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3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough Services

Outsource 3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough Services

We provide stunning 3D architectural virtual tours and walkthrough animation services for enriched experiences at cost-effective rates

Creating realities in the virtual world for your viewers to experience something extraordinary.

3D virtual tours and walkthrough animation have been a blessing for the construction and architecture industries. 3D walkthroughs and virtual tours allow riveting experiences of the 2D floor plans, real estate properties, or landscapes, making them alluring pre-sale and marketing tactics to woo the investors, buyers, and other stakeholders. Today, not only the large organizations but even the small and medium enterprises are looking to upgrade their architectural and construction models and properties into 3D virtual tours through walkthrough animation.

With a team of 200+ qualified and experienced engineers, designers, and developers working from various parts of the world, O2I has been at the epicenter of this boom of virtual reality technologies in the construction and architecture industry. We provide specialized walkthrough animation services across all sectors of architecture like interiors, exteriors, commercial establishments, hotels and resorts, schools, malls, and many more.

Avail high-quality solutions by outsourcing 3D virtual tours and walkthrough services to us at a low, flexible price.

Our Range of 3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough Services

O2I employs leading-edge technology and tools to render breathtaking 3D walkthrough animations for our global clientele. We create fully responsive walkthrough animations for all types of digital devices and formats like cellphones, desktop, apple products, screens, handheld devices, etc. Below we enlist all the services that we offer to our esteemed customers -

  • Residential 3D Walkthrough Services

    Residential 3D Walkthrough Services

    Our animators and designers create high definition 3D walkthrough videos for all kinds of residential properties like individual homes, bungalows, villas, townhouses, apartment complexes, etc. They can make the designs as immersive and detailed as required, including furniture, aesthetics, various objects, and more, to make the experience life-like for the viewers.

  • 3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough for Commercial Properties

    3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough for Commercial Properties

    O2I’s team is equipped to handle walkthrough animation for commercial properties of any scale. We create walkthrough animation for office buildings, hotels, art galleries, schools, malls, etc. We enable 3D animation of floor plans too along with the interiors to help visualize the entire property map and architecture as closely as virtually possible.

    Under commercial properties, our team has diversified experience in the retail industry as well. We facilitate the drafting of 3D walkthrough floor plans, exhibitions, stalls, retail shopping complex, retail shops, etc., for virtual tours to leave a lasting impression on the buyers and investors.

  • 3D Virtual Tours for Exhibitions, Museums, and Events

    3D Virtual Tours for Exhibitions, Museums, and Events

    Virtual tours have taken a new dimension too; offering the viewers an opportunity to visit places and attend varied event spaces through immersive virtual realities.

    There are many tools like vFairs, 6Connex, Hexafair, etc., that are transforming the exhibition industries. Our developers leverage these tools to create three-dimensional walkthrough experiences for exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, etc.

    We also offer highly functional museum walkthroughs and virtual tours, allowing the viewer to embrace the art or historical relics through controllable motions like zooming in, panning, etc., along with relevant commentary about the object being viewed.

  • 3D Virtual Tours for Industrial Establishments

    3D Virtual Tours for Industrial Establishments

    Our team of adroit animators, engineers, developers, and designers devise breathtaking animation for complex industrial projects including warehouses, factory plants, mines, business parks, etc. They exhibit every detail as required by the client to ensure accurate 3D designs for virtual tours and presentations for customers, investors, buyers, etc.

  • 3D Floor Plan Walkthrough

    3D Floor Plan Walkthrough

    We facilitate planning, designing, and animation of 3D floor plans, also allowing the viewer to navigate through all interior spaces and experience life-like navigation across the spaces. Floor plans can be developed for all sectors and projects of any size with supreme accuracy.

  • 3D Flythrough Animation

    3D Flythrough Animation

    An extension of the walkthrough, flythrough animation is generally used for showcasing the real estate exteriors from all angles and views. O2I immersive flythrough videos involve HD animation of the entire structure in a realistic bird-eye view, aerial views, and panoramic views.

  • 3D Interior and Exterior Architectural Virtual Tour Services

    3D Interior and Exterior Architectural Virtual Tour Services

    Our team enables all kinds of interior and exterior walkthrough animation videos along with complete video enhancement services that make the virtual tours as realistic as possible helping the potential investors, buyers, and consumers to engage themselves in extraordinary virtual experiences of spaces.

Our Process for 3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough Services

Each project requires specialized workflow, however, most of them have some standardized steps that are followed stringently by our team. Our elementary process involves -


01. Determining project goals

Our team brainstorms with the clients and understands the work scope to establish performance expectations and KPIs.


02. Collecting all information

The entire data including the project images, 2D/3D maps, footages, CAD files, and other details are received from the client.


03. Approval on a sample animation

With a quick TAT, we first provide a sample video of animation to the client.


04. Walkthrough designing

After the initial approval, the project is executed as per the client’s plan.


05. Multiple quality checks

The project undergoes a rigorous quality check within the team before it is sent for final review to the client.


06. Modifications and project submission

Any suggested alterations are carried out and the final videos are rendered after which they are securely transferred to the client in the format of their choice.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Choose O2I as your 3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough Service Provider

There are many reasons to opt for O2I as your 3D virtual tours and walkthrough company, some of which we have enlisted below -

  • Cost-effective services

    O2I gives its clients the facility of flexible and affordable price structures, making us the most reliable and popular 3D architectural walkthrough animation services provider.

  • Hassle-free services by experienced teams

    Having a qualified and well-trained team at your service comes with its perks, relieving you of any tensions related to the walkthrough and virtual tour animation so that you can focus on your core tasks.

  • Top-quality animation

    Our team is dedicated to ensuring high quality, detailed, and accurate, virtual tours, and walkthrough services.

  • Time-saving solutions

    We understand the value of time and are committed to meeting time deadlines, no matter how tight they are.

  • Data safety

    O2I has levied strong security measures across all processes to maintain the complete safety of the client’s confidential information and data.

  • Multi-country operational advantage

    We have our offices spread across many cities around the world, offering our clients the opportunity to avail of top services from our handpicked teams. Due to our global presence, we are also able to provide 24x7 customer support services.

Outsource 3D Virtual Tours and Walkthrough Services to India


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O2I is a leading 3D virtual tours and walkthrough service providing company with thousands of successfully delivered projects to our credit. Our team of 200+ specialists provides advanced, scalable, and technology-backed 3D architectural walkthrough solutions to a global clientele with an assurance of quality and accuracy.

O2I can transform your architectural and construction presentations into captivating 3D walkthroughs and virtual reality experiences that have a better appeal to your investors, customers, and buyers. If you are in search of a partner for providing best-in-class 3D virtual tours and walkthrough services, put your hunt to rest and just get in touch with our experts.

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