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Case Study on Reverse Engineering Services

Reverse Engineering Services for a Manufacturer of Catalytic Converters

The Client

The Client Requirement

The client is a manufacturer of catalytic converters, diesel filters, front pipes for automobiles, fitting kits, and universal catalysts with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

Situation - Business Needs

The client required reverse engineering of a catalytic converter to develop a new design in SolidWorks. Their needs were related to the development of a new design for this catalytic converter, for which they were able to provide two samples. They were looking for a cost-efficient provider with ISO 9001:2015 standards who could provide comparable samples related to their business need.

The client's business situation entailed -

  • Reverse engineering of a pair of catalytic converters to create a new design
  • Cost-efficient development of a SolidWorks design
  • Increase in certain dimensions of the samples to fit the design requirements


Throughout the project, there were several challenges faced in the development of the designs for the client -

  • The development of the design was done in SolidWorks 2015. Because the client used the 2014 edition of the software, they could not initially open the files
  • The catalytic converter samples sent by the client had smaller manifolds than they needed for the finished design, so the design was altered to match their needs

The Outsource2india Solution

Our Solution

To start the project, the Outsource2india team performed a detailed analysis of project requirements, and developed the following components of the solution -

  • 8 full-time equivalents with specific experience in this field were assigned for the project
  • Each sample catalytic converter was laser scanned to get the cloud point data
  • Drawings were extracted from this data to SolidWorks 2015
  • File formats were converted to .IGS to match SolidWorks 2014 for the client
  • Manifold designs were increased in size to match client specifications
  • State-of-the-art workstations with AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and other relevant tools were used by each team member
  • Backup and disaster recovery protocols were deployed to prevent downtime
  • The client data was protected through rigorous security measures that included -
    • Host Intrusion Prevention System
    • Network Access Control
    • Secure VPN Communication with IPSec/PPTP
    • URL filter application for surf control
    • Domain Authentication for Internet access
    • McAfee Enterprise Suite
    • All files stored with access policy based on user level

The Results

The Result

Through carefully following the above protocols and working closely with the client's project requirements, Outsource2india was able to provide the following results -

  • All client benchmarks were successfully met for the project
  • The project was successfully delivered to the client within 45 days
  • The client indicated full satisfaction with the project, providing 54 additional catalytic converter samples that required reverse engineering and design development similar to the original run

By providing exceptional quality and meeting all client requirements, Outsource2india was able to meet their guidelines and acquire a larger billing client with additional long-term projects.

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