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Importance of Building Information Modeling

How important would you deem a single piece of information source where all your ideas, design documents, functional characteristics, operational details, etc., of a construction project are kept intact, without spilling out or even creating any redundant data or information? That will be definitely important and make life easier; and that's exactly what building information modeling or BIM does.

How Does Building Information Management Help?

  • Improves Productivity and Reduces Cost

    Building information management being a single point of reference improves communication and operational efficiency. It heavily cuts down the cross referencing and approval time during the project's construction phase leading to greater improvements in productivity and quality of work. Increased productivity in turn directly reduces the overall project construction time and costs.

    Carnegie-Mellon University research has indicated that an improvement of just 3.8% in productivity in the functions that occur in a building would totally pay for the facility's design, construction, operations and sustainment, through increased efficiency.

  • Decreases Reworks

    Unclear information between designers and executioners, or lack of updates or changes in design information may lead to minor or major reworks which may heavily burn the company's finances. As BIM is centralized, any updates or changes made are instantly reflected leading to uniformity of information and work which leads to zero construction errors.

  • Provides Related Documents

    Though infrastructural designs are substantiated with scores of design documents like 2D or 3D drawings; they lack other important information like contract agreement details, bids, bills of purchase, building and government specifications, schedules, etc. This is where BIM services come in, and fill up all the information holes to bring an overall coordination. BIM also significantly improves over 2D drafting giving an all angle view of the building and elevation, which helps in rectifying errors beforehand.

  • Gives Complete Project Snapshot

    Unlike the general practice where one department isn't fully aware or informed about other department in the overall project, building information management services give stakeholders, engineers, designers, managers, etc., an overall view of the entire project. This provides people associated with the project with reliable information that is easily available and track project assessment, communication, coordination, cost estimations, and progress.

  • Improves Coordination

    With BIM, one department can work coherently with the other by indexing their work in centrally located BIM data. This improves coordination, and provides a great work environment.

  • Enhances Customer Satisfaction

    The overall quality, speed of work, information transparency and consistency surely make customers extremely satisfied and happy with your work.

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BIM - A Transformative Resource

Undoubtedly what BIM brings is a complete transformation by helping a construction project move from the design desks to physical reality. It prunes redundant data, erases communication lag and noise, maintains updated information, brings operational efficiency, improves coordination among departments and gives an overall efficiency to the whole life span of the project. With large infrastructural projects BIM is a must.

As the amount of information and documents is huge and varied, it's ideal to outsource building information management services to a reliable BIM provider like Outsource2india, which can host information reliably, making it easily available.

BIM is here to stay and is quickly evolving as a standard for construction and other related industries. Contact us for outsourcing BIM requirements today!

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