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Outsource PCB Design and Layout Services

PCB Design Layout Services

Are you struggling to take your electrical designs to the next-level due to limited resources and tight delivery schedules?

If yes, we can help. Outsource2india's expertise in handling printed circuit board design services for mixed signal, high speed digital and analog power boards sets us apart from our competitors. Our PCB layout services involve usage of highly efficient PCB design tools for innovative printed circuit board design using custom scripts and programs to increase efficiency, augment the current design tools, and improve quality.

O2I's PCB Design & Layout Expertise

We can handle almost all PCB services including designs, layouts and prototyping. We use the most recent and updated design software to develop the most seamless design. By outsourcing PCB design services to India you can be assured of -

  • High-speed Printed Circuit Board design with unmatched quality
  • Handling boards that are single-sided as well as multi-layered
  • Placement of the components just the way customer demands
  • Giving extreme care on route trace
  • Creating footprints for special packages
  • Getting layout services for new print circuit boards and also for existing boards that require changes
  • Application of various tests to avoid issues that can occur during the manufacturing process

Our another area of focus is developing printed circuit board designs that can be used to manufacture electronic appliances for domestic, commercial and industrial use, such as televisions, computers, printers, cell phones, microwave ovens, telephones, stereos, digital clocks, amplifiers, synthesizers, and so on.

Our PCB Design Process

The PCB design and development process at O2I involves various stages:

plan and cost requirements

First, all the requirements are collected from the clients. Standards, certifications, test plan and cost requirements are defined

critical PCB layout design

A preliminary design review is conducted, which is followed by a critical PCB layout design review

alpha PCB prototype

Then, an alpha PCB prototype phase occurs where a lab PCB test unit is demonstrated to the client

risk assessment

Once this is accepted, the beta prototype phase takes place in which PCB design clean-up, pricing, and risk assessment are showcased

product delivered

The final product is delivered once it gets an approval from the client

Tools for PCB Design and Layout

Our team is adept at utilizing the latest and most powerful design tools as per the clients' requirements. Some of the tools we use are:

  • Cadence OrCAD
  • Cadence Allegro
  • CADSoft
  • Altium Designer
  • PADS
  • DxDesigner
  • Valor Genesis 2000®
  • HyperLynx

Focus on Quality and Design Expertise

Our customers are extremely satisfied with the expertise we incorporate in delivering complicated projects. We have a design team that includes the most proficient PCB designers in India; who have worked on several projects across multiple industry verticals. Along with our high quality PCB designs, we also provide one of the best customer services.

Our qualified and expert designers know how to manage a PCB layout design efficiently without affecting its quality. We also have the provision to keep the customer updated about the design process, starting from the schematic capture of the PCB drawings to the final routing.

Every project we handle undergoes various processes to ensure the overall quality and reliability of the product. PCB layout designers at O2I are highly skilled and work together with experts who make manufacturing easy and assist in developing the most efficient PCB boards.

Choose Outsource2india for PCB Design and Layout Services

Outsource2india offers multiple skill-sets, 24x7 shifts, flexible working hours, regular training programs and strict quality checks, to ensure that we retain our well-established PCB design and layout credentials. Extreme turnaround time and best-in-class prototyping facilities help us turn a simple logical design into a fully functional PCB unit with ease.

Being a reputed provider of PCB layout and PCB design services in India, we have the privilege of being associated with various industries like telecom, military, medical, aerospace, industrial, electronics, and automotive among others.

By working with Outsource2india, you benefit from the most efficient offsite PCB design services that can play a crucial role in extending the life of your electrical equipment.

To outsource PCB layout and design services to India and invest in a long term win-win business partnership, contact us today.

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