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HVAC System Replacement Services

Outsource HVAC System Replacement Services

Choose undisrupted HVAC system operations with our prompt and reliable HVAC system replacement designs at prices starting at $10/hour

Without properly functioning HVAC systems, the entire building space can suffer monumental issues and risks of other failures and damages. Periodic assessment of the HVAC systems becomes crucial to ensure smooth operations, whether it is a commercial building, a manufacturing unit, or a residential space.

We have a vast team of qualified and trained mechanical engineers, technicians, and designers to provide quick HVAC system replacement and design services for all sorts of projects. We build solutions that match your exact needs for HVAC system replacement to enable top performance and smoother functioning in the long run. Our services come at affordable prices, making us a market leader in HVAC replacement services and designs. Our cumulative experience of 25 years in the field of mechanical engineering, especially, HVAC system design, installation, and replacement gives us an edge in the market and ensures that you only get best-in-class services.

Our HVAC System Replacement Services

We offer unparalleled design support for all your HVAC system replacement needs and make sure that we not only extend preventive maintenance but also predictive analysis to enable undisrupted operations. Our end-to-end HVAC system replacement services include -

  • Assessment of Existing HVAC System and its Re-designing

    Assessment of Existing HVAC System and its Re-designing

    We have a team of specialists that has expertise in creating designs for all types of HVAC equipment and systems, be it ventilation, heating systems, or cooling systems. Before redesigning, they evaluate the condition and the structure of your current HVAC systems to understand the repair or replacement requirements.

  • Load Calculations of the Design

    Load Calculations of the Design

    We use Industry Standard Load Calculation Applications and ASHRAE/ECBC/ASME/USGBC/NBC/NABH guidelines to determine the optimal HVAC load for all types of equipment and also include ductwork layout, details, schedules, and other specifications.

  • Remote Security Management

    Remote Security Management

    In the fast-paced world of today, it has become crucial to monitor the HVAC systems' functioning closely to fix any problems before they negatively impact the people, systems, and the surroundings. We dedicate a team of certified monitoring management specialists to keep a check on the HVAC, fire, building automation, electrical systems, etc.

  • HVAC Energy Modeling Services

    HVAC Energy Modeling Services

    When creating HVAC replacement designs, we make sure that they are energy-efficient. Our team leverages energy modeling and life-cycle costing to choose the most appropriate and cost-efficient systems that can successfully bring down operational costs of the facility.

  • HVAC Tune-ups and Maintenance Services

    HVAC Tune-ups and Maintenance Services

    Our team of qualified technicians helps in fixing various glitches and malfunctioning of HVAC systems through redesigning and better equipment installation. Whether it is a case of mechanical failures, malfunctioning of HVAC control systems, motor problems, poor ventilation, faulty electrical systems, or anything else, we have got you covered.

Our HVAC System Replacement Process

We take a very disciplined and modular approach towards the planning, execution, and delivery of every project. The typical process of most HVAC replacement services entails -


01. Goals Assessment

After an in-depth understanding of your distinct needs, we create an outline of the scope of work


02. Current HVAC System Evaluation

Our team assesses and scrutinizes your existing systems to identify pain points


03. Elementary Design Creation

Based on the objectives and preliminary assessment, our team drafts a new HVAC replacement design that meets your performance criteria


04. Client feedback

The design is sent to you for a thorough review and your feedback is duly noted and incorporated


05. Final Design Creation and Submission

The finalized design is then shared and any installation support is extended for the same

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Advantages of Hiring O2I as Your HVAC System Replacement Services Provider

As a leading outsourcing HVAC system replacement services providing company, we offer multiple benefits that include the following -

  • Quality Services

    We are committed to providing leading-edge HVAC replacement services backed by deep knowledge and understanding of the field dynamics.

  • Cost-effective Services

    We offer pocket-friendly, flexible packages that can be adjusted and adapted to your unique needs, making us one of the most trusted and reliable HVAC replacement services providers.

  • Experienced Team Support

    We have a vast team of experienced mechanical engineers, technicians, and other experts to offer superlative HVAC system design services.

  • Sound Technical Expertise

    We use proven HVAC modeling applications and models to develop cost and energy-efficient, reliable HVAC systems for all types of facilities and properties.

  • Fast Turnarounds

    Our team works at an outstanding speed to deliver your design within the stipulated time frames.

Client Success Stories

O2I Created 3D Models and Photorealistic Renders for a Global Engineering Firm

O2I Created 3D Models and Photorealistic Renders for a Global Engineering Firm

We crafted photorealistic renders and precise 3D models according to exacting specifications for a top engineering provider at cost-effective rates.

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O2I Delivered Highly Functional Casework and Countertop Designs to a US-based Manufacturer

O2I Delivered Highly Functional Casework and Countertop Designs to a US-based Manufacturer

Our engineers provided highly functional countertop and casework designs to a Chicago-based casework manufacturer at highly competitive rates.

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Outsource HVAC System Replacement Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a leading provider of HVAC system replacement services in India. With 25 years of experience and a team of 180+ qualified mechanical engineers and other specialists, we are equipped to handle HVAC replacement services projects of any scale and size for all types of facilities and buildings.

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