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Traffic Engineering Services

Outsource Traffic Engineering Services

Get complete traffic engineering solutions for existing or new transport network infrastructure at prices starting at $12/hour

The goal of any multi-modal transportation infrastructure is to be safe and accessible for the efficient mobility of people and goods. Effective and comprehensive traffic engineering is an integral part of design and development. Outsource2india provides a complete spectrum of traffic engineering services to its global clientele addressing the needs of extensive research, modeling, planning, implementing, and modifying infrastructure for highways and urban, rural, and regional roads.

Our adroit team of civil engineers, other specialized engineers, designers, etc., offer robust engineering services to develop road safety programs, traffic collision minimization plans, transit road designs along with helping in creating efficient strategies for optimizing road spaces, intersection operations, ensuring accessibility and parking spaces, amongst other components. Along with our deep technical expertise in traffic engineering, our team extends advisory support and skills to ensure end-to-end solutions for implementing safe and well-functioning transportation infrastructure.

Our Traffic Engineering Services

O2I caters to private as well as public clients and offers traffic engineering services for new developments and remodeling of existing infrastructure. Our outsourcing traffic engineering services include -

  • Traffic Analysis Solutions

    Traffic Analysis Solutions

    To develop robust traffic engineering plans, a detailed study of the traffic dynamics is imperative. Our dedicated team reviews and scrutinizes every aspect of traffic components for devising efficient engineering solutions. It involves -

    • Traffic Impact Studies
      Our team conducts an extensive study to understand the existing traffic conditions, future conditions before and after the development, access needs of the development process, parking facilities available currently, etc., pertaining to the allocated site.
    • Road Safety Audits
      Under this, the control checks relating to road safety implications are undertaken for modification of existing infrastructure as well as new road schemes to minimize future road accident occurrences and other mishaps.
    • Optimization of Signal Timing and Coordination
      It is an exhaustive process involving data collection of existing signals, their timings alongside a collection of information, mapping of new traffic flow data to understand the needs for modification in the current signal systems, or establishment of new signals and their time optimization.
    • Parking Facilities and Layout Review
      Both surface and garage parking facilities need to be accessed and reviewed to understand whether it is meeting the current needs, the scope of expansion for future traffic increases, etc.
    • Traffic Simulation
      Computer simulation of current traffic has become increasingly important to fully understand the scope of work needed. Our team creates accurate simulation environments from which reliable data can be extracted and findings can be precisely formulated.
  • Traffic Design Engineering Services

    Traffic Design Engineering Services

    O2I's specialized teams have expertise in designing traffic systems including signals and their timings, communication plans, master planning and zoning, traffic calming strategies, and others. It involves -

    • Route and Interstate Signing
      Important signs and signage designs are developed by our team that are compliant with the local as well as global standards along with appropriate installation specifications.
    • Signalization
      Our team undertakes coding and signal timing optimization projects after an intensive review and selection process of the signal timing setting program. It is further supported by efficient installation guidelines for smooth functioning.
    • Pavement Markings
      Another communication marking for road users, our team also enables designs for pavement markings that include generalized and specialized marking solutions like pedestrian crosswalks, bicycle lanes, highway road markings, etc.
    • Traffic Calming Systems
      We undertake traffic calming projects, which may range from petty modifications for one or two streets or extensive redesigning of traffic calming systems for a road network. Our solutions include proper planning of traffic calming devices, resources needed for its implementation, design standardizations and strategies, synchronizing the project with multiple objectives of traffic engineering, etc.
    • Lighting Systems
      From freeway lighting to street lighting, our team creates lighting layouts and designs as per the specifications of the clients.
    • Transportation System Management
      Our team can assist in the maintenance of traffic operations, transportation improvements, parking strategies, and other critical management tasks.
    • Traffic Command and Control Systems
      O2I's team offers its expertise in enabling suitable traffic control devices, layout, planning, and installation of the same as per the specifications and needs of the clients.
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
      The application of intelligent transportation system technology has become a critical feature of modern-day traffic operations and infrastructure. As a leading traffic engineering service provider, we have gained global expertise in developing best-in-class ITS application designs that include video detection, video surveillance camera installations, communications via fiber optics, etc.

Our Traffic Engineering Process

We have built a robust and high-functioning line of work processes to ensure that all our projects meet not just quality standards but also deadlines. Our workflow involves the following steps -


01. Understanding Project Needs

Our dedicated team of engineers and experts schedule a meeting with the client(s) where they deeply study the requirements


02. Brainstorming

The team organizes internal brainstorming sessions and also has multiple discussion sessions with clients to develop the scope of work and map out an overview strategy and plan for traffic engineering


03. Site Inspection and Detailed Analysis Studies

Our team of engineers and designers visits the site, gains all the information, and collects the important data from various sources to study the design needs


04. Devising the Master Plan

A master plan is chalked out and shared with the client for review after which they are broken down into multiple workable units and dedicated teams are allocated relevant job roles


05. Execution

All the engineering and design solutions are worked upon by the respective teams under quality control testers who review and assess the designs at all levels to eliminate any kind of ambiguity or errors


06. Revision and Modifications

The designs undergo multiple changes after stringent internal quality checks and client reviews. Plan modifications are done wherever needed


07. Project Submission and Support Services

We submit the final plans in the format of the client's choice and also extend periodic or regular support and advisory services as required by the clients

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire Oustsource2india as Your Traffic Engineering Service Providing Company?

Traffic engineering requires expertise, industry knowledge, and focused efforts for accurate and high-quality results. Outsourcing it to experts like O2I assures that you get the desired output in committed timelines, freeing you of managerial tasks so that you can focus on your core functions. Benefits of partnering with us -

  • Cost-effective Pricing

    O2I offers services at affordable rates and the packages can also be customized as per the scope of work to accommodate your budgets and unique needs.

  • Standardized Services

    O2I is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and we fully comply with global as well as local guidelines while developing designs and plans, ensuring that you get precise outcomes.

  • Experienced Team Support

    As an industry leader in traffic engineering services, we have the backing of one of the most extensive and experienced teams working for us from across the world in our globally located offices. Having worked on over 800 projects in varied sectors, we have created a high level of expertise and skills assuring only the best outcomes with minimal risk.

  • 24/7 Support Services

    Our global presence also gives us the advantage of giving our clients round-the-clock customer support.

  • Faster TAT

    In civil works and projects, time is everything and we duly understand its value. We offer faster turnaround times and are committed to meeting deadlines so that there are never any work delays in the projects from our end.

  • 100% Data Security

    We levy strict data safety systems at all levels and monitor your data to ensure it's protected and safe with us, eliminating your worries about data safety and backup maintenance.

  • Scalability

    With the support of a vast team and world-class infrastructural facilities, we have the capabilities to scale up our operations for volume work, ensuring that the timelines and quality standards are met without any compromise.

Client Success Stories

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During the global pandemic, ten of our specialist MEP engineers used Navisworks to perform HVAC modeling of a 19-story commercial building for an American client.

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O2I Provided UAV LiDAR Mapping of Canadian Railroad of more than 600 Km

O2I Performed UAV LiDAR Mapping of more than 600 km of Canadian Railroads

O2I provided UAV LiDAR Mapping of more than 600 km of railroads in Canada with utmost accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

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Outsource Traffic Engineering Services in India

Outsource2india is a leading provider of traffic engineering services in India and globally. We can help you reliably plan or redesign a traffic system project. O2I is one of the global market leaders with adequate access, specialization, and experience to offer valuable solutions for all your traffic and transportation engineering needs. We have worked for government agencies, private companies, and contractors in various countries to develop smart, safe, and functional traffic mobility solutions.

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Traffic Engineering Services FAQs

  • What is traffic engineering?

    Traffic engineering, a branch of civil engineering, employs engineering techniques to ensure the safe, effective, and efficient movement of people, vehicles, and goods on roadways.

  • What is the importance of traffic engineering?

    Traffic engineering is important because it helps to achieve the safe, quick, comfortable, convenient, efficient, and environmentally compatible movement of people, vehicles, and goods.