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3D Product Rendering and Modeling Services

Outsource 3D Product Rendering and Modeling Services

Convert your images/drawings into 3D models and render it into aesthetically appealing product designs, walkthroughs, animations, and more

Industries, which rely on engineering, design, construction, etc., need computer-generated graphics to show their products or projects in a realistic & intuitive way. Whether it be a complete 3D representation of a new design concept or 3D view of the multi-story project, you should consider Outsource2India as the best choice. Our services will allow you to bring your designs to life, present your project using animation, experiment with 3D designs, exhibit each aspect of your product, generate interactive 3D contents, and many more.

We can help you showcase your products and its features the best way, which entails helping you generate product or brand awareness for more selling. At O2I, we have an extensive team of designers, engineers, editors, consultants, AutoCAD experts, etc. They have worked across all kinds of industries and helped the clients with their custom 3D product modeling and rendering needs.

3D Product Rendering and Modeling Services We Offer

As a prominent 3D product rendering and modeling company in India, Outsource2india can offer the most accurate, reliable, and robust 3D product rendering and 3D product modeling solutions. A few of them are -

  • 3D Modeling Services

    3D Modeling Services

    3D modeling is a stout mathematical representation of an inanimate object, which is projected in a three-dimensional form via custom software, like Maya. Then, the 3D space is mapped by using some geometrical entities, such as lines, curved area, triangles, and many more. It is used for many purposes, including, animation, film production, architecture design, etc.

    At Outsource2india, we can develop or design your products using our 3D product modeling services. Our 3D modelers can help you produce visual effects, develop computer games. If you need any kind of 3D product modeling help for your engineering projects, our team can help you conceptualize your ideas, model those ideas into computer graphics, images, etc., and use 3D product modeling software like 3DS Max or SolidWorks to shape and texture those 3D models. We can help develop CAD drawings using AutoCAD for your fabrication or manufacturing needs.

  • 3D Rendering Services

    3D Rendering Services

    The technology to render 3D models has evolved a lot. Now every type of images, models or animated objects can be rendered using 3D product rendering software.

    Usually, the 3D wireframe is rendered in two-dimensional version and bedecked with aesthetic features including, textures, material, color, environment, etc. Software known as modelers and renderers such as Blender, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, etc. is extensively used throughout the 3D product rendering process. Starting with a 3D model, which is an assembly of geometrical figures (shapes), is manipulated by experts by introducing artificial sources, filters, texture maps, etc.

    Our designers and engineers have worked for all kinds of industries and have provided 3D product rendering services for architecture designs, engineering products, custom visual, real-life model rendering, etc.

  • Product-based 3D Modeling & Rendering Services

    Product Based 3D Modeling and Rendering Services

    If you have a model available, we can help you design that through our advanced 3D product rendering and modeling solutions. Several products which our team can work on include -

    • Medical-related - instrument specification models, patient-oriented specs, etc.
    • Electronics equipment - smartphones, PCs, laptops, and many more.
    • Furniture - beds, sofa, dining sets, coffee tables, etc.
    • Automotive - automotive parts, mechanical designs, etc.
    • Entertainment - location models, real-life game models, digital sculpting, etc.
    • Interior Designing - residential construction, commercial space, restaurants, hotels, and many more.
    • Advertising - online advertising, 3D contents, 3D models for catalogs, reels, brochures, etc.
    • Manufacturing - CAD services for structures, virtual models, animated videos, and more.
    • Education - three-dimensional training, teaching modules, etc.
    • Architecture - landscape design, exterior view, commercial space, modular or custom furniture, etc.
    • E-commerce - kitchen parts, home décor, bags, bathroom accessories, shoes, home improvement products, etc.
  • 3D Animation Services

    3D Animation Services

    Through our 3D animation services, we can help you create a 360-degree view of your products. We have many capable product designers and animation experts who can generate three-dimensional animation of your architectural designs or products. Our team can also create storyboards, walkthroughs, etc.

  • 3D Visualization Services

    3D Visualization Services

    3D visualization showcases the nonrealistic things in a presentable way by using 3D product rendering. It involves the usage of visualization software to view and modify 3D models. O2I not only prototypes different products but also provides complete 3D product visualization services, including, product demonstrations, animations, etc. It will help you engage with your audiences in a much better way.

  • 3D AR/VR Environment Services

    3D AR/VR Environment Services

    AR or augmented reality and VR or virtual reality are growing at an exponential rate. It depicts a direct/indirect representation of the real-time objects or physical world. If you want to create appealing VR/AR models, we can assist you in the development of 3D models and the creation of real-life-like visuals.

  • On-demand 3D Modeling and Rendering Team

    On-demand 3D Modeling and Rendering Team

    Outsource2india also offers on-demand resources to help you with custom requirements. You can demand to hire individuals or team as a whole to work on your project. This way you can get dedicated resource(s) at a cost-effective rate.

3D Product Rendering and Modeling Process We Follow

At Outsource2india, a leading 3D product rendering and modeling services company, we can create all sorts of photorealistic models, mockups, and illustrations. From animation, sculpting, and rendering to video editing, our experts can provide industry-wide best 3D product modeling and 3D product rendering services. They follow a time-tested approach for each project. The key steps include -


At first, we will collaborate with you to find out your exact requirements, timeline, etc.


After having a thorough understanding of your requirements, our team will start working on your files/objects/images, etc.


Using photogrammetry or 3D scanning, we will create models


Next, our 3D product modeling and rendering team will use the CAD programs for converting shapes or objects into 3D models


After the wireframe is created, the team will add texture maps to generate custom effects. They will also edit, modify or manipulate the 3D shapes using the 3D product rendering software to convert the 3D models into two-dimensional objects, etc.


We will send the rendered files for your approval


Once you approve or demand any changes, our team will work on that and send the final files via FTP

3D Product Rendering and Modeling Software We Use

Once you decide to collaborate with O2I, a top 3D product rendering and modeling service provider, you can depend on us for any kind of modeling, rendering, animation, and visualization services. Our team can create all types of designs and have extensive work experience in many 3D modeling and rendering software. A few of them are -

3Delight 3ds Max 3ds Maya Arion Arnold AutoCAD Blender Cinema 4D Corona Enscape Guerilla Render KeyShot Maya Marmoset Toolbag REVIT Rhino SketchUp

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Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Product Rendering and Modeling Services to O2I

By outsourcing 3D product rendering and modeling services to us, you can avail the following list of benefits -

  • Custom-priced 3D Product Modeling and Rendering Services

    We offer competitive prices for all kinds of 3D product modeling and visualization services. We have a large pool of creative designers, editors, CAD experts, engineers, etc. They work in tandem and can produce cost-effective results in a very short span of time.

  • 100% Compliance to ISMS Regulations

    We take the matter of information security very seriously. We are an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified organization which ensures that ensures that all your data is kept safe at all times and not divulged to any third-party. That is why we have a robust framework of safeguards to protect information assets. We have the necessary means to manage and address all kinds of threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Advanced Infrastructure Facilities

    Our infrastructure facility is second to none. We provide international grade technical tools, holistic work environment, and state-of-the-art software. Moreover, we have 200% power back up, five delivery centers across the globe, VPNs networks, etc.

  • Short Turnaround

    We plan all our projects diligently, which enables us to work efficiently and in a strategic manner. Thus, each process and operations are in accordance with the timelines, which helps us provide the industry-wide best turnaround time.

  • 100% Data Security

    We have 100% control over all our technologies, systems, and follow the best practices of 3D product modeling and 3D product rendering. Our company's policies are stringent and compel everyone working there to abide by it strictly.

  • Experienced Team of Designers & Engineers

    At O2I, we have a diverse portfolio of 3D product rendering and modeling services experts. We have a highly qualified and skilled team of engineers, designs, and managers who have over 100+ man-years of experience. Thus, by choosing our services, you can expect to get 3D product rendering services on par with international standards.

  • Round the Clock Call Center Support

    Our contact center professionals work round the clock. You can reach to them with your query or issue and expect an immediate resolution via phone or email.

  • Economies of Scale

    With a large pool of dedicated resources and advanced infrastructure capabilities, we have what it takes to scale up or down our services anytime. Based on your needs, we can tweak the service output anytime.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided 3D Part Modeling Services to Aerospace OEM Manufacturer

Outsource2india Provided 3D Part Modeling Services to Aerospace OEM Manufacturer

Read how an Australian customer asked us to help them with 3D modeling of the tank strap wing. Our team leveraged Inventor 2015 and delivered the 3D part modeling solution within one week.

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O2I Provided Product Modeling & Animation to US-based CNC Machine Manufacturer

Outsource2india Provided Product Modeling & Animation to US-based CNC Machine Manufacturer

Read the case study to learn how a prominent US CNC machine tool builder approached Outsource2india for product animation service. We assisted them with our product modeling and animation services and delivered the service in record time.

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Outsource2india has been a good partner for all kinds of projects since the beginning. They use resources, time and talent to build relationships. They are committed to meeting our needs and improving the quality and efficiency of their expertise.

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Outsource 3D Product Rendering and Modeling Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is an expert provider of 3D product rendering and modeling services in India that can make your business profitable and cut the design cycle time. We offer all kinds of 3D product modeling, 3D product rendering, 3D product visualization, mechanical engineering, and many other engineering services across the globe. With two decades of service expertise, we have helped 1000+ clients with custom cost-effective 3D product rendering and modeling solutions.

If you have similar needs, then, offshore 3D product rendering and modeling service to us. Our agent will get back to you with a custom quote, contact us today.

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