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Streamlined Drafting Processes for an Architecture Firm

Streamlined Drafting Processes

Customer's Business Requirements

We worked with one of the key architecture firms based out of Canada. The client, with an astounding repertoire and experience of over 20+ years, is dominant in the industry, and is an expert in drafting and designing large buildings and public undertakings.

In recent times, the client was facing a continual increase in workload, and hence considered the idea of outsourcing. The key requirement therefore, was for a capable outsourcing agency which could efficiently deal with the surge in workload in a cost-effective manner. Upon choosing our services, the customer required us to handle all excess drafting requirements, thereby increasing the overall throughput.

Project Challenges

Some of the hurdles faced by our team included -

  • Strict compliance to the standards as specified by the client: The client maintained that the drawings should be of premium quality, and do justice to their brand name
  • Time crunch: Small turnaround time was a requirement of the client and our team of drafters had to work round the clock, keeping the short time-frame in mind
  • Resources: The project required a hands-on approach by dedicated staff while ensuring high quality. We also had to set aside a pool of skilled resources for sudden requirements

O2I's Expert Solution to Meet Customer's Requirements

Our highly experienced drafting team analyzed the client's requirements, and after a lot of brainstorming decided to form a team comprising of two experienced drafters to manage the project. Another drafter was kept as a standby to handle any unexpected increase in workload. The team ensured that a thorough quality check was maintained throughout the entire process, with regular, multi-point inspection of all completed drawings.

A specially appointed CAD manager further scrutinized all completed drawings as part of the final quality inspection, before the drawings were sent to the client.

Project Outcome

Our multi-point approach resulted in complete customer satisfaction. High-points of the project include -

  • An enormous cost-cutting of $120,000 yearly for the customer
  • Our team worked around the client's schedule while maintaining consistent work quality and ably supporting their in-house team of designers and drafters
  • Our fast turnaround times ensured that the client received the quality-checked, finalized drawings in as quick a time as possible
  • Working with us helped the client focus more on their business objectives of increasing market-share and strategic growth, while the tedious drafting job was being done by us

Choose Outsource2india for Cost-effective Architectural Drafting Services

At Outsource2india, our main objective is to provide high-quality, detailed architectural drafting and detailing services to our global clients, allowing their in-house designers to concentrate on other core creative work. Not only do we reduce your designers' workload, but ensure our services fit within the time and money constraints which govern your firm's profitability.

Contact us now for an economical solution to all your architectural drafting needs.

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