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Case Study on Computational Fluid Dynamics for a US-based Client

Outsource2india Conducted Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis for a US-Based Water Purifier Manufacturer

The Client

The Client Requirement

The client is a US-based provider of water purification products with a manufacturing facility in Halberstadt, Germany. The client is focused on realizing the full potential of ceramic ultrafiltration technology in wastewater and mainstream water applications. The company has designed and developed its CM-151* ceramic ultrafiltration module, which is a larger and more cost-effective solution than previous models. With this module, common membrane operating issues that usually plague ultrafiltration plant owners and operators can be successfully resolved. With this new CM-151* ceramic ultrafiltration module, the company has successfully served municipal and industrial water treatment, reuse, and drinking water requirements.

The company has a team of dedicated and highly-experienced industry experts with vast and in-depth domain knowledge gained from decades of experience in helping to solve the earth's most pressing water purification challenges.

Client's Requirement

The client was looking for a partner that could provide computational fluid dynamics analysis for a new water purification product that they were looking to launch. They wanted the provider to analyze the flow rate, pressure, fluid property, fluid velocity, fluid density, etc.

Client's Challenges

The client wanted the final output to be in the form of a high-quality and comprehensive computational fluid dynamics analysis report. The client was also looking to employ 3 dedicated resources for 2 months and a total cost of $15,000. A major challenge we faced initially was to understand the functionality of the product, but senior engineers at our end stepped in and helped to make the issues clearer.

O2I's Solution

Our Solution

We assigned three resources to perform the CFD analysis. The Ansys software package was used for the analysis and we delivered the final report within budget and on time.

Our Process

The following process was followed to deliver the final report to the client -

  1. The integrity of the models was checked to identify lost data and irregular edges. A geometric cleanup was also performed.
  2. We then performed Meshing and sent the report to the client.
  3. Loading conditions were then applied and the property of the fluid, the flow rate, and pressure was analyzed.
  4. Test Simulations were performed, and the results were incorporated into a draft report and sent to the client.
  5. Once the client approved the test simulations, full-scale simulations were performed, and the final detailed report was sent to the client.
The Result

The Result

We successfully performed the CFD analysis and sent a detailed high-quality final report to the client on time and within budget, much to the client's satisfaction.

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