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Case Study on Piping Instrumentation Indexes for US Coastal Refinery

Piping Instrumentation Indexes for US Coastal Refinery With 50% Cost Savings

The Customer

The Customer

The customer who approached us at Outsource2india owns one of the largest coastal refineries in USA, and is located in the eastern part of the United States. This customer currently operates three of the world's largest refineries in the North American region.

The Requirement

This customer required a fast turnover for listing out piping instrumentation indexes in the modification and maintenance of their process. They also needed assistance with the demonstration of the physical sequences of their systems and equipment. These were the major requirements of our customer.

The Challenge

During the course of the project, our team encountered the following challenges:

  • Customer had an existing Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&IDs). He wanted us to design a low cost solution to effectively list and catalogue the piping instrumentation indexes for his several units
  • Next, he wanted us to adhere to a specified format while designing instrumentation loop diagrams, which were to be later used for construction
  • Finally, we were asked to ensure that all the fundamental safety measures were adhered to, while designing the P&IDs. This would ensure the total elimination of pitfalls and errors

The Solution

Our Solution

After carrying out a meticulous evaluation of the customer's business requirements and analyzing the various elements of the project, the team at Outsource2india drafted the following winning solution -

  • Initially, we thoroughly researched the customer's previous projects to comprehend the scope and nature of their work and to come up with an effective solution
  • Next, we recruited experienced process design engineers and skilled instrumentation and piping engineers who worked on precisely interpreting the customer's existing P&IDs. Inherent problems in the existing P&IDs were also resolved
  • The project team at Outsource2india issued a critical P&ID review to ensure that the P&IDs design met the stated requirements and specifications of the customer
  • Finally, we devised a customized solution by successfully improving the output format for over 50,000 of the customer's P&IDs and Instrumentation Loop Diagrams
The Results

The Results

After the completion of the project, our customer was able to enjoy the following results -

  • A whopping 50% cost savings on the output generation and overall resource management
  • An unbelievable 99.9% accuracy in their cataloguing

Does your business enterprise have a similar business requirement? If yes, we at Outsource2india can assist you and provide you with a customized design solution that exceeds your expectations. Get in touch with us today.

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