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Case Study on 2D/3D Drafting of Tower Manufacturer

2D and 3D Modification and Drafting for a Canadian Power Tower Manufacturer

Our O2I Engineering team worked with a Canadian based Tower manufacturer and modified their 3D Assembly model along with the additional equipment. The same modified model was then drafted and a detailed drawing was created as per the client's requirement.

The Client Requirement

The Client

The client is based out of Canada and specializes in Transmission Modular Restoration Structures which are used to enable rapid restoration of power. These towers can be used for regular maintenance and temporary needs in the construction of by-passes, drawing temporary lines to remote locations, river crossings, meteorological applications, and other similar uses.

Requirement and Challenges

The client approached us online and wanted to engage with us in modifying the 3D CAD Assembly of tower structures and the final engineering drawing to be created. The prime motive for outsourcing this activity to O2I was to effectively reduce time and effort and improve output delivery.

Being an offshore engineering team, communication goes back and forth for proper inputs and some of the challenges faced during our engagement were -

  • Insufficient and inaccurate inputs leading to high level of iterations
  • Vital information not shared leading to multiple reworks and inaccurate renditions
  • All Solidworks assembly constraints and mates to be thoroughly checked any mistake may lead to improper material usage or rework on the field

The Outsource2india Solution

Our Solution

O2I has worked with the client for over 24 months on multiple projects and with the technical know-how we interact on a consultant level to resolve issues evolved during assignments. To handle challenges like insufficient and inaccurate inputs specific to the project, all modifications, creations, verifications and troubleshooting of the Towers' CAD models were carried out using Solidworks 2016. O2I carried out -

  • Verification of Tower installations and working specifications
  • Creation and Modification of Tower Assembly ensuring addition/deletion of components are constrained/fixed
  • Creation of Drawings as per client standards and generating BOM
  • Change insulators, towers and other components as per project specifications

The Benefits

Outsource2india has partnered with this client for 24 months and they look to us for some of the most sophisticated solutions in Tower installation and guidance. Associating with O2I the benefits accrued specific to this project was the discovery of commonality in the usage of some components. This led to building a family of common parts which could be reused for other projects. This value-addition was crucial into reducing both time and effort. If numbers speak louder than words, we can claim to have reduced overall delivery time by 20% for our client and we ensured that we were way ahead of delivery schedules.

If you have a similar or any other CAD Conversion and 3D Modeling & Rendering Services requirement, contact Outsource2india today and receive efficient services at affordable prices.

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