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Shadow Board Designs for German Manufacturer

Created Shadow Board Designs for German Manufacturer

Client is a manufacturer of shadow boards from Germany who decided to partner with us and outsource the creation 3D models of their shadow boards by using the client software. Outsource2india adapted to the technology quickly was able to increase the client's production by 2.5x.

The Client Requirement

The Client

Client is based out of Germany and is a leading Shadow board and foam inlay design and manufacturer in Europe. The client's innovative manufacturing method allows Shadow boards to be used for tools, work pieces as well as for packaging solutions and other applications.

Outsource2india was contacted over the net after checking our 3D part modeling and CAD conversion works.

Requirements and Challenges

The client shared photographs and sketches for which shadow boards were to be created. The sketches were not to scale, lacked dimensions and needed to be converted into 3D drawings using client's software. At times client required CAD drawings for production. Some challenges faced by O2I were, team O2I needed adapting their skills to client's software and the design had to minimize material wastage which were to be totally perceived based on the images sent by client.

Outsource2india's Solution

Our Solution

Outsource2india offered continuous improvement with a long-term approach to work with the client. Systematic changes in processes were introduced to improve efficiency, quality and overall value. Outsource2india aimed to create efficient designs for industrial production along with other design principles to convert the images to Shadow boards and getting accurate dimensions of slots for the shadow board. All drawings were created on client's customized software and based on client requirement created AutoCAD designs for final production.

The Benefits

The Result

Though team O2I was working on the client's software, they adapted to it quickly and were able to convert 3D files to shadow boards, maintaining a turnaround time within 24 hours helped the client deliver products much faster. With our constant and quality support, the client helped us also acquire and extend our services to their American branch. Overall, through our contribution, there was a 2.5X increase in total work in 4 months. Outsource2india successfully managed to convert and handle two different accounts.

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