out a gamut of activities under our value engineering umbrella. These include -

  • Value Analysis

    We offer idea generation and nifty engineering design changes along with a framework based approach to ensure cost improvement of the products

  • Teardown Analysis

    Our logical teardown analysis helps us identify key-cost drivers of various components and their functions to work on an optimized design. Our extensive knowledge of reverse engineering and product mapping enables us to pinpoint each component's functionality

  • Cost Analysis

    We do a thorough cost analysis to understand the raw material, assembly, waste, and recycling costs etc. to determine design changes to reduce production cost

  • Product Benchmarking

    We follow global product benchmarks to create structured techniques to define most optimal options for cost, features, and performance of a product

  • Product Portfolio Analysis

    We help you carry out a comprehensive product portfolio analysis to identify the right products and features for positive value engineering activities

  • Value Engineering

    At Outsource2india, we utilize function-based analysis to ensure product features are in line with the product development stages to improve product value

Value Engineering Process Flow

Outsource2india's Value Engineering Process Flow

Outsource2india understands that value engineering is a set of services that outlines on a systematic, organized, global approach to identifying the necessary design, functions, and components in a product that can be replaced with lower cost substitutes. Without compromising the functionality of the product, our innovative mechanical engineers add value to your product through an exhaustive value engineering process flow.



  • Orientation - Identify all value drivers

Value Analysis

  • Information - Tear down related information on the product and process.
  • Function Analysis - Requirement understanding to identify cost-saving options
  • Creative - Work on an alternate design with complete functionality
  • Evaluation - Devise the best possible feasibility
  • Development - Design the functional prototype and verification of the same
  • Presentation - Putting the design up for approval and further verification

Post analysis

  • Implementation - Ensure optimization of alternatives
  • Audit - Carry out all legit audits to meet all safety and functional criteria

Tools We Leverage

We believe in providing our clients with the best-quality services within a quick turnaround time. This is made possible by making use of some of the latest and updated versions of the best tools and technologies. We use all latest technologies and tools to ensure global product design delivery to meet all client requirements. We utilize the following tools -

  • FEA / Fluid Dynamics -

  • Rapid prototyping - SLA / SLS / STL technology based RP machines

Why Choose Outsource2india as Your Preferred Service Partner?

With over two decades of product design experience, we offer expertise in all phases of the product development cycle be it concept design, detailed design, prototyping, or testing/validation to full-scale production. Some of the key reasons to choose us include -

  • We ensure value to stakeholders and sponsors
  • We exhibit unwavering professionalism and the right approach to value engineering services with our additional expertise on product design and analysis
  • We usher predictable outcomes with proven techniques and global talent pool
  • We provide recurring success with our assured qualitative delivery framework
  • We provide improved business value by providing a wholesome approach to product analysis and design
  • We ensure clear project focus and timely delivery
  • Our team exhibits enhanced innovation, creativity, and problem-solving qualities

Outsource Value Engineering Services to Us

Outsource2india has been a leading provider of value engineering services and a series of other mechanical engineering services to global clients. Working towards profitability while ensuring a higher level of functionality, Outsource2india's global delivery framework and quality-centric approach ensure reduced time-to-market, higher margins, and utilization of latest technologies to help you stay ahead in the competition.

We are an ISO certified international technology service pioneer, committed towards client success. Through our value engineering services, we have helped hundreds of clients increase the bottom line. If you have decided on outsourcing value engineering services to India, and are looking for reliable, efficient, accurate, and cost-effective value engineering service provider, then look no further. Get in touch with us!

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Value Engineering Services FAQs

  • What is Value Engineering?

    Value engineering is a strategy that employs substitutes for expensive components and materials that significantly lower the manufacturing cost without sacrificing quality.

  • What is the difference between value engineering and value management?

    Value engineering is an approach centered on cost-saving while value management focuses on the overarching methods to make construction economical.