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O2I Provided Custom Caseworks and Countertops to a Chicago-based Custom Casework Manufacturer

Case Study on Custom Caseworks and Countertops to a Chicago-based Custom Casework Manufacturer

The Client

Our client is an institutional casework manufacturer specializing in countertops and cabinets. They've been in business for more than 25 years and are widely known as a WBE - or a Woman Business Enterprise. Their team is highly skilled and experienced with many projects, specifically concerning both custom and commercial architectural cabinets.

They operate in a high-tech facility with a series of impressive, state of the art technology. They have many manufacturing units, all of which are staffed with experienced, qualified people that consistently produce quality results.

They have delivered products throughout the entire United States, serving schools, offices, banks, hospitals, and various other commercial companies.

They needed millwork drawings using special Cabinet Vision software and came upon O2I when searching for an experienced millwork design service provider. They immediately contacted our team to begin work on the project.

They required our team to develop custom cabinet drawings by adapting the settings, styles, and types of materials from projects they had already completed. The client provided us with the following input files and references -

  • A working drawing of the cabinets.
  • A list of the cabinet dimensions and the types they needed.
  • A sketch of where the cabinets themselves would go when completed.

With these materials, they requested several things from us -

  • Cabinet Vision Drawings
  • Cut lists for CNC production
  • A BOM or bill of materials
  • Visualizations with both texture and color

Project Challenges

Our team is highly skilled and quite experienced in work like this, so there were no challenges in terms of technology and ability. We found it difficult to understand the client's initial requirements, especially when it came to adapting the styles saved in their settings on Cabinet Vision.

We easily overcame this challenge after the client clarified everything through a series of calls.

The Solution

Once the team understood the requirements, they decided a streamlined approach would be the best and most effective way to get the project completed within the client's desired timeline.

They came up with the following plan -

  • The team extracted the previous settings saved in the Cabinet Vision tool, which helped them understand the client's methodology.
  • They then developed the cabinet designs based on the client's dimensions and other information and references given to us.
  • Then, we customized the shapes and sizes so the fit into the plan we got from the client. To do this, we used the sketch they gave us of the space where the cabinets would go.
  • Next, the bill of material document and the appropriate visualizations with texture and color were all thoroughly checked for quality.
  • Once everything was finished, we shared the PDF and .CJV files with the client.


Our dedicated team of three expert millwork drawers worked hard on this project and ensured the client's desired timelines were met. The client was very appreciative. In addition to staying on track, they saved about 30-40% on the project by choosing to have us complete it.

They were also quite pleased with our expertise when it came to Cabinet Vision services specifically and they appreciated that none of the drawings needed any reworking.

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