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Case Study on CAD Drawings for Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturer

CAD Drawing Services for Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturer

Customer Pre-requisites

The Client Requirement

The customer in question is a leading manufacturer of structural insulated panels and operates its business out of USA. Due to escalating costs, the client was on a lookout for a service provider who could not only provide them with high-quality CAD drawings, but also improve the overall efficiency of their processes. At the same time, the client wanted to ensure consistent service quality and minimized costs. After further research, they approached Outsource2india based on our track record of always-on-time and cost-effective structural engineering design services.

Project Related Challenges and Our Approach to Solving Them

Our Solution

Since the client had a set of specific requirements, not only did we have to assemble a team of qualified engineers adept at the latest CAD software, but also plan a visit to the customer's office in the US to familiarize ourselves with the customer's work process and the latest ongoing custom home designs. At the same time, we had to assign an adequate amount of resources to resolve any of the customer's intermittent requirements, and also develop an ingenious and detailed in-house training manual.

After carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of the customer's requirements, we devised the following solution to take care of all the project requirements -

  • Initially, we provided our in-house team with extensive training to bolster operations efficiently, instead of overloading them with work
  • We created and completed the entire training manual in-house
  • Finally, we assigned a team of three engineers to visit the United States for a span of three months for training, and a subsequent contract for two years upon the completion of the training program

The Result - Ultimate Client Satisfaction

The Result

Our streamlined and procedural approach towards the project directly resulted in the following benefits for the client -

  • The customer was able to leverage huge cost savings of $12,000 per month
  • Since we made sure that the progress of the project was reviewed on a daily basis, the customer could procure quality drawings without any delays
  • The section of the project was completely seamless from the start to the finish, as we always had a team of trained resources on standby in case of an overload

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