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Case Study on 2D to 3D Conversion of Mechanical Legacy Drawings

Outsource2india Provided 2D to 3D Conversion of Mechanical Legacy Drawings to an American Engineering Firm

The Client

The Client Requirement

Our client is both the representative and distributor for their clients and their most valuable resource. They are also the parent company of seven industrial pipelines. They have a network of more than 200 professionals from around the world who provide quality hands-on assistance to various businesses.

Their ultimate goal is to meet their clients' needs with a variety of quality, proven manufacturing technologies. Their services extend to painting, assembly, CNC machining, testing. They do extensive quality processing to ensure they not only meet but exceed the expectations of their customers.

With all of their services, the focus is always on improving the processes that are currently in place. Their knowledge, experience, and use of proven techniques have streamlined everything from their customer's productivity to their sales techniques and many other services.

They're always working to innovate - creating new products, solutions, and techniques while reaching new markets and enhancing existing products.

The work they requested from us was hefty. This client's commitment to improving their customers' processes is unwavering, and as such, they required the conversion of 1600 old 2D images into a 3D format. They took to the internet to find an experienced and qualified partner to complete this project, which is how they happened upon O2I.

They requested that we complete the conversion of their 1600 images in a six-month window. For this amount of work, this was a tight time frame.

Project Challenges

The large volume of work and relatively fast turnaround time made the project demanding, and we found with additional challenges once we started working.

We realized that the initial information we received from the client wasn't detailed enough for us to work adequately. We had to review each set of files separately and sent each one back to the client for feedback.

They provided further details and guidance on how to handle it. With this, we were able to work on the conversions properly.

We met with the client weekly for the project's duration to discuss and review the ongoing progress.

The Solution

Our Solution

Given the tight window of time for completing the project, we knew right away that a cohesive, step-by-step plan would be required to get it done promptly. Our process was as follows:

  1. We immediately had to deal with a lack of detail, requiring us to communicate with the client and get further guidance and instruction. We worked with them, offering our suggestions, which they approved. Only then could we begin the real work.
  2. Once we received feedback, we dove into work on the 3D models using SolidWorks.
  3. We then had the files containing both instructions and markups from the original drawings checked by an experienced quality control person.
  4. The files were then given to the client for review and discussed and requests for alterations.
  5. Upon completion, we delivered the final sets of SolidWorks files to the client over a secured FTP.


The Result

This project resulted in the client saving about 40% in overhead costs by outsourcing the work to us - the professionals. This also allowed their internal teams to focus on other important tasks.

Because of their access to our highly skilled and experienced team, the work they received was far and above what they could have produced in-house and they were happy with every facet of the project.

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Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in offering custom mechanical engineering services including 2D to 3D conversions and can successfully deliver custom projects within the promised timeframe and budget.

When it comes to these types of conversions, our team is highly skilled and has access to the necessary software, meaning you won't have to invest in it. Get in touch with us if you need conversions of this nature done.

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