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Virtual Reality Engineering Services

Outsource Virtual Reality Engineering Services

Avail futuristic, impressive, and cost-effective virtual reality engineering services starting at just $16/hour for bespoke architecture and construction needs

The possibilities of applying virtual reality technologies to architecture and construction are being reimagined, pushed, and innovated with each passing day and we are at the helm of this technological revolution. VR is one of the fastest-growing technology fields and the future heavily depends on the innovations in the field of VR and its subsequent technologies like augmented and mixed realities. The difference between the three can be simply understood by their names. While VR is the representation of the virtual environment, augmented reality is more about superimposing the real environments with digital experiences. Mixed reality, on the other hand, is a combination of both, offering the opportunity to see the real environment with three-dimensional virtual objects in real-time.

Virtual reality in architecture and construction has risen monumentally in the recent past, allowing the users to fully experience and immerse themselves in 3D BIM models that can provide an almost life-like sense of the space. At O2I, we help in creating virtual reality technologies that are custom suited to your unique needs and enable your team to efficiently apply it to different business areas. With our developmental centers spread across the globe, our team of talented and highly experienced engineers, virtual reality developers, designers, and other experts work round the clock to bring together customized virtual reality engineering solutions for our global clientele.

Our VR Solutions - Virtual Reality Engineering Applications

The complete range of our virtual reality engineering solutions can be understood with the areas of applications for the virtual reality that we have provided to our various clients -

  • Virtual Reality in Architecture

    Virtual Reality in Architecture

    With virtual reality, we create walk-through movies of the site that can be seen using a VR headset to understand how the real spaces would look when developed. Our clients who have used these 3D headsets are completely amazed at how it can trick your brain into believing that what you see is for real; except it's not. Our engineers and developers study and survey the construction site properly, identify all the design and external force metrics like light, weight, temperature, wind, etc. The VR technology also facilitates the user to foresee a 1:1 scale of interior spaces to administer the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire, and other architectural pre-requisites in greater detail.

  • Virtual Reality in Construction

    Virtual Reality in Construction

    As the risk and the budgets involved in construction are huge, leveraging VR can prove to be instrumental in the field as it allows in envisioning and testing the sites as closely as possible without any investments into real-life structures, considerably reducing the chances of errors during the construction process.

    From design to development, VR technologies allow the users to test the viability of the project, the feasibility of the design, and accuracy in the development phase. Our team renders final structures in 3D models, allowing your construction team to explore and experience the environments like in real-life.

  • VR in AEC Marketing and Sales

    VR in AEC Marketing and Sales

    VR is an empowering tool for marketing and sales teams in the AEC industry. As a marketing tool, VR gives your customers, potential investors, and other stakeholders an understanding of your site through exceptional three-dimensional visualizations using a headset. You do not need to wait for your project to be completed and do not need to spend hours giving your stakeholders and customers physical tours of the site. They can see it and have a life-like experience of walking through the spaces with VR simulated environments. Having VR as part of your marketing strategy in construction and architecture can be one of your USPs, giving you an edge over your industry competitors.

  • VR in Manufacturing

    VR in Manufacturing

    Product design and development are being completely revamped using VR technology. We enable the creation of computer-generated 3D product models, allowing the users to analyze the product from all different angles that can be zoomed in or manipulated. In manufacturing, VR also proves highly crucial in simulating product performance, offering stress analysis, streamlining complex assembly processes, etc.

  • VR in Automotive Engineering

    VR in Automotive Engineering

    The auto industry is one of the leading industries to integrate VR technologies. VR has proven to be supremely useful in research and design processes by reducing the development time considerably and making it more effective and efficient. The VR-led simulation test drives have also added to the attraction, positively impacting the marketing and sales segment of the field.

  • VR in Aviation

    VR in Aviation

    In the aviation industry, training has been one of the most transformative uses of virtual reality. It has drastically reduced the expenditure of training using real aircraft, adding to the safety aspect too. Using VR simulators to train the pilots to help them to get ready for challenging real-life situations like cabin smoke, engine failures, etc.

Advanced Virtual Reality Tools We Use

  • PrioVR Motion Capture Device

    Using body sensors to transmit body movement information to the VR software, PrioVR is perfect for automating crane operations, opening/closing doors, wall demolishing, etc.

  • Google Glass VR Headset

    Understanding the natural language instructions of the users, Google Glass not only supports Google apps but also many other third-party apps to display on a headset. It offers a detailed map of the physical site you are in, allowing you to analyze all the architectural and construction features through its smart VR technologies.

  • Matterport 3D Camera

    Matterport Pro 3D-camera and capture app for iPad is super quick, portable, and efficient and can scan up to 90 square meter spaces within half an hour to produce HD quality immersive 3D-models.


    Offering simulation without a lag, the VRSCA, is 3x times more powerful than the average high-performance computer. It facilitates up to eight people to function and experience VR simulations at a time through VR headsets like Oculus Rift.

  • Roto Motorized VR Chair

    A new way of experiencing virtual reality, this ergonomic seating VR chair enables explorations of the virtual reality environment in various directions.

  • 3DiO Virtual Immersive Environment

    With the growing culture of global and remote working teams, 3DiO presents as an immersive virtual meeting place, becoming a gamechanger in the field of architecture, construction, and engineering.

  • 3D Laser Scanner

    3D laser scanners are used to measure distances of all types of environments from any point and in any direction, allowing multiple application possibilities in engineering, architecture, and construction industry.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I As Your Virtual Reality Engineering Service Provider?

As a leading virtual reality engineering service providing company, O2I is the ideal choice for a partner, and to convince you of the same, consider the following benefits that we offer to our clients -

  • The benefit of customizable and budget-friendly service packages

    Our services and fee packages are flexible and highly affordable, making us one of the most preferred companies by large, small and medium organizations, alike, for outsourcing virtual reality engineering services.

  • Assurance of a dedicated team

    Turning virtual reality aspirations into reality, our team of expert and experienced engineers, designers, developers, etc., offer par excellent services to our clients.

  • Availability of top-notch infrastructure facilities and technical aid

    All our global development centers are equipped with leading-edge hardware and software support systems to add to the power of our committed team.

  • Security of your data

    We always take data safety very seriously and accommodate all crucial measures to maintain our client's data confidentiality.

  • The advantage of fast turnaround times

    O2I is committed to quick deliveries of the projects to clients and meets even the tightest of timelines through scalable solutions.

Client Success Stories

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Case Study on Architecture Drafting and Detailing Services

Outsource2india Helped a Prominent Architecture and Engineering Company with Architecture Drafting & Detailing Services

Read the case study to know how O2I assisted a UK-based engineering company with architectural drafting and detailing (CAD) services.

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Outsource Virtual Reality Engineering Services in India


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O2I, a global provider of world-class virtual reality engineering services, has the best team of professionals and experts dedicated to offering only top-rated VR solutions to our clients. If you are looking to outsource virtual reality engineering services, we are your best shot.

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