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Case Study on Reverse Engineering of Machine Parts

Outsource2india Provided Reverse Engineering of Machine Parts While Ensuring 1NM Hole Positioning Accuracy

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client deals with many different kinds of industrial machinery and related services. They offer a vast range of services and have become a well-known and highly reputable name in the area of sales, CNC tool service, manufacturing, machine calibration, and manual machine tools.

They have been in the business for around 60 years and have gained extensive experience and knowledge. Today, they can even help their customers buy the correct sets of machinery for industrial automation.

Over the years, they've worked on hundreds of projects and serviced customers across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, energy, medical, defense, oil and gas, and automotive.

After extensive online discussion with our team, they shared the details and requirements of their project.

Their involvement with the CNC manufacturing and service business they have an ongoing need for the reverse engineering of several machine parts. For the first part of their project, they requested that our team create a series of 3D parametric models of a vacuum motor casing from scanned images of the machine's actual casing.

The goal with this was to use the 3D models to feed the CNC machine to mass-produce the machine's exterior casing.

Project Challenges

This project came with many large-scale challenges, including a tight deadline and extremely rigid accuracy requirements.

On average, they wanted us to create an average of five parametric 3D models each month. This meant our team had no more than four working days to dedicate to each model. This was one of the biggest challenges. We faced it head-on by assigning to two highly skilled and experienced 3D modelers to be entirely devoted to this project. These modelers were particularly skilled in parametric modeling and the use of the required program - Geomagic Design X.

Another issue we had was the accurate accuracy that this project called for. Particularly, the 1NM hole positioning - there was absolutely no room for error. To ensure the accuracy requirements were met, the team ensured each model went through the heal ap deviation using our Geomagic tool. We then sent each STEP file to the client for final approval.

The Solution

Our Solution

Our team has had extensive experience handling similar projects, and yet we still put careful thought into developing a deliberate, streamlined process by which to finish this project:

  1. The team began by receiving and analyzing the point cloud scanned data of the client's machine parts given to us.
  2. We put two highly experienced modelers on the project, which they would work on exclusively.
  3. The team then discussed the machine's mechanisms with the client to develop a model with the right look for the particular part. Once we conceptualized and prepared the design we sent it to the client for feedback.
  4. Once approval was received the team created the surface model. Then, the models as well as the scanned data were verified to ensure they were accurate.
  5. We then used SolidWorks software to create the 3D model including all details such as spikes, grooves, and cuts.
  6. We then sent the file and 2D PDF drawings to the client for final approval.
  7. Once approved, the final files were completed and send to the client through Dropbox.


The Result

The client appreciated the efforts put in by our team to ensure fast delivery and approval, and they were happy to save on labor costs. The biggest takeaway, however, was the extreme accuracy of the final product.

Choose O2I For Reverse Engineering of Machine Parts

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in offering custom mechanical engineering services including reverse engineering for global clients and can successfully deliver custom projects within the promised timeframe and budget.

Our modelers are highly trained and are good at what they do. Should you require similar work to this, rest assured we will provide you with the highest quality work, contact us today.

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